Two Meatballs: Two Sisters: Two Very Different Bodies

Hiiiiiiii, it’s Sara! If you read this blog…like ever… then you know that my sister is my favorite person…ON EARTH! (Besides my other meatball of course!)


They say your siblings are your first friends….but theeeeey would be wrong!!!


If you told me when I was little that we would be the best of friends as adults I probably would have said fuuuuck you. (That’s right I was a little cusser on account of my super cool older sister). Kelly is almost 5 years older than me which made her my idol growing up. When she would go over to her friends houses I would try on all her clothes, read her diary and listen to her George Michael,  Freedom tape on repeat. I couldn’t have been more pesky or annoying.


(This was my sadness over us not being friends! Jk…it was Halloween and I didn’t think a bunny should have to wear shoes…i stick to that sentiment to this day!)

She couldn’t have cared less about me!!! Our age difference was too much…I was still in elementary school when she was in high school so we literally had nothing in common.

image image image

But once I got into the high school years and we both discovered the greatest television series of all time…Buffy the Vampire Slayer (thanks Joss Whedon!) And as lame as it sounds…it really made us closer. We really started….gasp…liking one another…realizing we had things in common!


We started hanging out more and cracking each other up and finding joy in everything we did together. She became my NYC buddy, my favorite part of vacation, my Bobies date and someone who I could totally spend endless hours with…we even went camping together which if you know me that is my idea of the second circle of hell!

image image image image image image image

She is the most joyful, enthusiastic, loving, supportive, best mom, and most helpful human alive. She has the best laugh and being around her makes you feel better about yourself!!! I know I’m gushing but if you don’t know her, you are missing out.


Now, growing up I thought it was Fucking bullshit that she got to be 5’8, skinny with long perfect legs, huge cans, tan skin, gorgeous hair and a pretty face. I was dealt a very different hand of Irish cards. Prepare yourself for this list of accomplishments…I measure in at a stunning 5’3 (the view from up here is great, thank you for asking) I have short legs and a lovely little round body,  a B cup and don’t get too turned on…pale skin with bonus…rosacea!!! Now don’t let me fool you…I think I’m gorgeous! And here is the kicker. From the outside it would seem like Kelly would be chock to the brim with self esteem (I mean what the fuck does she have to complain about) and that I would cry into my diary every night while polishing off a Ben and Jerry’s quart watching Bridget Jones Diary on repeat!!! When in actuality…I have been handed all the self esteem and positive body image in the world…I feel sexy everyday. I have embraced my body during every stage of weight and I will continue to do so as I get healthy, where as my sister doesn’t always feel so great! Which is so shocking to me…she is so flippin flappin hot y’all! But I’ve learned just because other people think you are hot doesn’t mean that you feel that way. This is such a foreign concept to me. Besides getting healthy I’m so passionate about getting people to feel amazing and confident in their own skin. If you don’t find yourself attractive…it’s hard for anyone else to. Kelly has come so far and I think she really embraces herself more now instead of obsessing over the minute flaws. So to Kelly…thank you for being my bester and the best person to be around. You are gorgeous in soooooo many ways and I so look forward to spending even more time together in the future if that’s even possible. And to everyone else…stop obsessing over the glory days of the past. Embrace your body now and if you don’t like it change it. Put on some Beyonce and go get your sexy back or that epic ass I’m striving for. Love you all!!!!!!

image image image image


  1. Laughing out loud and bawling all at the same time!!!! Thank you so much Sara!!! I owe any positive self image, enlightment and peace and happiness I have to the thousands of hours you have logged as my councilor, life coach, mentor, sister, stylist, best friend I could ever ask for in life!!!!
    I am so proud that you are putting yourself out there to do the same for other people!!
    I love you the most!!!

  2. Loved reliving that blog. Wyatt and Chase look so much like you guys!!! Hope they are as lucky to have each other as you two are to have each other!!!

  3. We have to bring back the circles of hell!!!! It’s my favorite!!!!
    And so is this blog!!! It was one of the most important life changing lessons that I would have never learned without you!!!!! And that one thing, accepting myself and feeling good about myself, has allowed me to find so much love, happiness and peace!!!!!
    I love you more than I could ever say!!!!

    And I agree with mom ^^^^^^
    I saw the boys all over those pictures! And can only hope and pray they have as much fun, love and support as we do!
    Fisters for life!

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