Two Meatballs: Fat Back Friday and Flab to Fab?!

Happy Fat Back Friday y’all!!!  Don’t sip your coffee just yet unless you like a spit take…cuz these pictures are falarious…and gross!!!! #yourwelcome

image image image image image image image

So…Jenny and I got back on our workout schedule this week and we learned something shocking…it was so much more fun together!!!! Sandra from Innovative Fitness Training did not disappoint!!!!


This workout was so different and so challenging! We did…you’ll never guess…SQUATS, sumo squats, walking lunges, push ups, mountain climbers, dumbbell sets, ropes, wall balls, another medicine ball workout, full body presses, bicycle ab workout, butterfly looking sit up things with weights (we clearly don’t listen to the titles of anything…we have to concentrate so use your imagination). And even though we are completely exhausted and pushed to the limits we can’t stop ourselves from dancing…check out our Facebook page and see the video for yourself. Now you should know…this dance was at the end of our workout and we are so spent!!! O.k. here are all the sweaty pictures of our workout glory!!! Don’t waste anymore time not working out with Sandra…call her…we couldn’t looooove her more.

image image image image image image image image image image

Have the best weekend ever and we can’t wait to see you Monday!!!

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