Two Meatballs: (singing) 525,600 Strawberries!


Heyyyyyyyyy!    So I am going to speak for Sara and say, we have the best  moms!!!!   My mom has always put her children first and wanted nothing but complete happiness for us.   I love love love her!!!!! She didn’t put up with any of our SHIT and gave us everything she could!  I understand her madness much more now that I have my own bambino.  It all comes from the deepest love.  My whole family is getting into this healthy lifestyle thing, which is great because I hate being the one odd ball bringing  my own meal to the family gathering and leaving early to go to the gym. Last mother’s day we sat around all day sipping on cocktails and grazing on appetizers.  This year we got physical!!!!!!!!  Well kinda, a little bit,  I mean we didn’t sit around on our ass all day!  We went strawberry picking!!!   In the past we would pick the strawberries at the peak of heat and eat them just as fast as we were picking them and I remember very distinctly my younger brother vomiting strawberry like jam all over us in our hot ass car.  We were all sticky, tired and burnt.  And it was the most FUN!!!!

20140511_105117Why weren’t we doing this sooner!  Did we just get in the laziest routine ever?  YESSSSSSSSS.   I also think London has made us realize how precious our time together is.




Dede is the best Grandma Ever!!!!!!!!!  She knows how to make ever family gathering feel extra special with her attention to detail.  Everyone is thought of  and nothing is forgotten.



This little nugget was sprinting down the rows of strawberries.  And could have done it all day.  She loved being out in the fresh air watching us chase her and sweating our asses off!!!!


This is the cutest couple of all time!  I love watching Brandon keep up with London.  I stood  back and just watched those two walk down the rows together.  He helped her pick and she took him on the longest hottest walk!  Brandon’s good friend turned 30 the night before.  I don’t want to say he was hung over, but I do know the morning came faster then he probably anticipated.  He was happy and had a smile all day!!!


We have four boxes of strawberries!!!!!!   What the HELL am I going to do with all theses things. HELLO Pinterest Paleo recipes!  New family tradition!  yayyyyyy  As always, Thank you for all the support.  We love you!!!!!! ❤  Your favorite Meatballs (wink wink)


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