Two Meatballs: Laser Cats

Hi you guys!!! It’s Sara!!!!! Sooooo….Guess what I did on Friday?! I got laser hair removal on my lady garden…my little Tina, my sweet Britney…are you picking up what I’m putting down?! Does the title make more sense now??!! Haha…I wasn’t even going to write about this personal little adventure until I thought of that title…and laughed forrrrrr hours! Anywhoozle…one of my favorite little treats is to get a facial and thanks to a long time client of Samuel Cole Salon, Sherrie Bender, I was referred to the amazing, hilarious, gorgeous, talented owner of the MedSpa, Jennifer Daniels!!!

image image

Jennifer gave me hands down the best facial…EVER! I’m not sure my skin has ever looked better. One of the many  great things about Jennifer is that she indulges all of my questions!!! She lets me see the disgusting things that come out of my skin, she tells me to suck it up when I get whiny (in the most loving way possible…I am a total child/wuss) and she recommends things that make me look/feel even better…like laser hair removal…on your special little lady. I usually just get waxed but when we broke down the cost…this seemed like a much better plan and a better option for my skin type! When I went in the first time I had NOOOOOO idea what to expect. She told me it felt like a tattoo but spoiler alert I don’t have one…so I just assumed it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, that they were exaggerating about the pain. I can’t stress this enough I WAS WRONG!!! First you Donald Duck it (just the pants off) and pack your crotch full of ice to numb…this is hilarious/the least sexy thing maybe on the planet.


Then the first laser feels like a burning hot vacuum pinch…on your Princess Labia! The second laser feels like a hot burning needle that just won’t quit! I’m a cusser but I ended up yelling weird things like MOTHER OF PEARL!


(If you are reading this Jennifer, I promise it’s going to get better!!!) The whole laser thing lasts about an hour and by the end I was so tense I felt like I had a huge workout!!!


It felt like my mini me had a heinous sun burn and I was questioning whether I had become a masochist without realizing it…did 50 shades change me?!!! I also knew I had to come back for FIVE more sessions. What was this feeling I had…was it post traumatic stress or just a burning vagina?!? #firecrotch?!


So six weeks went by and my next appointment had arrived! As I’ve said I have learned a lot from my classes lately so instead of getting anxious over something that I’m paying for and that is a complete choice and let’s be honest something that I really want…I decided to relax and remember that I survived before (hashtag first world problems)…it’s not like I was going to die…right?!? So I showed up for my appointment ready to zap some hair (I know it’s gross!)


And you’ll never guess what?!? Now that I knew what to expect…it was FINE! Jennifer is so much fun and the hour flew by. I’m going to be soooooo happy with this end result!!!! Now I know this doesn’t seem like a glowing recommendation but you should know I’m a complete pussy (PUN INTENDED!!!). Jennifer is amazing!!!!!! I literally cannot express how much I enjoy going to see her. She makes you feel so good and nothing is more important than your fresh, pretty…skin…Ew did you think I was going to say kitty…you guys are perverts!!! Get your head out of the gutter. Book your appointments today…ps it’s in The Raleigh Plastic Surgery Center so your options of services are literally unlimited!!! Call Sherrie @ (919) 872 7317 and book your appointment with Jennifer today…maybe start with a facial though winky face. It’s best to fall in love with someone before the torture begins! Jk Jen!!! You will Looooove the MedSpa!!! Now please keep my recovering lady in your thoughts! Xoxo!!!!

image image image image image image


  1. Ha ha ha ha!!!! Now I’m going to go back and read it again and count how many different ways you said vagina!! New drinking game!!!!!

  2. I’m terrified of doing this, but now I’m curious and MAY look into it. I’m a TOTAL wuss when it comes to pain, but especially pain involving lil mama… I’m a puss wuss! For years I have used Magic Powder to mow the lawn… but you have inspired me to start looking into a more permanent option. YOU ROCK!

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