Two Meatballs: Get the Funk Over It!!!


So my frustrations have taken over and I haven’t been feeling my normal cheery self!!! So what’s a girl to do?!? I’m holding strong at the same mother Farting weight for over two weeks now. Logically I know that I see and feel a difference in my body but my analytical brain wants to see that frogging number on my scale change!!!!  The completely illogical part of my brain…I guess that’s called my heart wants to do damage to the scale…clearly this is a personal attack right?!? I want to pick it up and throw it…but that would be displacing my anger!!!


My scale does not have a vendetta against me…unless it does and then game on bitch! Ok it feels nice to get that crazy rant out. So really…what’s a girl to do? Between my dumb dumb gimp foot and my plateaued weight I’m feeling a little down…which is an unfamiliar new territory in my world. Time with my family and time in the sun always makes me feel better so over the weekend I had a sleepover with my oldest nephew and then went to my sister’s pool opening/bbq with our family and friends!

image image image image image

I even baked a lovely dessert which is my new creative outlet!


Then today, I decided to spend my day doing more things that make me happy! First…I washed my disgusting hair (a week, three workouts and the pool might be too much even for my dry ass hair) and put on a super cute outfit which makes me feel adorable. Then I went to work, set up for class and knocked out all of my paperwork. Feeling productive makes me feel like a champ. Then I went to my happy place…Bella Nails to see my sweet Lee and get a manicure. This has become a great place for me to think about the blog and to be quiet for once in my life…well somewhat quiet! Bella is next to Samuel Cole Salon and its my little oasis. It’s the only thing I do for myself that isn’t some form of torture. And no matter what size I am…any color that I want fits me! Lee is amazing and I highly recommend her. However if you can’t get in with her literally everyone there is fantastic and super friendly.

image image image image image image

After my mani and quiet reflective time I remembered it always makes me feel good to do something nice for someone else. So I brought my sweet mom a coffee and we ended up going to Torrid to find some cute tops…I am not above retail therapy!


Twins!!!! My mom and I literally look exactly alike and I love her so much, she always makes me smile. She is such a great listener and she always has great advice. She also cracks me up and she’s the most loyal, giving, thoughtful human on earth. I’m feeling so much better and today was much needed. You have to take care of yourself…emotionally just as much as physically!!!! Thank you everyone for putting up with my grumbly grump of a self lately! I’m feeling back to normal…nowwwwww time to change that scale. Love you all!!!!!!


  1. Awww…I totally planned on doing that exact same manicure when I go on Thursday! Love it! #turnthatfrownupsidedown

      1. You are ao awesome. You can do this. You are using great skills to overcome your frustrations. Good for you! Time with mom is always special.

  2. Aww!! Laura, Sarah, mom & Lee all on the blog today!!!! I love it!! So sweet! You’re going to do it!! Stupid plateau! Its going to start falling off any second!

  3. You are DOING it! I know how strong and determined you are so plateau be damned! Hang in there!!! New territory is always a bit unsettling for sure! At least you’ve lost enough weight to endure a plateau?? Yes??? No! I love you and I know that you are going to get to the Grand Canyon!!! Xoxoxox

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