Two Meatballs: Do You Smell What The Meatballs Are Cooookin’?!

So this has become our favorite weekly segment…We are living out all of our inner Julia Child fantasies…or more realistically…The Swedish Chef. We take personality tests at work and you are a combination of the numbers one through four! Shocker…Jenny and I are the exact same number…We are raging 4’s!!! A little background in these numbers…4’s are wildely creative, can’t live inside of a box, struggle to follow rules, have impulse control issues, innovators, we have major attention deficit disorder, absolutely adorable, free spirited and our favorite question is “what if”…sound familiar ding ding it’s us!!!

image image image

I’m telling you this so you can imagine what a Fucking disaster my kitchen turns into when you let the two of us loose!!! But I don’t know who has more fun than us?! Anyways, my mom brought over roses from her garden and between that and our cooking music…The mood was set and we were ready to create!

image image

So…now that I’ve rambled for forty five years I’ll tell you what’s on the menu! We made Veggie Fried Rice and Honey Ginger Chicken. Asian food has always been a shared fatty craving of ours so learning how to make healthier versions help us not go to the dark side…You know what I’m talking about right ladies?! Jenny made the fried rice and I made the chicken…I don’t know why bc of my fear of salmonella!!! Immersion therapy?!


I came up with a foil counter top thing to avoid chicken death…#cray
Ok so here are the recipes and us in action!!! This recipe courtesy of Paleo Pot via Pinterest!

image image image image image

Then we ADD’d out and had an impromptu dance party…bc you can’t NOT dance to Queen Bey!!!

image image image image

Back to work…jk snack time!!!


Now back to work…nope still jackassing around!!!


Ok for reals…no more squirelling around! Onto the yummy chicken…recipe courtesy of Table for Two via Pinterest!

image image image image image image

Surprise dance break!!! This playlist just won’t quit!

image image image image

Ok back to work…


My house smells amazing and the clean up wasn’t so tragic and we got to spend so much fun time together!!!

image image

Everything is so yummy!!! And we love you guys…have the best day EVER!!! Ps…Jenny just started singing Whoomp…there it is!!! Now I’m going to be singing this all night!!!! #yourwelcome



  1. Ahhhh this looks so fun!!!!!!! The dance party pictures are the best ever!!! I want to play!!!!!

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