Two Meatballs: A Hug is Worth A Thousand Words!!!


Today we had the absolute pleasure of meeting one of the coolest women we’ve ever met! Her name is Melinda Schmitt, she is a fellow blogger and a friend of our amazing trainer Sandra Axman! Melinda’s blog is called Hug Wayfinder and she is “On a mission to prove that love can conquer all one hug at a time”.


How inspiring right…and honestly right up me and Jenny’s alley! Melinda reached out to us and asked if we would mind sharing our favorite/most impactful hugs with her. Of course we were game so we decided to meet at Whole Foods for the beginning of our inevitable mutual love affair! Jenny and I got adorable before we left!


To stay in our healthy mind set, Jenny and I took in the gorgeous weather on our little walk over, we both ordered a smoothie and picked a lovely little spot in their outside dining area as we waited to meet her!

image image

All of the sudden the cutest little pixie cut of a firecracker walks around the corner…it was love at first sight. Naturally we all hugged and she had this energy about her that puts you at ease right away!


Schmadorable right?! She even indulged our deluge of photo ops!


After the initial introductions we jumped right into our stories…being 4’s neither Jenny nor myself could narrow down our affection obsession to just one experience. I think I came out of the womb hugging, kissing and holding hands with strangers…I have no boundaries when it comes to pda!!! I’m a mouth kisser and every non touchy feely persons nightmare. I really try to respect others boundaries but my love pours out of me all day long. This is something that me and Jenny bonded over immediately.


We constantly maintain contact when we talk whether it’s snuggling in a meeting…


Or sitting on each others laps…We just love one another so much…I’m so thankful to be on this journey together…anywhoozie I digress (shocking)…


I don’t want to over share our stories bc we will add a link when Melinda posts them on her own blog but a spoiler alert is fair right?! Jenny shared hugs from her mother and her daughter and my two stories involved a game I made with my nephews and picking my bestie, Katie up from the airport!!!

image image image image

Melinda soaked up every word and told us her own stories and how her blog came about. She was fascinating, engaging and so warm…imagine that from a hugger?!? Our meeting time flew by and I didn’t want it to end. I don’t want to speak for others…but I’m going to!!! I feel like we left as friends. We closed our date with a group hug…what’s more appropriate than that. Hug everyone you see today and we love you all!!!!



  1. I can’t wait to hear your stories on her blog!! This is your 2nd interview you guys!!! #officiallyfamous
    There is nothing better than a good hug!!!

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