It’s all fun and games

Our new BFF…please enjoy!!!

My Year of Hugs

This next story is from one of two women I met yesterday. Sara and Jenny embarked recently on a very brave, very inspirational journey to become healthier versions of themselves. Their blog is called Two Meatballs Get Fit. You really need to check it out. They literally completely expose themselves in the hope of inspiring others and to keep themselves motivated. I will share more about them in a later post. There is so much to be said about these amazing girls, but today is about Sara and the first of her hug stories.

I just wanted to squeeze her to pieces! I just wanted to squeeze her to pieces!

With bright eyes and excitement running through her body Sara starts the conversation by saying, “Jenny and I both have more than one story to share. I hope that’s ok. I mean, I just love hugs and I love affection.” Um, of course. I will never say…

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