Two Meatballs: New Kicks and Workout Tricks…and Fat Back Friday

If you’ve been living under a rock or you’re new to the blog…Fat Back Friday #fbf is all about a little glimpse into our former, fatter lives! So here it goes…

image image image image image

As always…We hope you enjoy our awkward, swollen, total commitment to funny no matter how ugly we look in the moment! #anythingforalaugh

Soooooo today is our first day back with Sandra from Innovative Fitness Training since we purchased the living best shoes from Fleet Feet!!!


We were so pumped to break them in.  We’ve also found that we have a buzzy little pre workout build up!!! Around Monday we start saying…I can’t wait to see Sandra. Her workouts are soooooo challenging but you feel such an incredible sense of accomplishment. I feel like a blankity blank champ when it’s over (this is a choose your own adventure explative)!!!!


This is what we do in the waiting room since we are both always early!

image image image

Ok so out little cutie patootie of a trainer Sandra told us we were going to do something different today…last week murdered us so different sounded amazing!!! Basically we had four exercises that we had to do ten reps of a piece as many rounds as possible in ten minutes!!! The first thing was you squat (are you flabbergasted?!?) Pick up ten pounds dumbbells like suitcases then do a bicep curl and the press it above your head.


Then push ups…Jenny did real ones!!! What a beast!


Then you bend forward and take a bar up under your boobs…it’s for your back!


Then bar over the head crunch things…


We did this like a million times…but really only for ten minutes!


Then we would do step ups for twenty seconds and rest for ten…This went on for four minutes!


Then the next group of exercises was…wait for it…can you even guess….it was mama frogin SQUATS!!! Best ass ever…here I come! 20 of these.


Then stand on the step with one leg and step down and lift the other leg out to the side…15 of these…


Then bicep curls…15 of these!

image image

And again as many reps as possible but eventually we added an overhead bar with the step thing!


So then…We did the living funnest thing…boxing!!! We did 20 seconds of right arm jabs then 20 seconds left arm jabs then…20 seconds SQUATS and double hand squeeze things then 20 seconds both arms punching! This was our favorite!

image image

Fun break…

image image

I have no idea where the energy to do this extra dumb stuff comes from but we can’t help ourselves!!!

Then we did shoulders…and shoulders and shoulders and mother nutting shoulders. This was for sure the worst one. We did ten back to back reps of each one of these for four rounds. First was ten pound weights  lifting arms out to the sides, then in front of you then above your head then body bent and raised to the sides again.

image image image image

This was awful…but it was also over!!! We are making so much progress…We love you Sandra!!!


So now the burning question…how were our new shoes?!? THEY WERE AMAZING!!!! We work out so much harder when we feel adorable so these new shoes not only feel great but looked so flippin cuuuuuuute! Major shout out to Fleet Feet! We love our shoes and your store. Also just another reason to love Fleet Feet…they carry plus size workout gear and do sports bra fitting. No one needs workout clothes more than overweight people…it always blows my mind that most major retailers have zero extended sizes in athletic wear…THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!! How did I find out that Fleet Feet carried plus size clothing you ask?! Because I popped in and sweet Deanna gave me a little tour and also fit me for my new fav bra!!!

image image image image image image image

So again…Thank you so much everyone at Fleet Feet…y’all have been amazing and we are soooooo happy with our purchases and so appreciative of your support!!!


  1. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your new alternate curse words!!! They make me happy! And I want you to show me those boob exercises next time we go to the gym please! You guys look great!!!

  2. I want to take this class with you guys — this is impressive stuff. I want to know the names of your new kicks (brand and style). I HATE that they don’t make decent workout stuff for the overweight – we do NEED it. You have made my day. Thank you!

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