Two Meatballs: This Meatball gets Tenderized !

Hellllooooo!  It’s Jenny!!!  Sooooooo  there is nothing I love more then my sweet and adorable little family. They are the best time!!!! With that said………….. every girl needs some alone time.  Since I have had London, I can’t remember the last time I had a peaceful shower.  There is always someone knocking at the shower curtain needing or wanting something.  I need to shave my entire body!!!!!!!   Right ladies?!?!?!?!(thinking of Sara!!!)   Yeah it barely ever happens that I leave the shower hairless.  Brandon and London visited his mother over the weekend!!!!!  I would be lying if I didn’t say I was soo freaking excited.   When Brandon approached me with this idea,  I couldn’t stop explaining how much I supported the idea of nurturing this Father/daughter relationship.  Some quality time for those two was exactly what they needed.  And a weekend all to myself was exactly what I needed!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was the picture I received while I was at work on Saturday

20140524_144417I knew they were going to have the best time.  And I could now relax and start enjoying my weekend!!!  So I went to the mall.  I actually got to shop in complete peace.  Going shopping all alone is one of my most favorite things.  It’s kind of a detox thing for me!!  Love it.   Anyway I was there for 5 glorious hours.  And it just kinda flew by.  I definitely went shopping on the right weekend. The sales were insane, which aided in my slight shopping spree!

20140525_210358In the past, I just got comfortable with the idea that there was only a limited selection of clothing that would fit.  And these accessories always fit.  So naturally these were the first things I gravitated to at Charming Charles. Which is such a fun store for this fat girl!  My experience this visit was so different.

20140525_211244This was really validating I had lost some weight!  Typically I would be in the dressing room sweating my butt off,  because I had so much anxiety about trying clothes on and  always knowing it would not fit.  I put the first dress on and it was smooth sailing from there.   I had such a great night, I felt even more motivated about getting into the gym on Sunday!

I woke up to silence and natural sunlight!  If you have kids, you get it.  And I had my FAV coffee

20140525_071555Then I went to the gym,  in my new workout clothes!  Thanks OLD NAVY!







I came home and took a shower.  It was complete silent and amazing.  I thought I would be considerate and shave every bit of hair for my massage!  I was starting to feel like a lady again!!!

20140525_094437Massage Envy was awesome. They were so friendly and professional.  Denise, who was running guest services when I walked in was the happiest woman ever.  I haven’t had a massage in 3years so I was kinda nervous,  but she put me at ease with her detailed consultation.  It felt really great being the client for a change.  Karla was my therapist that day.  She was kind, professional and very knowledgable.  She was great!!!!!!!! (yelling)  It felt so goooooooood. Go see her.

20140525_110555She was so freaked out about taking this picture!  It was adorable.  I guess I have become kinda numb to the camera.  No big deal. Strangers take pictures together all the time, right?!?!?!?

So then I went and got a mani and pedi with my sister! And an afternoon iced coffee.  I definitely have oily Massage hair! I didn’t give a shit I felt so relaxed.  And officially became a lady again!!!!



I so needed this weekend.  It was just another way of taking care of my physical and mental health.  Every weekend can’t be like this, so I look forward to these days in the future.  Brandon and London got home Sunday evening and I got the biggest, most loving hugs ever!!  Hugs I will definitely have to share with our Hug guru and friend Melinda!  It’s Monday,  Bring on the hard work and discipline! #feelingfierce #mommylife #ladylegs   Thank you for the support, and we are officially in WEIGH IN COUNT DOWN MODE.  I can’t believe it is almost that time again!!!!!




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