Validating Hugs

Here is Jenny’s hug story from Melinda!!!

My Year of Hugs

This next story is from the second beautiful lady I met last week, Jenny. She is the other half of Two Meatballs Get Fit. Seriously, go check their blog out if you haven’t already. Do it! They are fun AND inspirational. Ok, on to the first of her two stories.

Jenny’s mom Elaine is not the most affectionate of parents. The whole family isn’t overly affectionate (surprising if you saw how affectionate Jenny is!), they are more of an acts of service family. You know, the kind that does for one another rather than hug and kiss. So, when Jenny does get a hug from her mom she knows it’s real. She feels validated in those moments and secure in her mother’s love for her. Every hug from her mom means the world to her and she always takes the time to appreciate them in that moment. I wish I could capture…

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