Two Meatballs: Is there a Cloud 10?!!!

Soooooo we started the week out with an awesome weigh in…

image image image

And got completely showered with your affection and support (thanks again!!!)…then we learned how to grill like damn champs!


The food we made was soooooo delicious! You may be asking yourself…how could this week get any better?!? Well IT DID!!!! Today at Samuel Cole Salon we had three huge names in the hair and fashion industry grace us with their talent!!! Luxury Brand Partners Co-President Tev Finger…


R+Co. President Reuben Carranza…


and hair legend and co-creator of R+Co. Howard McLaren…


Howard and Tev were also in at the ground level creating Bumble and bumble and Reuben was the CEO of Wella previously. Talk about triple swoon…the level of talent, intelligence and drive was out of control today…but they are three of the most humble, inviting, intimate educators you will find.


This class was an introduction to R+Co…the newest addition to the Samuel Cole family. Let me just say…this line is ahhhh-mazing!!!!! The smell is heavenly, the names are precious…Chiffon, Dallas, Park Ave, the performance is unreal and the packaging fits oh so perfectly in my room…


Am I right ladies?!  Ahhhh-dorable. The salon got decked out for the visit and everyone eagerly awaited the wisdom to follow…

image image image image image image

First Jack introduced Tev…


Tev has the greatest laugh and hands down the best stories. He told us a story about shackles…what things that you or others have said to make you feel like something was unattainable. He told a hilarious story about being bigger when he was younger and his family just telling him that it was his big Russian bones…Jenny and I completely related to this! I wasn’t expecting to feel a meatball connection in a business class but weight struggles and limiting beliefs are so universal!


He said so many things that felt like big aha’s for me. Then it was on to Reuben…

image image

This was our first real interaction with Reuben. I saw him briefly in Miami at Backstage but this was our first introduction! What a warm, lovely man. He told us a little bit about his years in the industry and how he found his way to the LBP and R+Co family. He was amazing…then he introduced the man, the myth, the legend…Howard McLaren!!!


Yes he is Scottish and yes he does look just like Ewan McGregor and yes he is even hotter in person…


Oh gosh how did that get in there(he came to our holiday party the Bobbies a few years ago and I suggested that we take a picture of us kissing…He was game…another reason to love him)… I LOVE THIS MAN! He is so talented, so funny, so honest, so creative, innovative, revolutionary and an odd mix of ahead of his time/ throwback. His portion of class was all about how R+Co came to be and how he uses the products as well as a total makeover on our fellow stylist Kristen! Minds were blown…

image image

Oh gosh, how did that get in there…


As you can see Kristen is gorgeous and as you’re about to see… really brave.

image image image image

Watching Howard cut is so amazing and Kristen looked incredible!


But the best thing was seeing how completely versatile the R+Co products are…look at all of Kristen’s options…

image image image image image image image image image image image image

To quote myself…It was the living best day. I’m soooooo pumped about these products and so thankful we had the opportunity to hang out with such iconic role models. Thanks for the inspiration guys!!!! Xoxo #woooof #juicypeppers #moremeatballstolove #ewanmcgregor #heroine #trainspotting #randcohair #luxurybrandpartners #noshackles #weloveourindustry#samuelcolesalon


Oh yeah and we had the healthiest lunch imaginable…thanks Zoe’s Kitchen!!!



  1. To quote myself!!!! Ha ha ha! Howard is so hot!! Can’t wait to get some new products! And I love your life!!!

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