My Turn

This literally felt like a warm squeeze…We hope you enjoy our bloggin buddy Melinda’s last story!!!

My Year of Hugs

Ok, so now you have heard all of the stories from Sara and Jenny. Now it’s my turn. My best friend is the personal trainer for these two and my hugs came up in conversation. They mentioned that they would be interested in sharing some stories, so a few emails later and the date was set. I was excited just going in to the meeting with them because, well, have you read their blog? These girls are crazy and amazing and funny and who wouldn’t want to get to know them?


When I showed up the first thing I noticed is how their pictures do not do them justice. These girl are gorgeous. We instantly hugged, no handshakes here. Duh. And, we got to work. They were so engaging and lively while sharing their stories. I couldn’t get enough of what they had to offer. Their energy was palpable…

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