Two Meatballs: A day in the life…

First…I miss my Meatballlllllll!!!!! I’m going to squeeze her to death when she gets home!


Anywho…last night my sister came into the salon to get her hair done!  Then we went to Whole Foods for dinner and I tried some raw food…yummmm


which got all up in my teeth…


and some new probiotic drinks…


Yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyy…they were the living worst.  I love trying something new but its back to Kambucha for this gal!

Then we talked about going to the gym…


But instead we went to my house and talked for hours on my couch about life and everything in between.  We always dive deep and I love it!!!

Then I really wanted to get rid of the grave yard of products and makeup in my room and I thought who better to donate to then my sweet Kelly!?!


She made out like a bandit #sisterswag!!!

Then I went to bed and woke up bright and early!  I hate doing my hair…soooo much.  I’m not sure if it’s because I do hair all day or if I’m just lazy but it’s not my jam!  I have to spoonful of sugar it and make it soooo fun!  So I blast Pulse 102.3 in the am’s and dance around my room…take a shower…and then do my hair!  I hardly ever wash my hair bc its dryer than the Sahara.  But when I do I use Oribe’s Gold Lust Shampoo and Conditioner because it is the Fountain of Youth for your Hair…who doesn’t want that!?!?!


But most days it’s just dry styling for this lazy lucy…which involves my favorite hot tool…my Bio Ionic Curling Wand…best purchase of life…warning its super phallic! #bigdickstylingwand #whyyyyyy


I break it into sections and wind my hair around until I have beachy waves…then I spray with Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray and do a little back combing! I heart big hair…to quote Aretha Franklin…”I’m a big woman and I need big hair”. Then I take Bumble’s Grooming Crème and massage it in to my parched ends.


Then I divided it into two sections and literally tied it into a knot twice and bobby pinned the edges and topped it all off with a cat headband.


Then I put on my makeup… I’m MACsclusive and I live and breath this line!


And created this look…


hahahahahahahahthese faces…#whataminewatthis!?

I like it bright…its Dolly Mix blush with Heroine lipstick…and then I put on some clothes!


I love animal print more than life…it’s such a plus size cliché but I feel like I’m just living out my spirit animal fantasies!

Now its on to breakfast…

My normal kale smoothie has given me a belly ache the last few days…too much kale?!?! so I went old school with bacon, eggs and pineapple!



Then I always slam a glass or two of water to start my day off right and don’t forget allergy meds and probiotics!!!


Speaking of water…yesterday I failed so mother f-ing hard.  I put my FUUULLLLL LifeFactory water bottle in my beautiful leather bag WITHOUT the top on….ooooph!  So now I’m rocking my super cool Fleet Feet bag! You’ll notice that the water is OUTSIDE of the bag. You’ll also notice that I have gym clothes in my bag…cause tonight I’m not just going to talk about it…I’m going to do it!


Sidebar…last week my adorable clutch met its untimely death…it literally ripped apart…woopsie daisy! So I replaced it with an adorable flowery one!


Then its off to workkk…


And my daily workout….these fizzing stairs…


A quick peek at my schedule and a pow wow with my new associate Melanie and set the music up for the day…


Then its off to do clients!  My first client Carly used to work here and I just love her…she had a bit of a makeover in mind!


and we nailed it! It was so nice to catch up and she asked if The Meatballs would speak at her women’s group! Yayayayayay!!!


After  a few more clients I caught up on some paperwork!


And then had some lunch.  I took the rest of that Chimichrri Marinade and slathered some chicken legs in it and baked them for 35 minutes at 450!!!


And checked in on some stats for the blog…we are almost at 18k views!!!  Holy granoli!!!


Then I had a one on one with my sweet Nikki!


Next I had a meeting with my awesomeboss (I’m saying this like Awesomesauce) Joelle!


I love my job soooo much!  I don’t know how I got this lucky…a positive attitude and hard work!!?

Now off to the gym…



So…I’ve been trying to just keep up with this all day…I was being very proactive and optimistic and then the flippin bottom fell out and a transformer blew…and we lost power BIG TIME!!!


Huge shout out to Veronique for holding a flashlight so I could see to cut and Ashley for snapping some pics!  Also thank goodness the two most hilarious teenage sisters were in my chair!!!  We had the best time in the dark doing huge transformations. Between the two of them they got 13 inches cut off!…xoxo Anna and Caroline! They reminded me sooo much of my sister and I!!!


I work like 1/2 a mile from the gym so as I drove by on the way home, the light at the intersection was out and the businesses all looked dark and gloomy…just like the sky…


Soooo…change of plans!  I was running our of food for the week so I hopped by The Fresh Market as it is infinitely closer to my house than Trader Joe’s and as a tornado survivor I don’t f around when the sky looks that creepy!  Shout out to Dempsey…I love my new 31 bag and have already put it to great use!


On the menu for tonight…Honey Soy Chicken ( I don’t use soy, I use coconut aminos) from a post a few weeks ago and roasted okra and asparagus with olive oil, salt, pepper and cayenne powder!


Then I talked to my bffffff Katie on the phone for a hundred years to plan my trip up to NYC to see her for her 30th birthday!!!


I literally cannnnnnot wait.  We just don’t see each other enough anymore!  Ok now its late…that was my day!  Hope yours was as exciting and full of spooky power outages! xoxoxo




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