Two Meatballs: Brotherly Love

Hellllo! It’s Jenny and we are only days away from our weigh in Ahhhhhh! So I’m going as hard as I can at the gym this week. So let me take a workout selfie!


I’m feeling pumped about maximizing this week! June has been full of vacation and I haven’t been as discipline about my food. So I’m a little scared to see what the scale says on Sunday.  While I was at the gym I ran into a meatball fan!! This was so exciting! Her name is Katie and she was full of excitement and positive reinforcement, which was just what I needed. Thanks Katie!!! Yup we took an Usie (haha got that from sandra).


So after my workout I got my favorite green smoothie form Tropical smoothie. The island green!!!! Yummmmmmmmm!


Five minutes after I bought it. This happened!


My car has been thrown up on to many times! I  am such a clutz! Ekkkkk I almost lost my shit, but deciding to total blow it off was amazing. Then my family got together to celebrate my brothers birthday. Omg I love him!


He has also become really passionate about fitness and nutrition. In our former life my brother and I could go to town on some junk food. It was bad. So I am so glad we are on this journey together. So what did we get him for his birthday you ask??


An amazing blender that practical is a juicer. And a Harris Tetter gift hard so he can load up on all the fruits and veggies he wants. Genius!  So my mom prepared the best birthday meal. My mom is amazing at pleasing everyone. We have some non seafood eaters, some paleo eaters(wink wink) and a two year old, enough said. So we had pulled pork, veggies and potatoes,  tomato salad, and shrimp boats.

image image image image

I need to take a moment and brag on my sister(kitty) a moment. She is so efffing supportive. She has been paleo since april and has lost 19 pounds!  Having support around me is  huge party of my success. I am so grateful. Thanks guys! Love you so much.  See you soon as we near the weigh in!!!!!! Xoxo

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