Two meatballs: Bye bye Meatball # 1

Sara is gone!!! 😦 She is at the beach with  her family. I know they will be having the best time. Love that crazy meatball!!!  Soooo Its the Jenny show this week!!!  And we are nearing the end of the month and it is weigh in time again wtf ?!?!?! Ahhhhhhh Before Sara left,  she, her sister (kelly) and I went to a wedding of our buddy/client/family friend Megan Simmons!  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Sara and I saw there was a magician at the cocktail hour, so of course we flagged him down and couldn’t have been a better audience. We were amazed!!!!  So Fuunnnn!!!!

image image image

My client and friend Kali was also there!


I adore you and all of your support!! I am such a lucky girl with best clients in the world!
So immediately following the wedding ( another cake less wedding!!!) I headed to High Point NC to be with my mother in law (Alisa), her new husband Bennett!!!! Brandon and London. Bennett’s home is on alot of land with lots of wild life. London’s dream!!! I showed up right at dinner time. They were having the most amazing southern comfy food. After the long day I had had I was tempted.  But was completely satisfied with my huge steak #firstworldproblems!  Bennett is an awesome guy who fits right in with this group. He even sent me home with fresh zucchini, squash and peppers from his garden!!


Thanks buddy!!! We had the most fun hanging out, running all over his property! Haha activity points!  Baby kitten were even born a couple of weeks before!

image image

Love hanging out with the fam!

image image image

London is staying with grandma for a couple of days. So I am going to try and get a couple of good workouts  in this week. Gotta lose lbs!!!!!!  See ya tomorrow!!!!!

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