Two Meatballs: Haaaaave You Met Our Friend Sandra!?


Hiiiiii you guyyyyys!!!!  So as you know I’m OSBESSED with these photo collages…so I made a before to now. For those of you who are new to the blog first off, thanks for driving by… this is a little visual catch up session.  The first shot is almost unrecognizable now…December ’13 at our work tacky Christmas sweater party. At the time we thought we were so adorable…and we were but just soooo unhealthy! We were in such a different place…terrible food choices were being made on the reg and soooo much partying.  Then in March we decided to make a huge life change and get healthy.  We started following a paleo lifestyle, cooled it on the drinking, and started this super fun blog.  The second picture is our first weigh in…we didn’t tell anyone that we were stripping down into our skivvies and putting our weights out there into the world.  I think we both agree this was the best, most freeing decision that we ever made!!!!  That was on April 1, 2014.  The next thing that happened really changed our lives.  A wonderful woman named Sandra Axman reached out to us and offered to personally train us.  This was literally a game changer.  We feel so strong and powerful and found out how important it is to change your eating AND work out!  This third photo was taken in May…you should call Sandra TODAY!  And finally all of these decisions have brought us to the last photo….a photo of two happy, healthier super bffffff’s(this is quite possibly the besssst picture we’ve ever taken!) ready to take on the world and continue down the path to healthy living…and one day reach our goals!  Thanks to each and every one of you who read this blog and reach out and help us stay committed and keep going on the tumultuous journey.  We couldn’t do it without you.


Now….back to Sandra of Innovative Fitness Training…Sandra, we love you sooooo much!  You are such an amazing human and we both sooo look forward to getting our asses handed to us by you errrrry week. You are so fugggggin likeable, encouraging and knowledgeable and smokin’ hot and unafraid to push us and expect more from us than we expect of ourselves.  We are both really starting to see muscles!!!!


I meaaaaaaaaaan look at her…she is the bees muscular knees.  Ok so enough gushing…sign up with her today.  Not only does she offer personal training, she also offers group sessions.  Based on my before mentioned co-dependency issues and the whole idea of TWO meatballs…you know that we think group is the way to go!


Today we did TOBATA”S which I always think are called chiabata’s like the bread and I still am not convince that I said or spelled anything right…oh well!  But basically you exhaust a muscle group for 20 seconds then you have  a 10 second break and then do that pattern for 8 rounds. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh nuts…jk….not really!  First we did jazzy side steps with 5 lb weights…


After round four these became so hard and we were concentrating so hard that Sandra had to remind us to smile!


Happiness is a choice am I right ladies?!

Next we did lunges on the TRX…first round right leg second round left…


Then we did 3 TRX arm circuits…first a row, then a W, then an I…

n6n5 n3n2

At this point I lost track of what was what…there were 2 other exercises where you did a Superman thing and your arms burned like a mother as evidenced in my face in the second pic…in the same pic, look at Jenny’s form…she is so amazing!


Then there was 4 dumbell bicep drills with 10lb weight…there was like a hammer curl, one with elbows glued to sides, one up to the chest and one behind the back…


It looks like I didn’t participate in ANY OF THESE but I swear I did!!! hahahahah

Theeeeeeeennnnnnn we did bicycle crunches, push ups and chest flies as our next exhausting circuit…


And then we did Leg TRX stuff…



And then we did TRX sit ups….for like EVER!


Shew….now it must be over right!?!?!?! WRRRROOOOONNNNNGGGG!  Sandra hadn’t read the yesterdays post yet so it was a total coincidence that we closed our workout with BALLET!  We have literally never done this and last night at the So You Think You Can Dance party we did madddddd ballet…talk about self fufilling prophecies.  Remember this…

2014-06-18 20-1.29.41

This was hard as shit…your muscles are already done and this was a hell of a finisher….however I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t totally the funnest thing we did!!!


Soooooo hard but soooooo fun and we feel amazing every single time that we leave!  I love trying new things and there is never a dull moment with Sandra.


We love you guys!  Have a great weekend. We are one day closer to weigh in time!!! Ahhhhhhhhh….xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxox, your loving meatballs





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