Two Meatballs: So You Think Meatballs Can Dance, Dance , Dance…

Sooooooo…we have another big weigh in coming up…it’s 12 days until we hit the scales and Jenny and I both are STUCCCCKKK!  We both understand that this is part of the progress but some times you just need to talk it out…


And who better to talk it through with than your meatball!?  Turns out we were both worried about the SAME thing (shocker)…what if we don’t lose any weight before the 1st!?


We would probably be supes dupes sad…


Then really angry that all of our hard work wasn’t paying off…



So we talked it through and realized that not losing any weight would make for an extremely relatable post…everyone hits a wall on their path to wellness…


We just have to stay positive and know that we have each other!!!  We know that you’ve heard this from us before but we just have to keep reminding ourselves that there are hiccups on this little baby.  So what should we do to get ourselves re-motivated and celebrate the great progress that we have already made?!?!


Date night with out super best buddies…Kelly and Krista!!!


And what shall we do!?  Well since Jenny and I have the most supportive group of people surrounding us we are going to my sister’s house for a paleo app night and watching the greatest show of all time….So You Think You Can Dance or SYTYCD as it goes with the Beard girls. This are our ballet poses…we used them to get pumped up for the night ahead!

2014-06-18 20-1.29.41

Who is this adorable!?!  Let’s see what Kelly has on the menu tonight!?!

Grilled Squash and Zuchinni…toss in olive oil, salt and pepper and grill for 20 minutes

Roasted okra (recipe on previous blog)

Meatballs (ohhhhh the irony) jalapeno and mango from CostCo

Sweet Potato Chips and Guacamole (recipe on previous blog)

Stuffed Jalapenos…She found this one on pinterest…its the one you stuff with pulsed cauliflower and wrap in bacon


Sounds amazing…time to cook!


Food Safety tip (of her finger) (see what I did there) from Kelly on how to use a Mandolin and survive to tell the tale…


Safety first dammmit!

While the food was cooking what better way to prepare yourself for the greatest dance competition show of all time than DANCING!!!! This totally counts as cardio right Sandra!?! Here is our dance genre retrospective…you’re welcome!


May I have this dance?!


Middle school slow dance…




Twerking…(so sweet of them to play our reindeer games)


Old School…


Hip Hop…






The Jive or Disco…I’m not sure…


Heyyyy…how did that get in there…we are clearly losing focus and getting sweaty!!!  Time for sup sup…


yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum….it was soooooo good!!!


Meatball cheers…get it!?

What a great night!!!  Jenny and I are always looking for creative ways to be social without drinking and eating terribly!  This night included all paleo food, tons of cardio and my very favorite people on earth!  Who could ask for anything more.  Thanks Kelly and Krista…we love you!!! Now…on to the show!


Time for the outtakes!!!

wpid-20140618_195846.jpgwpid-20140618_195903.jpgwpid-20140618_195912.jpgwpid-20140618_195343.jpgwpid-20140618_194905.jpgwpid-20140618_200940.jpg20140618_210802 IMG_20140618_081926IMG_20140618_081949IMG_20140618_082015IMG_20140618_082040

We love y’all!!! Have the best day EVERRRRRRRRR!




  1. Finally a date night with my meatballs!!!! So fun!! And seeing first hand how much time and effort goes into the blog has given me a whole new appretiation for ya’lls commitment to your adoring fans!!! I love you guys the most!!!!

    1. I’m sorry we had to bail!!! I was trying so hard to be proactive so we could actually spend time together!!! We’ll be more prepared next time!!! You are amazing and I love you more everyday. Thanks for being our biggest cheerleader…best pyramid ever. Love you did…beach…beach…beach!

  2. You girls are so farking adorable, ALL of you! And yes, there comes a time when you hit that proverbial wall with weight loss. Your body sort of has to catch up with itself. I’ve been on a 6 week plateau and I’m fixing to hurt someone if I don’t see the scale move soon. Of course, everyone says “if you aren’t losing weight, you could still be losing inches”, so remember that… just because the scale doesn’t move, doesn’t mean you aren’t getting smaller 😉 During those times, try to focus on measurements. In the end, the number on the scale isn’t what’s putting you into smaller clothes. Just keep doing what you are doing because you are kicking ASS!

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