Two meatballs: Hey A Girls Gotta Eat?!?!


Jenny and I are finally back in the same city and it feels famazing!!!!!!! On Sunday I went over to her house and  we had an Orange is the New Black marathon… It was so great to just hang out.

image image

If you don’t watch the show first of all. .. why not…  second this is the intro which blares an amazing Regina Spector song that we obsessively sing. .. This is us trying to recreate that mouth shot #fail

image image image

This last one’s the best for sure. .. anyways…  it was so fun. .. on to the work week!

We are both trying get back into our routine!  While I  was at work Jenny and some of our co-workers went to a hotlates (hot Pilates)( see what I did there ) class to switch it up.  She has done hot yoga in the past and it was literally hell  on earth to quote her…  She was intimidated to say the least. But she loves her work girls sooo much she decided to give it a try. .. And  It was gorgeous in there. The place is called Burn and it’s in Brier Creek. ..


Our instructor was Melissa…. another hottie patotie with a mission for fitness.


Ewwwwwwwwwww… look how sweaty but I felt amazing! Thank you so much Natalie and Dempsey for bringing me along!

image image image

It was 92 degrees and you are on your back the whole time with one pound weights for me. .. I was feeling really cocky. ..I’m an idiot. ..  it was so hard.  It takes such strength in your core and balance to even do the moves.  But I did it …I went all the way through and I would completely do it again!   It was a great detox. Thanks Natalie for pushing me to go. .. I’m glad I finally went!!!!

image image image image

Burn offers lots of different classes like cycling, yoga, trx stuff and other hot exercise programs if you’re into that sort of thing… This is Sara’s nightmare.

Later that evening. .. Jenny came over  and we got to cooking!  Oh how I’ve missed this!


What’s on the menu you ask. .. PORK! !! I’m typing this on Jenny’s phone and it’s driving me crazy. .. sidebar.  Ok  so we made Asian pork chops and broccoli fritters. They don’t really go together but it’s what called to us on Pinterest!


We made the marinade first. ..

image image

Then place in oven at 350 for 25 minutes and make sure they are cooked through!

Recipe courtesy of thrifty mom via Pinterest.


Both recipes required chopped onions… which resulted in these photos. ..

image image

Back to the pork. ..

image image image image

Dance break. ..

image image

Thanks Kanye!
Back to broccoli fritters. ..We both wanted something a little comfy foody!
Recipe courtesy of Your paleo recipes via Pinterest. ..

image image

These were so fun to make as you’ll see. ..

image image image image image image image image

They were so yummy and  as per yoosh my house smells amazeballs!!!  Next week I leave for a week at the beach so we are trying to cram  as much time Together  as humanly possible and this was a great way to start.  Hope you make these yummy meals and enjoy!  Love you love the meatballs!!!!


  1. I am definitely making those fritters this weekend! Thanks for the recipes!!! If you are looking for some awesome recipes, and I sound like a broken record about Well Fed, but seriously, her recipes are all I ate for 2 months HAHA! I can personally attest to some of my faves… Chocolate Chili, Pad Thai with Sunshine Sauce (I put that shiz on everything! OMG!), Stovetop Carnitas (I make these ALL the FRIGGIN time), The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat (it TOTALLY is!), Ginger Lime Shrimp, Comfort Noodles (I crave these! And with your spiralizer you will LOVE these!), Bora Bora Fireballs, Cumin Carrots, Cocoa Toasted Cauliflower and Maple Almond Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes… but everything I’ve tried of hers is great! And these, and hundreds of others she is always posting on her blog.

      1. And don’t forget to try the homemade olive oil mayo! I don’t even like mayo but find myself slathering it on things… I make it with a stick blender so I don’t have to bring anything to room temperature, and go from ingredients to done in about 90 seconds. It opened up a new paleo world for me 🙂

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