Two meatballs: Hey there’s sand in my meatball!!

London and I packed up all of our favorite things and  headed to Coralla beach in the Outer Banks! For me it was  my beach chair, snuggly hoodies, and the scent of sun lotion. London packed all 6 stuffed puppies and her tooth brush. This kid is really into oral hygiene!!  We had the best time!  It was the best group, my sister (kitty), her husband Stevie! !!!!!!!!!! (Yelling his name) uncle Rich, Cristi(his gf)  my mom Dede and Papa(Aaron).


Kitty arranged for us all to go out in a hummer tour of the wild beach horses.  It was amazing and hilarious!   Those horses behind us violently got it on.  It was definetly something you would see on national geographic.   And I couldn’t stop laughing because London was screaming and crying . She was so confused and we were all a little terrified!! It was awesome and definitely the first icebreaker of the trip!


Our guide Dave was the best. Make sure you request him. Hilarious and knowledgeable.

image image

London loved it!


Kitty and Stevie! !!!!!


She had to get a souvenir horse.  Chestnut!


So sweet! Forget dolls this girl wants a farm!!


On the boardwalk


Dinner!!! Yes, it was amazing!!!

image image

After this amazing dinner, we all wanted ice cream!  I am obsessed with ice cream. The Pozarycki’s have been known to throw down on some ice cream/ frozen yogurt!!!  So I did it! Three nights in a row. That third time I started feeling guilty. Surprisingly my body was loving it. There were no blowouts. I was certain my body would reject it with instant diarrhea.  Nope.  I felt famazing!!!  So I attempted insanity.


Mmmmmm not for me. Me brother does it 5 days a week.  Totally impressive.  In a couple of months I will attempt to workout with him again.  Instead my sister, Stephen , London and I walked around our beautiful beach neighborhood in the evening.  We did my favorite things and Just jackassed around the house.

image image image image image image image

We even had a family scavenger hunt!  Kitty is the best!!
So I did pretty well! I’m super relaxed and ready to tackle this!!!  I love my family so much! They are the best support a girl could ask for !  Can’t wait for our next vacation!!! Love you guys!  Working out with Sandra on Thursday,  ahhhhhhhhh… excited!!!!!


  1. JENNY!!!! London is the living prettiest! I love her hat!!! And you and your sister are twins!!! These pictures are amazing!! I’m so glad you had such a fun, relaxing week!! Miss you!!!

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