Two meatballs: To have and to hold!!

Hiiiiiiiii its Jenny!!!!  I had the best vacation!!!!!! I was surrounded by  my most favorite people all week. Except my favorite meatball!!!! Seeing the blog everyday definetly kept me more connected to our journey while I was gone. I missed Sara so much. Anyway on to the vacation!!!!! It all started with the sweetest wedding of Alley and Neil!  Alley and Brandon worked together at 96 rock back in the good ole days.  Brandon has always been a one man show. He plays the guitar, piano, and loves to entertain.   So I was excited to watch Brandon provide the music for Alley and Neil’s ceremony.  He was pumped to get back out there!


He was awesome. These moments make me fall in love with him all over again! They were married in the sweetest chapel in historic Mordecai.


And here is the the most fun couple ever!!!


  Immediately following the ceremony my inner fat kid was chanting wedding cake wedding cake!!!  Shut uppppppp!  Chill out kid!!!   So then we got to the reception and ate some yummy healthy options. 


I was so relieved to see fresh veggies!! Yeah that’s hummus as the bottom. And it was delicious!  And of course we made friends with this sweet guys.


He got us any thing we wanted!  I really wanted this stuff!!!!


We also ran into our friend Demetri who has had a successful weight loss journey! So it was awesome sharing our story and catching up!  He was truely inspiring!  I look forward to running into him again at a marathon one of these days. Haha did you catch that!


We had the best time at there wedding!! More to come about my vacation. Glad to be back, thank you for all the support! 

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