Two Meatballs: Grin and Bare It!!!! (aka the 4th Weigh in!)

Knock knock…who’s there?!…TWO MEATBALLS AND A SCALE!!!



As fun as our vacations were…


Annnnd they really were soooo fun…


The time has come to put our numbers up or shut up…


NOOOOOOO butts about it (did you see what I did there?!)(if you didn’t, you’re about to)…


Did we survive June and our family vacay’s!?!



Or did we tip the scales in the wrong direction!?


Enough farting around..clothes off and signs up…


Let’s see who’s up first….


How did she dooooooo!?!?!?!



I lost!!!!!!!  Vacation was really challenging , and I am so glad I was able to lose.   I feel like I kinda drank my way through June with 3 weddings.  So I was slightly terrified going into this weigh in. I am excited to start July and continue this  awesome journey!  I’m really starting to see changes in my life.  I am always looking for fun and different workouts.   Who am I?????   I am incredibly happy with progress thus far!  It’s only going to get harder, and I need to keep a fire under my ass!  Thanks for all of the support as always! Love you!!!

Round two…Sara, jazz step your way to the front of this line!!!



Don’t mind if I do….but how did I doooooooo!?!?!?

_DSC1977_DSC1994_2_DSC1986_2_DSC2063 _DSC2004_DSC2007_DSC2017_DSC2021_DSC1999_DSC2062_DSC2089_2_DSC2095

Holy rice a roni you guys!!!!I’VE LOST OVER 50 pounds and I FEEEEEL INCREDIBLE (I’m yelling this sooooo loud!) I just didn’t know that it was humanely possible to feel this great…but I do!  I feel so itty bitty and I look forward to getting even smaller.  I have so much more energy and perspective on the world.  Sandra…you are such a wonderful person!!!  Thank you for everything you do.  To everyone who has supported this little adventure that we dreamed up…I just don’t know how to thank y’all!  You keep me going, you keep me inspired, you keep me driven and I just want to tell you how grateful I am and I won’t let you or myself down!  Feeling like a got dern champ! xoxoxoxo



Brandon…thanks again for putting up with us and deciding to play too!


His stating weight is 310…stay tuned for his progress!!!  We love you!!!

And as always our loyal friends…here art thou outtakes #someofthesewerereallybadideas #sillysally’s #holymotherofpearlwhitebelly #whydidithinkthatlookedcute #dammitbrandontelluswhenitsugly #westillfeeladorableasever #ghostface #weneverstoptalking #thisiswhowereallyare #crackingup

_DSC1831_2_DSC1832_DSC1847_DSC1852_DSC1858_DSC1862_DSC1870_DSC1880_DSC1882_DSC1885_DSC1887_2_DSC1897_2_DSC1913_DSC1939_DSC1945_DSC1953_DSC1954 _DSC2020_DSC1985_DSC2005 _DSC2112_DSC2176_DSC2136_2 _DSC1991_DSC2003_DSC2035_2_DSC2198_2


Another weigh in ta-done!!!!


We love you soooo much…please share this post on facebook….Ellen here we come!!!


PS Roseanne if you are reading this xoxo times a mil!





  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! These pictures are the best yet!!!!! And Brandon is amazing!! You both look amazing!! I’m so proud of you and happy for you!!!! I love you guys the MOST (yelling!!!!)

  2. Congratulations girls! This is hysterical! Totally inspiring. This makes me happy. Freakin love the pictures. LOL.

  3. Oh my gosh you girls are kicking so much ass and looking great!!! So proud of you to both have vacations and STILL lose such a great amount!!!! You are such inspirations!!

  4. WOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! (Is there anything else to say?!) Excited there’s going to be a Man-Meatball. Man-ball? The real question is… will he be able to keep up with the two of you awesome gals!

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