Two Meatballs: We Lost Weight Lets Eat Meat

WEEEEEEEEEE DIDDDDDDDDD ITTTTTTTTT!  We survived vacation and both lost weight!  This is a huge milestone for us!!!!  And it feels amazing.  We couldn’t do it without you.


Who doesn’t love a side by side and a before and after…so we made a montage #picstichobsesh


This was by far our funnest shoot…it’s reallllly hard to think of new things to do and believe me some of them fail….hard!!! #volleyballscene #morejumping!? #overit


But here is a little visual progress report from our first weigh in until now!


APRIL                                     MAY                                       JUNE                                     JULY

It’s crazy right!?!?!?!?

wpid-mycollage_4.pngwpid-mycollage_154.png wpid-mycollage_5.pngwpid-mycollage_153.png

But these seem the craziest to me!!!!  Such a transformation!

wpid-mycollage_157.pngwpid-mycollage_158.png wpid-mycollage_155.png

And finally our favorite fat picture vs our last date at a wedding…


Sooooo, what do two proud little meatballs do to celebrate all this exciting news….EEEEAAAAATTTTT!!!!!


We realized that we haven’t been out to dinner since we started this adventure!  We’ve met at Whole Foods for breakfasts and Starbucks for coffee…we’ve shopped for smaller clothes and we’ve even gone to the movies…but never to dinner!  Through this process we have really wanted to keep living life and not be as militant as we had been in the past.  Being overly restrictive only makes us want to CCCHHHHEEEEAATTTT!  Eating out is such a social thing but can be a very slippery slope. We didn’t want this to be a reward/cheat thing…just a night off of cooking and a little datey poo!


So we decided we wanted WIIIINGS!



And of course yummy veggies!!!


We had soooo much fun as per usual but we did indulge in too much bleu cheese…#notpaleo #bubbleguts4real #wyatt

Thanks again for all the support y’all!  Can’t wait until next month!!!!  We love you.

And again…here are the outtakes….




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