Two Meatballs: May I get those balls to go?!?!

Hellllloooo! It’s Jenny. And I had the best little Fourth of July weekend everrrr.  But damn we were busy!! It all started Friday morning when I went to the gym in SHORTS!!!!!!!!!!

I never wear shorts! I feel like they have always been the enemy. It was definitely never in my comfort zone. But I wanted to do it and I had no other clean clothes! Done and done. #constantwedgie #chubrub #neverfeltbetter
And my sweet, sweaty meatball husband came home from the gym ( so excited for his journey!!!!!!) and we went downtown to Marbles! The best children’s museum in probably the whole world.
The cutest couple! I love that my family is staying so active. In the past I would have been completely satisfied with eating summer snacks all day drink beer by the pool and trying to do as little as possible. We are on the GOOOOO! Sometimes it as all a dream, and I have moments of clarity that this is the rest of my life. Staying busy and making it all work. And somehow being more grateful along the way! wtf I was so lazy 4 months ago!!! But it’s working. Can’t go back now?!?! ( hello Grand Canyon !!!!!)
Then later that afternoon we headed out to Knightdale for some festivities. And London bounced her way into the longest sleep of her life.
On Saturday we were all over Pullen Park! Cardio!!!!!! Right?!?!? These are the things I think about now!!
Naptime !!!!!!! Love that, then woke up and went to the pool.


We ended the weekend with a super amazing nutritious dinner.  I made honey chicken, corn or the cob and zucchini fritters!!!

wpid-20140707_151439.jpg wpid-20140707_172511.jpg

And she loved them! High fiving all my mom friends!!!!! It is a total victory when kids get a veggie down without the drama. And then we finished the evening with strawberries and coconut milk whipped cream……..Aaaaaaaaamaazing!
Everyone was happy! Ahhhhhhhhhhh a first! This weekend was a complete success. Love love love my family!!! Busy week ahead here we go 🙂 xoxoxo


  1. JENNY!!!! You look amazing in that bathing suit AND those shorts!!! I’m so glad you and your sweet family are so happy!!!!!

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