Two Meatballs: Maaaaad Grillz Skillz

Hiiiiiiiii!!!!  It’s that time again…the grill is on, the ingredients have been purchased, the meatballs are together and it’s TIME TO COOK! Who knew cooking was sooooo fun…and really yummy.  I ordered a new cookbook that I am totes obsessed with…it’s called The Paleo Kitchen!


I want to devour LITERALLY everything in this book and we are so excited to work our way through it.  So what’s on the menu tonight you say…you always ask the right questions!?  Tonight we are making…. dumb faces…


Questionable decisions?!


Nooooo…we are making Asian Slaw Cabbage Burgers…..yuuuummmmmm!!!!  This is going to give us a great opportunity to use the grill again and to eat what we love…ASIAN FOOD!  Soooo…here is the recipe!


First we made the pork patties! it’s 1 1/3 pounds ground pork with garlic powder and sea salt!


You will notice that we are both in gym clothes…#commitment #lazysunday #woof

Then we turned the grill on, which is still terrifying. #pleasedontexplode


And on they went!!!



We set the timer…5-6 minutes per side!


What to do while we wait!?!



Look up ideas for future weigh ins?!



Totem pole it?!


Nooooo…it’s time to make the slaw!!! #multitaskinfordays



This smelled amazing…freshly grated ginger equals heaven.



This was so easy and quick to make…now time to flip the burgers!!!


Those firey flare ups are sooooo scary!!!


Buuuuut are they done!?! You know my food safety concerns! #canyougetsalmonellafrompork!?!


Only one way to find out!? But I accidentally stabbed myself with the food thermometer…


And they ended up being perfect!!!  Lookey here what we made…


Another fun and healthy night of planning ahead and being together!!! We love you guys!






  1. I should attempt to use my grill this summer (first year I’ve had one, it’s a hand-me-down)! Idea: take it or leave it… how about a Questions From Our Readers feature? Because I have a couple.

    1) Besides the changing numbers on the scale, what other physical benefits are you noticing? Better sleep? Digestion? Stamina? I get frustrated when I don’t see the weight coming off quickly, so I’m trying to remember there are other GREAT reasons to keep working out and eating well.

    2) Snacks! What are your grab-and-go options? What do you choose when you want something NOW (to keep from grabbing the bagel in the break room, ya know?)

    Love you tons, as always… y’all are AWWWWWSOME!!!

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