Two Meatballs: Fancy Meeting You Here?!?

For the first time EVERRRRRRR Jenny and I were at Fitness Connection together…AT THE SAME TIME!!!  We have such different lives and schedules that we only workout together with Sandra!!!  How sad!!!  Buuuuuuut not today!


I was there working out with my dad, good ol’ JB from DC  who is a raging beast in the gym.


It was shoulders and legs day!  And Jenny had come early to warm up before trying a Body Pump class!  What a happy little coincidence.  So we both did a little cardio on our favorite machines!


PS…I got my mile down to 12:10 from 17 minutes!!!  Wahooooo!!!

Then we did some abs…


And then shoulders with squats in between sets!


Then some legs!!!


Then we worked on balance and stretching!


Then it was time for Jenny’s class…


And I finished off my day with TABATA’s with JB and some rowing!


We have both been so diligent about going to the gym and working out!  We are both feeling great and we also love getting to spend time together. Soooooo we also decided to have a dinner date!  And we went to Bolt!!!  It was soooo good and Jenny wanted to give it a go.  I noticed several things as we drove downtown and found no parking on the street outside of Bolt.  In the past this would have really irritated me…bc I was lazy and really out of shape.  We ended up parking in a deck a few blocks over…


And enjoyed a lovely little stroll to the restaurant. We sat outside in this little slice of heaven (who are we!?)…


The weather was amazing!   Cheers to date night!


And we both found something we wanted to eat right away on this yummy scrummy menu!


Jenny got the Ahi Tuna…


And I got the NY Strip with Brussel Sprouts!

Clearly…we loved it!!!


Then we entertained ourselves!!!


Until the cops arrested a drug dealer in front of us and provided all the entertainment we would need!!!


If you haven’t gone to Bolt yet you really should!  We both felt amazing after we left!!!  And totally enjoyed the stroll back to the car.  We love you guys!!!





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