Two Meatballs: Ask a Meatball!


Sooooo, lately we’ve been getting a lot of questions through Instagram (TWOMEATBALLSGETFIT),


Twitter (@meatballsgetfit),


Facebook (Two Meatballs Get Fit)


and the blog (!


And we hear you and want to answer you back!!!

Q: How often do you weigh yourselves…really just once a month!?!

A: Hell no!  This is such a measure of progress…but not the only measure!  We both weigh ourselves every morning.  This helps keep both of us on track, but if you are someone who gets easily discouraged maybe just try once a week!


Q: What is a typical daily meal plan for you guys!?

A: This is Sara.  I eat either a spinach smoothie (2 handfuls of spinach, 1/2 cup of unsweetened coconut milk, 1 banana, 4 strawberries, one spoonful of almond butter and a handful of blueberries and two ice cubes) or bacon/sausage with two eggs and fruit or a carnitas scramble for breakfast.  Lunch is usually one of the many recipes that we have made on the blog (right now it’s Asian slaw and pork burgers) and then dinner is usually the same foundation as lunch maybe with a twist.  So I would probably take a lettuce wrap and have an actual burger with the slaw on top and some baked sweet potato fries or some form of a spiraled squash or zucchini “pasta” with veggies and a protein!


This is Jenny.  For breakfast I’m a scavenger.  I pick and graze on food from the night before.  I don’t feel locked into “breakfast” food so usually last nights chicken and veggies or fruit and eggs.  There isn’t a consistent go to thing for me for breakfast.  Lunch is usually a chicken breast with an avocado and tomatoes or a salad with a ton of veggies or a Whole Foods find.  Dinner I make something like Chicken Apple  Sausage and Colorful Peppers or I wing it and make a zucchini chicken pie!



Annnnnd soooooo much water for both of us!!!!  Allllll day long!!!!

Q: What are your go to grab and go snacks!?

A: Um, pistachios (Sara says with shame) … If eaten in a portion control situation pistachios actually make for an awesome snack!


We love almonds, Coconut Macaroon Uber Larabars or Paleo Simplified Bars,


smoothies, smoothies, smoothies, and more smoothies but watch out for added sugar (ask for unsweetened) and make sure there are fruits AND veggies in there)!!!


carrot chips and guacamole,


an apple with almond butter,


fresh pressed juice,


this amazing thing where you take a half of a banana, cut it open like a boat, spread almond butter on it and put a crispy piece of bacon in there…its so good!


And all the yummy things we brought on our movie date…frozen grapes, seaweed snacks, white cheddar puffs (NOTPALEO), sparkling waters and dark chocolate covered almonds!


Any combo of fruit and a nut butter work as well and are super filling!!!

Q: What other physical benefits are you noticing from getting healthier besides the number on the scale going down!? I get frustrated when I don’t see the weight coming off quickly, so I’m trying to remember that there are other GREAT reasons to keep working out and eating well.

A: We both have sooooooo much more energy now which translates into wanting to be more active.  It’s the whole body in motion stays in motion theory.  We are both choosing more active ways to live beyond just going to the gym.  Also when you work that hard it makes you want to eat really well…it’s more motivating to stay on track.  WE both sleep better and less restlessly.  I personally haven’t been sick since we started this adventure and I was sick allllll the damn time before.  My mind feels sharper, I feel more focused and I didn’t know that it was even possible that either one of us could feel better about ourselves than we already did OR be more confident….but we both do.  We feel incredible and unstoppable.  We both feel a glow, our skin and hair look better bc we’ve nixed most processed foods and the water intake I’m sure is helping that front. Our digestive systems are functioning better and we both just feel so strong…and chock full of integrity.  We also get SUUUUUPER frustrated when the scale doesn’t reflect how we feel!!!  You are not alone Karen!  But it is a great idea to find other ways to feel and acknowledge the changes.  Sometimes you just have to say do I look and feel different today and if that answer is yes…eff the scale that day.

We would love to answer any other questions that you guys have, so keep em coming!!!  Also we just love to hear from you in general, so if there are any posts you wish we would do, or classes you think we should take or recipes that we need to try please send them our way.  Also we love to hear your story…it’s so motivating to us!!!!  Ok onto the best hour of the week…WORKOUTS WITH SANDRA! Here is our obligatory car selfie…


This is Jenny leaving…hahaha jk we stuck it out!



We really wanted to do something nice for Sandra since she is such an amazing human!!!  So we made an R+Co goody bag with Atlantis shampoo and conditioner, Park Ave blow out balm, Chiffon mousse and Death Valley texturizing spray.


And she loooooved it!!!!


We love you Sandra!!!  Then we got our asses handed to us but with an amazing soundtrack bumping in the background…there was Britney, there was Justin, there was Christina, there was Nelly Furtado…we were in heaven!!!!  Here is a little jackassing before the asses were handed…


If we only knew what was coming we wouldn’t have messed around!!!!  Today was all about TABATA’s but today they were 45 seconds on 15 seconds off!


We started off on the step with tip taps…a quick cardio up down for 45 seconds!


Then we did jumping jacks for 45 seconds…which is terrible!

Then work out amnesia kicked in and I’m not sure of the order of anything anymore so here goes  a peeky poo!


Then squats for 45 seconds…


Then lateral side walks or something…


Then more step ups left leg lead first for 45 then right leg lead!


And over and outs on the step!


And mountain climbers…


Then push ups…


Then 4 back to back arm exercises with 10 lb weights!


Then we ran in place and did high knees (hineys!!!)


Then speed skater type things…


Then agility jumps…


Then push ups…






And biceps…


Then squats…


Pistol squats…


Then sumo squats…


Then step ups with 10 lb weight…


Then alternating one leg standing crunches things…


Theeeeennnnn we had a section of shared experiences…


Planking high fives…


Sit up high fives…


A weird butt squat thing that I did not understand…maybe next time San!


Pass the medicine ball…


Standing pass the medicine ball…


Sit up and pass the medicine ball…fuck that medicine ball…


And then planking…for a minute and a half…


Then death…


jk we survived another intense workout sesh…


And lived to tell the tale!


We love you Sandra!!!! have a great weekend you guyyyyyyyys!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox








  1. Thank you!!! (I’m catching up reading.) Man, it didn’t even occur to me that hair and skin would show a healthier difference, that’s awesome!! I’m going to have to get on the smoothie bandwagon. Time to get my blender out of the box. Ha!

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