Two Meatballs: A Date with Mo!!!

This week began my first official week with Fridays off!!!  I woke up early, met my dad at the gym and #killtit.  Then as I was leaving and heading to the grocery store to start out a really productive day of cooking and cleaning my house top to bottom, my car sort of drove me to my sisters house.  The night before this conversation took place with my little nephew bunnies…


We must have needed some time together so my car had great instincts!  I showed up at Wyatt’s swim team practice and was met with the biggest run and jump hug from Chasey.  He likes to bury his head into you and pat you while hugging…its the living sweetest and Wyatt gave me an adorable little side wave and told me to be quiet #soooogrown #dontmessaroundinswimpractice.  After practice was over I got a soaking wet hug from him as well.  They asked me to come home with them and both asked to ride in my car…little kids wanting to be with you and lighting up when they see you is maybe the greatest feeling on the planet!  They are both so affectionate (I don’t know if it is because I have always set up the expectation that being with Aunt Mo means endless hugs, kisses, hand holding , sitting in the nook, cuddling, run and jumps, pinky promises or knee squeezies but I’ll take it!).  My day was quickly derailed (intentionally!?  who likes cleaning am I right ladies!?) when these two cuties asked if they could go grocery shopping and clean house with me.  I thought about it for zero seconds and responded…um yeah! I mean look how helpful!



Then we headed home and needed a snack and a break from all that taxing shopping!


Then some light cardio…


And then on to a little game called…can we drag a mattress from another room into your room and pile it with pillows and launch ourselves off of your bed onto said mattress…preferably with Ke$ha bumpin in the background!?

wpid-20140711_110657.jpgwpid-20140711_110704.jpgwpid-20140711_110748.jpgwpid-20140711_110801.jpgwpid-20140711_110806.jpgwpid-20140711_110830.jpg wpid-20140711_111709.jpgwpid-20140711_111653.jpgwpid-20140711_111441.jpg

And this went on until someone inevitably got hurt #irresponisblefunauntfail


Chase missed the mattress and stubbed his toe so what better way to cheer him up than selfies!?  Wyatt quickly joined…



Which quickly turned into Wyatt Candy Crushing it…



Until he discovered that the iPad had a camera…


And literally took a thousand pictures of him and Chase!!!  This wore them out…time to hydrate!


Then off to Raleighwood to see the Muppets…


The movie was hilarious and no one suspected a thing with our contraband chocolate covered sunflower seeds that we snuck in! Then it was back to hang out with Nana (my mom) and Gigi (grandma Apple) for some ghost stories and playtime and snuggling #snugglingismyfavorite #haveyounoticedthatnocookingorcleaninghashappened!


Then Chase wanted some alone snuggle time!


Then wrestling and kissy monsters!!!


I got nothing accomplished that I had planned but had one of the funnest afternoons of my liiiiiiiife! I know a day will come when it will be super lame to hang out with Aunt Mo but I won’t go down without a fight.  I love these boys so much and am thankful for every little squeeze and date we get to share.




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