Two Meatballs: oohh hey Darlaaa!!

Hello hello!! Half way through the month!!  And just trucking threw it. I’m still trying to get use to the idea that the rest of my life is going to busy as heeeeeelllll!  Being busy really helps keep your mind off of food.  So that’s good. So I guess that’s what most other people been doing…….having a mother tucking life!!!  Who knew?!!!  Well just when I couldn’t get any busier I got a call from a best friend….. DARLA!!! I love this girl!! She is always a good time.  Full of positive energy and rediculous conversation!!! We have always had the most easy going relationship. Judgment free and full of indulgence.  This seems to be a theme for my past life!!!! Woof.  So here is a picture of us with her sister Alicia, probably about five years ago just drinking as usual.



This was definitely one of my thinner days! Rare!!!  Anyway  Darla and I met at 19 and 20. We were servers at the Macaroni Grill and had the best time being young and stupid.  She is one of those friends that knows my weight lost past.  And her support  during my recent journey to health has been incredible!!!!  So what did we do when she got in town, we ate!!! Shit sometimes doesn’t change!  But now we are just so much more aware. And  we were determined to find paleo friendly meals.  So we decided to go to Sitti. Amaaaaazing. Love this place.  Usually I would stuff my sweet face with the most amazing pita and hummus that comes to the table immediately.  I did get a little weird and picked up the pita just to get the longest and deepest sniff ever.  Ehhhhhh wasn’t that great. Yay.  So we both had a glass of wine and cheered to our reunion!


Soo what did we order?!?

wpid-20140711_220331.jpg Lamb chops, a fav!! And it came with veggies. Ummm it was perfection!

So Darlaaa and I just talked the night away it the most romantic booth ever!!!

wpid-20140711_231455.jpg     wpid-20140711_231522.jpg

And then we had to stop by the Macaroni grill and stalk out some old friends and that’s where I found this hanging next to me.

wpid-20140711_231716.jpg MEATBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!  Loved this evening. And I love my Darla!  Can’t wait to see her soon.  I am reminded constantly of the amazing support in my life.  Thank you for coming in town and always having the most positive outlook and easy friendship to offer.  Love you darlaaaa!!!!!!!


And  then it was right back to mommy duty!  Play date with Max and Ryan to end our weekend!  So fun. Thanks for having us Kara Johnson. We had a nice therapy session as well!  Love you guys!!!!!!  Feeling crazy productive, oh yeah let’s lose some weight!!!!

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