Two Meatballs: My Katie Nah-nah, K-Ted, K-Tizzle, K. Tiddy, Auntie Katie, Katie Bug, Seafoam Friend…

How do I love she…let me count the ways!!! (did you see what I did there!?) You’ve met my sister Kelly and my cousin Kristina so this is a little segment I like to call the final K!  But really she was the original K.  Who am I speaking of you ponder…my super duper best fucking friend of life Katie!!!!!!  We have literally been friends ALLLLLL of our lives and we got to grow up right next door to each other for 15 glorious years!



This is our first photo together….look how sweet!!!  We had the luxury of growing up and being completely entrenched in each others families and lives.




The Beards, Tedrow’s, Reedy’s as well as other neighborhood families were always best buddies so it only made sense for us to follow suit.


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it…best childhood ever. All the kids would play in the cul-de-sac, riding bikes, playing in our awesome tree house and running other kids over with the power wheels jeep!!! But from the very start  Katie and I really hit it off.  We probably had at least one sleepover a week for our entire formative years.  We played real estate agents, climbed on the shed roof, created routines for the jungle gym in her back yard, climbed the mud pitt, played in the creek, spent hours trying to build the damn set to Mousetrap #sofrustrating, we played store, Barbies, makeup, dress up, I married her and our other neighbor Jonathon, we got trapped in my dad’s shed together, our not so secret secret notebook, singing West Side Story  and Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On while playing the piano, countless family vacations, neighborhood Christmas parties, hours of chores trying to bribe our way to the pool…



Are you in love with us yet!?!  We even survived a deadly tornado that ripped apart our homes and neighborhood, together. We both have battle wounds and probably emotional scars too. This is a pic of the neighbor kids from Mine Valley on the 25th anniversary! #allgrownup


We went through awkward middle school and high school together.  We were totally inseparable! Are you getting that feeling!?!


We went to concerts together, one million movies, we played a driving game where I would be driving but she would steer all the way home #neitheroneofuscandrive, we played scattegories, lost our minds to cabin fever when we got snowed in, we would abandon one of our cars for days just so we wouldn’t have to be seperated…we even worked at two different places together!


You can just tell that we were star employees am I right ladies!? At Ace we probably spent more time flirting with the cute boys then ringing people up or eating all of the candy there!  Then once Ace shut down we moved onto the dry cleaning business. One Christmas it was dead at Hilker’s Dry Cleaners and we had a three legged race, played hockey with candy and brooms, sled down the hill in a broken chair, made a cups game where you had to throw candy in at increasing distances (think Bozo the Clown games), we gave each other makeovers, we put a broken sign on the drive thru door if it was raining and we would literally lock up shop so we could walk around Harris Teeter for snacks #irresponsible #howdidwestayemployed!? #fatfriends

We also did our fair share of partying.  We were always seeking out something fun to do!!! We stole all of the beer out of the fridge one vacation while everyone else was on a boat tour, polished them off, got lost on the way to the pool and made an epic pretzel trail to find our way home#hanselandgretel #katieyourmomcalledshesaidslowdown #sorryjeanne…


We went to each other’s graduations, we were in weddings together, threw amazing showers, celebrated birthdays, saw Beyonce, Justin and got on stage with Britney (‘s back up singers) and just couldn’t get enough of each other…like ever!



We even lived together for two glorious years…we were known for our themed house parties #collegenight #vegasparty #whitetrashparty #premixxedginandjuice…


We partied some more…#wallflowers #jk


We traveled…


We’ve celebrated sooooo many holidays together #FoJ …


Ran into some celebs #nobiggie


Went through a long phase of serious faced high fives…


Got thug…


Started a band #freemustacherides #giantvagiantes


Talked some shit…


Danced our asses off #angrybeaver


But mostly we jackassed around, were always there for each other,  snuggled #comeandlayontopofme and LAUGHED our asses off…


And this weekend I’m flying up to NYC to celebrate Katie’s 30th birthday and our 30th anniversary of best friends of the world!!! I’m going to take this whole no drinking thing to a birthday celebration!!!  I think I’m going to nail it.  Plus we have so many healthy, active things planes…a walk around Central Park and The Highline and a raw juice bar date.  Oh how things change!!! She is the most positive, fun loving greatest human ever in the existence of woman kind. KATIE!!!! I just love you soooo much.  No one makes me laugh like you and the inside jokes abound.  You are the best friend a girl could ask for. Here’s to the next adventure.  Happy birthday sweet friend.  You are a one of a kind sea foam friend and I love you so much. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have found a Katie in their life. #howdidwegetsolucky


I leave you with one final image…the funniest photo of all time.  We were just told a hilarious story about a naked drunk guy accidently stumbling into the wrong room and snuggling up with our friend Daniel.  Every time I look at this photo I get hysterical!



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  1. You are blessed with some incredible friendships. I’d say it’s because YOU are an incredible friend. 🙂 Have fun this weekend!

  2. Laughing out loud!!!!! I love this!!!!
    Katie nana!!!!! Mi Dushis! Green sea foam! Your mom called!! Uggggg so many good memories!!!!

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