Two Meatballs: A meatball keeps it together?!!!!

Hiiiiiiii!!!  Let me start by saying……….. I feel amazing!!!!!!!!  Strong is the new skinny……am I right ladies?!?  More then my body being healthy, my mind feels soo clear. Is this just a short term paleo effect? I hope not!!  People always ask me if I am craving bread or pasta yet….. Im not!! I am always surprised when I hear myself say it aloud.  Because I have NEVER felt like this before. WTF?!?!  My challenge these days is not getting bored with my daily  cardio/activity.   Anyway…..Saturday s at the salon are busy, in the best way!! But it definitely feels chaotic. Everyone wants to know what we are doing for lunch and who is the lucky person sent to pick it up.  Well this Saturday it was pizza.  My favvvvvvvv! Look it’s Katie !! Love you!!!


I love pizza.  And when u are just about to lose steam for the day you start having those really bad thoughts. I tried so hard to convince myself to have a piece.  But I knew one piece would be three. And I would have the pizza sweats the rest of the day with my clients….aaaaaa no thank you!!  Soooo I just drank a big glass of amazing, organic, gluten and dairy free water!!  Yayyyyyy ( the saddest yay ever)



And if it couldn’t get any worse, the cutest, little tinker bell , bad ass, co worker of mine…..Kristen  had to have a birthday. Your glorious day of birth Kristen is really messing up my lifestyle , thanks a lot. Love you Kristen !!!!!

wpid-20140719_142042.jpg   wpid-20140719_142107.jpg

Oh yeah that cake was delicious. Wanna know how I know……. Because everyone kept saying, ” yes, this is probably the best cake ever”.  ” god there is too much fudge frosting!”   Well it just kind of sucked. So I took all that suckiness out on body pump after work!


Look at that sweet little muscle!!!’



Grrrrrrrrrrrrr I’m a bear! ( my spirit animal) #fullbodyselfiesatthegym.    Soooooo. What’s a girl to do now?!? U mmmmmm make an incredibly nutritious meal for my family.   Squash ballllls!!!!!

wpid-20140720_132940.jpg   wpid-20140720_132911.jpgwpid-20140720_133004.jpg wpid-20140720_132919.jpgwpid-20140720_132953.jpgwpid-20140720_140401.jpg

They. Were.   Amazing!!!!!!    Taste like carbs!!!!   I put mine in my pasta red sauce.

1. Roast 2 cups of butternut squash on olive with salt and pepper

2. In large bowl mash the squash and add 1 cup of almond meal, 1 clove of garlic , a tsp of salt, a tsp of paprika and 2 eggs.  Mix that all together.  Make balls and drop them into a large pot of boiling water. Let them boil for 15mins.  Pull them out and serve!!!!!

like I said I put them in my red sauce and London loved them!!!!  I was so happy to see my daughter eat a healthy meal that she enjoyed!! Happy momma moment!!!   Yeses Brandon ate them too!!  #success#thestruggleisreal#proud#balls

love you guys!  Let the countdown begin.


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