Two Meatballs: Double the TABATA’S!!!

Oh my gracious it feels good to be home and attempting to get back into a routine!!!  You know that your life has really changed when you look forward to a beating at the gym with Sandra!  Also I’ve been in meetings all week so it was exciting to know that I would have some dedicated Meatball time with my sweet Jenny!  Here is the car selfie!!!


WE both go through phases of feeling super fat faced and today was one of those days!


This was a better view and we both were sporting some super cute old navy tanks!  Then we got real ugly and dumb bc its our favorite and yours too!


And wait for it…look at this bum!


Today was double TABATA’s with Sandra!!!!  We started with a jog…


Then some side by side runs…


Then some lunge twists…


Then we walked backwards in a crouch position…


Then we did a little segment I like to call…fuck that kettle bell!  So round 1 we had 1 minute to do 10 KB swings…round 2-12 KB swings and on and on until we hit 22 swings!!!  In total we did 112 kettle bell swings…right off the bat!


That was our WARM UP!!!! I was already a sweaty mess!!!  Then we did one of us on trx push ups and the other on 2- 25 lb kettle bell dead lifts for 8 rounds of 20 seconds and then we switched!


Then we did modified mountain climbers for 20 seconds then squat to bicep curls for 20 seconds for 8 rounds!


Then we did one arm shoulder presses for 20 seconds and trx squat rows for 20 seconds for 8 rounds!!!


Theeeeeennnnn we did 4 rounds of 30 second planks!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF!


Sandra kept saying this is a really hard workout you guys!!!  That makes us feel really great!  We have made soooooo much progress!


We loooooooove you guys!   Have a great weekend!  Here is one final handstand from our badass trainer…this is now on my bucket list!




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