Two Meatballs: My Weekend Was Amazing, Thank You For Asking!?!

NYC was the living best time but it is so nice to get back into a routine when you are trying to change your life!  I wasn’t super successful at getting RIGHT back into the swing of things though.  I got home late Sunday night and the rest of the week felt rushed…I never really made it to the grocery store or the gym until Thursday with Sandra.  My boss Joelle and I had Mega 1 on 1’s with every stylist this week which is literally my favorite thing on earth!  But even this made my routine that much harder to get back to.  If you fail to plan you plan to fail…but I made the best of it!!! I made the healthiest on the fly choices that I could…lots of Whole Foods smoothies, Chipotle, ugh Steak Frites at Coquette (that was a choice!)… I even put on an old dress so I could see how far I’ve come…




The picture on the left is from our company holiday party, The Bobbies from 2 years ago.  It’s supposed to be a drape-y dress but I was packed in their tight!!!  It now fits how it was intended to when I bought it!!!  And it feels amazing!  I think I have always been a happy person but I had no idea I could have this much energy and be THIS much happier!!!  Who knew #pollyanna

This dress motivated me to wake up early friday morning and get my ass to the gym. But before I did that, I posted our Sandra post for the week and guess what you guys…Friday marked out 100th post!!!!  (imagine balloons and confetti bombs exploding from the sky…or that’s what I imagine!)



I met my adorable dad and we did chest and tri’s and I got my mile on the lateral x down to 9:19 and 1.5 miles in 15 minutes.  I’m really starting to feel powerful in there and look at the difference!


Then his phone died and we went to Wal-Mart to get a new one…parents and technology…am I right ladies #hilarious

This is John Beard learning how to take a selfie!



Do you see how adorable that little smirk is…well this is what I received!


#youlooklikeacreepdad  Then….you guyyyyyyys. I’ve started dating someone new…and he is adorable and so funny aaaaand he can cook.


Oh gosh…how did that get in there!? #swoon #niceshirtwheredidyougetit

So we went downtown to The Natural Science Museum and explored nature, dinosaurs (my favorite) and the new wing.


And they had this 3 story open air room that played movies…its was kind of like a planetarium!


Soooooo fun…then we had dinner at The Raleigh Times…and again I made a best of the worst choice!



I know I’m being vague but it’s new!  So fun was had by all!  Then we hopped around to a few bars in my neck of the woods.  It was very interesting to be sober in places where you have been sooooo incredibly hammered!!!  But I was not tempted in the least and it’s the company that makes it fun anyways #wink! #pursefullofdots #far2jones #mysterybeer #obsessivepeoplewatching #you’llneverguesswhat #lookawagonwheel #whatwasjeffgoldblumin

I closed up the week by really sinking back into what has been working for me!  Gym time with the fam!



A healthy breakfast from Whole Foods…


And actually preparing for the week by cleaning my house, doing laundry and going gasp…grocery shopping!  Oh Trader Joe’s how I missed you!



As you can tell by the basket…it’s going to be mexican week at this girls house!  Now I’m off to Jenny’s to do the weigh in!!!  Time to get out of these gross gym clothes and into something a little less comfortable!  Love you guys…hope y’all had a great weekend too!!!  We are going to post the weigh in on Thursday this week instead of Friday…so can’t wait to see you there! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxooxoxoxoxoxoxo


  1. Uggggg!! I’m so happy!!! You look amazing!!! And knowing you’re happy (and eating crow) is bringing me the most intense joy!!!!!
    I love you so much (yelling)!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG, the purple dress pictures. Amaaaaazing!! You’ve always been so gorgeous, so the difference isn’t about your looks. The difference is about what you’ve done for yourself.

    I don’t know why it’s so hard for women to make ourselves a priority in healthy ways… physically, mentally, emotionally… but you are doing it, and it’s paying off. Massive points for you!!!

  3. Amazing difference! It’s so hard to believe since we’ve all gotten to see your incremental progress – but that is a huge change! You look so healthy and happy!

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