Two Meatballs: Journey to the center of a Meatball!

Hello!!!  Soooo. There is someone very special to me that I would love to share with you.  (Quiet chant) Brandon Brandon Brandon.  You guys……I love him!   Look at this sweet boy!!!!!


He was destined to marry this little firecracker !!!!!

wpid-20131231_161539.jpgHello 1984!!!

I met Brandon when I was 21.  Mutual friends knew we would make a perfectly odd couple.  And we are.  We are both funny little creatures.  Both with a passion for music, film and most any art form.  When I met Brandon I definitely had a huge wall.  I was never prepared to let anyone into my strange little private world.  But I had never met anyone like him. A natural communicator.  He loved to talk about everything and wanted to know how I felt about everything.  When problems would rise and I was ready to check out, he would say absolutely not, let’s sit down and talk, WHATs GOING ON IN THAT HEAD OF YOURS?!?!  And for the first time someone got to know me.  And we do everything together.

wpid-img_267609998981596.jpeg The beginning of our relationship

wpid-img_267223732876102.jpegWe vactioned together

wpid-facebook_1406591323764.jpgWe saw U2 together

wpid-img_267651805085666.jpegArts and crafts!!!  We first met on Halloween so it has always been a super fun party holiday for us. So we made our Where The Wild Things Are costume together. And it was fucking frustrating, but it came together.

wpid-facebook_1406591090612.jpg  So much fun!!!!!!!!

wpid-img_267742474824705.jpegWe use to love  watching Brandon play out at ruckus!  Where we met on Halloween.

wpid-img_267579208870201.jpegWe got married

wpid-img_267870716179795.jpegCame home from our honeymoon and got wasted.  And six weeks later I found out we were havin a BABY!!!

wpid-img_267516895120779.jpegPregnant in the mountains!  And then before we knew it London was here!!!

wpid-facebook_1406590837812.jpg  The best surprise of our life!

wpid-img_267031065304020.jpegThe nights we are alone together, like my work party the bobbies , are much more precious now.   I always look forward to our date nights now!  He has been by my side every step of the way building me up and pushing me to be great!  We are both growing, learning and changing everyday. May our paths always find there way back to each other .  I love him and all of his support during this life long journey we are on.  And he is the weird one!!!   I ncase you were wondering.

wpid-20140727_232528.jpgwpid-20140727_232513.jpg Dead face…haha


Thanks for going on this journey!!! I’m spent.  #thadini #pozaryckilovesthedickie #Marriedlife. See you at the weigh in!!!!!


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