Two Meatballs: Inches speak louder than the scale!!!!!!

Ok so my numbers this month suuuuuuuuuucked.  And it pissed me off.  So I had sushi.  And it was amazing!!!!!!!  But I can’t fall into these old ways and eat my emotions. So bye bye sushi, see you later.  We went and saw the great and powerful Sandra. Ya”ll …………she real smart. Haha.   She convinced us to start taking measurements a month ago.  You know I lost 3 lbs . Well I lost 4.75 inches! And Sara lost 15.75inches!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy!  I couldn’t be happier!!!!  And of course our measurements are on a paper plate.  The irony!



Twas a successful month !!!  So now that I’ve got my confidence back I wanted to reminisce through my closet.  The day after my wedding my weight just went up.  And I got pregnant, and I never looked at some of my clothes again, until today!!’And this is one happy gal!



I bought these jeans about 4 and 1/2 years ago from American eagle. A size 10, I think I wore them twice. Haven’t worn them in a very long time.  I’m actually surprise I still own them.


So then I decided to put on my Bobies’s dresses on, you guys know what the bobie’s are by now…….right ladies?!?  ( our holiday/awards party t work!!!)


I am so much more comfortable wearing this dress now!! It was pretty tight at one point!


wpid-20140803_213639.jpg  I am so glad this fits, this defiently has been a favorite of mine!   Adorbs!!

wpid-img_187810175291658.jpeg Ok this picture doesn’t show my body at all, I’m sorry. But I would not choose to wear it now!

wpid-20140803_214430.jpgwpid-20140803_214602.jpg A total dump in the pants now!

I even went so far to try this bad boy on

wpid-20140803_144910.jpg wpid-20140803_144920.jpgwpid-20140803_144955.jpg

It didn’t feel great, but it zipped!!!   I’m so glad I did this.   It was exactly what I needed  to put things in perspective .   When I was heavier I was satisfied when things were able to cover me, now that they actually fit me, I look and feel so much more comfortable in my clothes.  If the rest of my weight loss journey is slow moving , it will be ok. I have never lost weight this healthy before.  I am so use to crash diets and obsessing about everything going into my mouth.  I hope to never feel that way again!  #feelinggrateful #cantstop #i<3family

Back to basics for the family…….. No noodle, chicken noodle soup!  Comfy, cozy fav!


1 whole chicken

1 onion

6 carrots chopped

alot of celery

teaspoon salt and pepper,  crockpot low for 6 hours!     Enjoy, love you and the amazing support!!!



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