Two Meatballs: College Roommate Reunion!!!

I went to NC State for a brief period of my life….GOOOOOOO PACKKKKKKKK… and while there I had the best luck ever with my hilarious/randomly chosen roommate Michelle!



It’s such a small world…she is from Little Washington, where my grandparents lived my entire childhood!  We hit it off right away and were nothing but trouble.  I don’t think that we EVERRRRRR went to class.  We spent countless hours watching and recreating Jackass and eating taco bell, playing Snood and IM’ing our suitemates bc we were all so lazy and hiding beer in the air conditioning unit and 80’s dance parties!


Oh the good ol’ days!  Since we both eventually decided that college (or at least State) wasn’t really for us we probably haven’t seen each other in 10 years!!!  But last week I got a text inviting me to her birthday dinner and I thought this is a good little Meatball outing and a great opportunity to reconnect with the funniest person that I have ever met.  No one is more social or happier than Michelle Hooper.  She has lived a thousand lives since we’ve seen each other…she worked a cruise ship for years, lived in Hawaii, lived in Austin and now she resides in Savannah!  We met her family and friends at Buku, Jenny was my date!


First let me say that we walked to the wrong table…I just saw a table full of girls and made an assumption with zero information but as soon as I started talking to them I saw a Bachelorette sash and realized we were at the wrong table!!!! Bahahahahahahahhaha…oops! So I turned around and recognized her brother and mom!  Michelle hadn’t arrived yet!  Woopsie Daisies!!!


We scanned the menu and found several things we could eat!  Then Michelle made her big entrance!  I love this girl…it was like we never skipped a beat!


We cheers-ed to her birthday!


Enjoyed a little catch up conversation with some sashimi…


Ate some delish dinner…Jenny had the duck and I had the Steak Frites #itsaproblemnow


Then Michelle told everyone about our blog and people pulled their phones out and started reading it…thanks so much for the support Michelle! She kept saying I mean they are famous…Roseanne and Susan Sarandon follow them…#sheisthebest

wpid-screenshot_2014-07-31-15-50-04.pngwpid-img_20140731_160207.jpg wpid-20140801_200511.jpgwpid-20140801_200707.jpg

The funniest thing about this was the gasps from our before picture…we were cracking up! Also, this guy on the far left, Greg…he was the bartender at the bar across the street from my house when my buddy Matt lived with me!  He and Michelle def knew the old me better…the super wasted me!  Small world…I love a Raleigh run in! Then we did some bathroom selfies…


One fail one win!  Then back to celebrating!!!


Then Michelle’s watermelon drink exploded seeds through her straw…this is a pic of her saying, “This is not pleasing in the mouth!” Bahahahahaha


Then a little birthday cake and singing…


It was soooo great to see her!!!!!  Thank Michelle for inviting the Meatballs…we had the living best time!  Hope your birthday was as amazing as you are…cant wait to come down to Savannah! Xoxoxoxoxoox times a mil!


And PS…BUKU had a thousand good options…you should eat there stat!


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