Two Meatballs: Walk walk walk it out

Helllllo it’s Jenny!  So I’m trying my very best to get physical activity into my life any way possible.  On Monday I got together with some of my buddies to walk around Shelley lake! I gave not been to this park in 10 + years.  It is a two mile trail around a cute lake full ok ducks and lots of mommies and strollers soooooo I fit right in!!!  Kristi (my friend and co worker)  set this whole walking date up with our friend Kara and her sweet little peanuts Max and Ryann.



Kara , Max and Ryann

wpid-imagejpeg_2.jpg wpid-imagejpeg_1.jpg wpid-imagejpeg_0.jpg

So after this awesome walk  I really wanted to buy new clothes!!!! But I decided that was a bad idea.  I don’t want to keep replacing my clothes when they get to big, that is just a waste of money and really stinks when you fall in love with some pieces.  So I decided to invest in my bedroom instead!! So Kitty my sister and personal shopper and I went toHome Goods and found this  gem of a side table, throw pillows and accessories !

wpid-20140805_142112.jpg wpid-20140805_211621.jpgwpid-20140805_211810.jpg

Oprah has always said your bedroom is a direct reflection of your mental state. So I decided it will be goooooorgeous and calming !!!  It is a work in progress…it takes everything in me not to rush it and throw it together half assed!!  So slow it is yay!!!!   And i was sweating my ass off loading this side table in and out of the trunk and up the stairs to my room. Burning calories and fat!!!!!! So to end this easy going fun weekend I woke up with a fever.

wpid-20140805_151101.jpg  I want sick food! And by that I mean bread!  But what did I have……….cabbage in broth, just like grandpa joe in Charlie and chocolate factory.  Wooof

wpid-20140805_151117.jpg   Ehhhhhhhh wpid-20140805_151035.jpg

oh well it made me feel better.

So at least I have my Tuesday night inspiration……abc Extreme Weight loss! I love this show!!!

wpid-screenshot_2014-08-05-15-49-32.png    I have it recorded and I always look forward to it!!

wpid-20140805_154800.jpg It is actually really funny that it is up there with epic meal empire, that is a crazy show about 4 dudes that prepare crazy man meAls that look awesome and awful all at the same time.    All these little this help me stayed focused and allow me to see all the changes I have made in my life thus far.  Love you guys!


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