Two Meatballs: Guess What We Did In Our Workout Today…Yep Squats!!!!!!

It has now been 12 weeks of working out together with Sandra of Innovative Fitness Training!!!


I mean hard work really pays offfffffff you guyyyys!  One last start to finish pic!


Today was soooooo fucking hard!  It was def a starry eyed black out type of workout!!!  Here are our befores…we just cant keep our clothes on!


We started out on little benches and hit chest hard with 25 lb bar chest presses…


We did like a million of these with full and half extensions.  Then we did a little cardio with 8 lb weights alternating between walking lunges, side walk squats and a low shuffle.


Then we went back to the bench and did more chest presses and chest flies!!!


Then we did two alternating core exercises with the bars…the first one was an overhead bar pressed up with crunches then the other was lay flat and lift the bar over you while meeting your knees!


Then we did trx two alternating back row exercises… a low and a high…


Then we got back on the mat and did alternating leg and arm floor warrior pose thing…


Then we did another set of both of these exercises!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Then we got back on the trx and did these assisted lunge things…


Then we did trx curtsey  lunges and then a series of curtsey to the right, center squat, curtsey lunge to the left for fucking ever!!!


Then we did tricep dips and did these two exercises for another round!


Then we did two rounds of three bicep adventures…bicep curls, hammer curls and a rainbow thing…


There was other stuff in there too but my brain died around the second round of chest press sooooooo I think your best option is just to book an appointment with her and find out just how hard and rewarding it really is to get your ass handed to you!!!!  You will feel soooooo strong!!!!!!


We love you Sandra!!!  And we love you guys…have the living best weekend!!!






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