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Two Meatballs: Making up For Lost Time!!!

Me and Jenny have finally really gotten back into the swing of life and started spending time together again…and it has been great!!!!  Like any other relationship, we work best if we make time for each other, which can be incredibly hard to do as two busy adult women.  But the blog and our friendship is always stronger when we are together. This week we spent our Thursday with Sandra as we always do and it was great to be back after vacation!


Lots of chatting and squats…who would have thought we would ever want to get back to that! But we love it and Sandra so much.  Then we got adorable for work…


And busted out collective humps.  Isn’t it funny how when you get your eating and exercising life right, everything else falls into place?!  We are both in a great place with work.  So what now!?  Lets do something nice together for someone else!!!

Guess what you guys?!  Nikki and Matt had their baby!!!


Little Nollie came into the world while I was on vacation, so as soon as I got home me and Jenny signed up to bring these sleep deprived, so in love new parents a yummy and healthy dinner.  Work has not been the same since Nikki went on maternity leave.  So Jenny came over Thursday night (my dream, we spent the whole day together!) and we cooked up a storm.  On the menu, garlic roasted chicken thighs, roasted asparagus and butternut squash puree with sautéed onions and mushrooms!!!  This is such a fall meal, so comfy but so healthy and one of my favorite, easy go to’s!


Everything is fun with this girl!


I look like a fortune teller #fortuneforaquarter #ilovequarters And after work on Friday, we delivered their meal,


got to see sweet Nikki and her adorable mom Jan and finally got to meet/hold/snuggle/cuddle/fall hopelessly in love with baby Nollie!!!! Don’t you just love baby butts and ears and eyebrows and those little hands…and their  toots!  Literally everything is adorable.


Ahhhhhh, so in love!!!  And look at what a great mommy Nikki is!


We got to catch up, hear all about the delivery and how much life has changed.  Nikki is the first person to help anyone and she cares so much.  Talk about someone with a heart of gold and she’s humble to boot.  It felt great to do something nice for her. Giving feels great and it feels even better doing it together!!!  We did not overstay our welcome!  Our stay was short and sweet, just like baby Nollie!  Love you Nikki!!!  Congrats to you and Matt!!! Ps, where did you get that couch/bed?!  That is my next purchase! Love y’all!

Guess what else Friday was…Jenny’s birthday!!!!  We decided to celebrate after we left Nollie by having cocktails…at Starbucks!


How much can two girls lives change?!  Cocktails at Starbucks!!!  I love every moment we get to spend together!   Jenny!!!  Happy birthday.  I appreciate our friendship so much and I’m so glad we are doing this together.  You da best girl.  Hope your birthday was everything. Xoxo And cheers to some sunshine which is supposedly coming out today!  Fingers crossed!!!

Two Meatballs: My Tumultuous Relationship…With Exercise

Besides food and men and everything else, exercise is a total roller coaster/glass case of emotion of a relationship for me. Until I saw the light, this is how I felt about people who were itty bitty with no effort!


After years of hoping and wishing and thinking and praying (#didyouseewhatIdidthere?!) that I would also somehow become one of those girls, I finally succumbed to the fact that effortless weight loss wasn’t going to happen for me, however even with this new found acceptance,  for years this is how I felt about exercise and people who looooooved it!


This baby looks EXACTLY like my grandpa Apple by the by!  I just didn’t understand the appeal.  I certainly didn’t trust the people who talked about getting up at 5 every morning to go to bootcamp, or had to miss going out for drinks because they had a Body Pump class after work!? And don’t EVEN get me started about your friends wanting to tell every detail of their killer workout…


I was already sweating from simply existing in my 356 pound  5’4 body…why on earth would I want to do anything more strenuous than just sitting…or partying, isn’t that a workout?!


I mean, that is a squat and a curl as far as I’m concerned!

As social media and Pinterest really started taking off and I saw everyones training schedules and motivational workouts, Couch to 5k challenges and how to workout just using your own body…I felt like this would be a better plan for me.


And for years it was.  When I was 24 my bestie Katie and I joined a gym, got a trainer and got serious about getting skinny.  We would workout so hard during the week and eat so good, whatever fad diet or calorie restrictor, low fat craze was happening we were all about it and  for us it was Smash the Fat and it was really working.  Then we would go get hammered every single weekend and eat whatever we wanted.  The idea of a lifestyle change wasn’t really in our plan and ultimately, after losing 70 pounds I said later girlllll to the gym….annnnd Smash the Fat.  Before that I had dabble with Curves, I even saw another trainer for awhile.  I joined my dads gym that was close to his work, but it was crazy inconvenient.  Nothing ever really stuck and I would always just get very stuck in a routine that would end up totally boring me.  It is fair to say that moving my body was NOT a priority and I gained back all the weight plus so much more.  This was my idea of fitness and nutrition after I said fuck it.


But you guyyyyyyyys!!!!  (this is Sara btwwwwwww’s)  Everything has changed. I really understand that lifestyle change concept now and  I wouldn’t say that I love working out, but that’s ok!  Like any relationship, there are ups and downs, but me and working out see eye to eye a lot more now.  I don’t have to love it every time, simply have to go!!! And honestly,  I do really love the way it makes me feel. Even when I struggle with food, working out and moving my body has become the constant, the stable relationship if you.   Also, I’ve learned what makes me happy and motivated to workout. 1. I love group fitness, I want the community experience, you know I love a team.  2. I love being told what to do (this is the only time I like being told what to do!!!) I show up, listen, do and it’s over!  3. I love not having to wear shoes…Pure Barre I get wear these adorable socks…


And in yoga I get to free ball!!!


I literally feel so free!!!  And between Sandra, Pure Barre and Bliss Body, I’m getting all my happy/healthy needs met #healthyrelationship!  With Sandy it’s my one guaranteed workout with my best friend and I get at least one really high intensity workout a week which is always different! This week was nutty! Slam balls planks and rowing! Oh my!!! #sarathatbuttistoohigh


With Pure Barre, I get a lower impact workout that really focuses on core and small, controlled movments, the music is loud and its just so different…plus no shoes and a great community!


And with Yoga, I have found a new level of connectedness with myself and those around me…


And this week I got all three in.  Since I don’t drink anymore and I can eat exactly nothing right now, which knocks out going out to eat (although I did make it out to Kristi’s bachelorette party this weekend!!! So fun, congrats Kessie!!!


So great to see everyone outside of work)

…workouts have become my new hang out!  I mean somebody look at all the fun we’re having!


Kelly came to yoga with me, I met the whole damn fam at the gym and me and Laur went to PB!!! And you’re not even going to believe what else…I have joined a challenge!!!  Who am I!?  Pure Barre is challenging everyone to do 10, 20 or 30 classes in September


and as of right now, I have crossed off 4 out of 10 classes…wahoo!!!


I have become the person I used to mistrust.  I am blogging about fitness, taking part in physical challenges, getting up at 5am for classes and boring people (my dad) with every gory detail of my workouts.  And you know what, it feels famazing and so do I.  If you ever question whether you can do something or not, just know that you absolutely can, you just have to get started and find what you love.  If this girl whose old motto was this…


and who still feels like this…


Can do this…


You can do anything!


Find your fitness home and make yourself a priority.  This has become a great healthy relationship for me and I know it can for you. Xo

Two Meatballs: We Started From the Bottom, Now We Here!?!

You guys!  Sandra Axman has been with us since the beginning.  If you are new to the blog, Sandra is the owner of Innovative Fitness Training and reached out to us in our Two Meatballs  infancy.  She offered to train us for a month.  We were so nervous, but we thought it was such a great opportunity, so we quickly accepted her generous offer. Jenny and I had started Paleo and joined a gym, but really had NO idea what we were doing!  We walked into CORE fitness studio on the Wade Ave exit and were met with hugs and the most motivating person on the planet.  That was in April of 2014 and we haven’t looked back since.  Look how cute we were!!!


We have seen Sandra once a week for almost a year and a half minus some major illnesses on my part and several vacations between the three of us and it has been so amazing.  She is helping us transform our bodies. She is teaching us how to be strong and how to lift the right way.  She is coaching us, helping us remember that we can do anything and that it’s all about being in the moment.  Just look at all the fun we’ve had, the sweat that was produced and the progress we’ve made. #loveyousandra


We went from binge drinking to taking a sledgehammer to a giant tire!!! And she is so creative, every workout is different!


There were times where we thought, she has to be kidding…


We can’t do box jumps…doesn’t she know that we’re fat!!!


I’m going to puuuuuuke!!!!


But she never stopped believing that we were capable of anything that we set our minds to…and she was right! We learned how to work out on our own!


Even on vacation!!!  She also helped us feel confident enough to tackle group fitness!


Here are some of our favorite before and afters…just look how confident!

wpid-2014-05-29-21.08.57.png.pngwpid-2014-07-11-21.44.36.png.pngwpid-2014-08-07-12.09.30.png.pngwpid-2014-09-12-18.39.35.png.png wpid-2014-11-13-17.47.53.png.pngwpid-mycollage_165.png

Look how far we’ve come!!! This is our first workout to now.


Sandra!!!!  You mean so much to us.  We love you so much.  You have taught us everything and we could never thank you enough.  You are our favorite part of each week. Xoxo

Which brings us to this week…didn’t you miss these inventive car selfies!?


We were both pumped this morning.  I tried to do Jenny’s half bun so we could be twins buuuuut, I got too hot after the first circuit today.  Up first, treadmills!  We have both been so excited and grateful for this weekly workout since our extended hiatus ended!


Jenny was doing some amazing mid air bust your ass if you’re not careful jumps on the treddie, but I was too close and missed it…here is the best one I could muster!


She told me I ruined it, hahahahaha.  Even though we work at the same place we really don’t get to spend any time together bc we are both really busy which is a blessing.  So this time with Sandra and our warm up especially we get some great quality time in.  We talk about all the dumbest stuff on the planet and we love it.  We both are surprised every single week that we aren’t in any of the pictures on the wall in the workout room!  Any who, then Sandra came in and told us it was her birthday and that  we were her only clients that day.  After much yelling and fanfare on our part, we moved on to the only thing keeping Sandra from celebrating…our workout!!!  Today was so challenging!  First circuit, pushups, high back rows for me and bridge back rows for Jenny and then full sit ups for Jenny and sit up meet leg for me!  This was as many rounds as possible in a time frame.


Then we did a kettle bell, farmers walk, squat circuit that was hell.  So hellacious in fact there are no pictures.  Just imagine the worst thing you can think of and that is what it looked like.

We ended up recreating it in the end:


Thennnnn we did a tricep, bicep burnout.  I think we both lost it here!


But like it happens every time, all of the sudden it was over.  We did some stretching and some posing!


I know it sounds awful, but you guys, there is something so amazing about showing up and having someone who genuinely cares about you, guide you through a challenging workout.  Also, I highly recommend that you do it with your best friend.  Sandra can help you find your best, healthiest body.  She is an expert in fitness and well versed in nutrition.  But more than anything, she really cares about you and wants to help you get where you want to go.  She works at your pace but pushes you and that is exactly what these meatballs need.  Sandy, you are our rock and our constant.  We love you.  Seriously, go see her today and feel better today!




Two Meatballs: It Takes a Village!

You guys, I love a team.  Everything about it appeals to me; the collaboration, learning to work with and respect others who approach things differently than you, being inspired by others talents, learning new things, having a project and working together towards a shared goal, getting to know people better and getting to know myself better in the process and how the entire process brings you closer together if everyone is open! I am a true extrovert and I get my energy refilled by being with others.  I’m getting inspired just talking about it. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

So I basically ended up in the most amazing career, at the best salon with the best opportunity for me to  help craft a position as the director of mentoring.  It is such a collaborative job.  I work with stylist to help them achieve all of their work dreams, while being coached and constantly learning from my own mentor!  I get to cheerlead for an awesome group of talented stylists. #patonthebackkickinthebutt We get to tackle obstacles together, celebrate the victories, laugh, cry, get promoted, overcome adversity and we both learn so much in the process. I want for my team to feel lifted up and supported when they leave my “office”. I am beyond grateful to have found my calling at 19 and to still love my career at 32. #thankskristina There will always be room for me to learn, grow, serve others and change for the better and I can’t get enough of that.  I also feel like I get to share this team/cheerleader mentality with the education team at the salon and even my clients.  #solucky My relationship with my clients has become so much more than hairdresser/client.  We know each other so intimately. I want for my clients to come in and feel fully taken care of on every level and I want them to be thoroughly entertained. No matter their mood when they come in I want them to leave feeling loved, feeling better and looking fabulous. We work together to achieve the most beautiful look that makes them feel amazing!  But on a deeper level, we really connect.  I love being there for my clients through the good and the not so good, all of life big events and I feel like they are there for me too.  I have a care takers soul and a giving, teaching heart and I love this group of amazing people I get to be surrounded with everyday.  Talk about grateful.

My client Lisa whom I adore posed this question to me today…Soooooo, who do you go to when you want to feel better?!  What a great question Lisa! #xoxo #gingerandmaryanne #impersonationsinging #imjayz  If you read the blog regularly, you know that I seek out my bosses Jack and Joelles advice/counseling/free hugs/bangs counseling on the reg!  I also go to my family and friends when in need.  But she meant who do I seek out professionally…duh!?  So, I’m so excited to share the incredible team of people who make me feel better and make me feel like a client!


First, I see a woman named Terri for structural integration and energy healing.  This lady is the love of my life.  We are so different but kindred spirits on every level.  I trust her and look forward to every single torturous/enlightening/uplifting/discovery driven session because I know she will make me feel better in every way possible (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually).  She does so much more than move my connective tissue back where it’s supposed to be!  I would highly recommend her if you are open to all that life has to teach you.


Terri also moonlights at my next health mecca…Verve Holistic Health.  She referred me to the owner, Lauren Scott who is hands down the most passionate holistic health care provider.  She is a chiropractor by trade, but she has taught me more about nutrition and living a healthy life all around than anyone else I’ve encountered.  She knows her shit.  She can look at me and say, titled pelvis and, damned if I don’t have a tilted pelvis!  I love her next level care.


Terri also referred me to Hedy at Verve Holistic Health.  I love that my people all live in the same space!  I just saw Hedy for the first time this week. She gave me an incredibly in depth consultation and looked deeply into every aspect of my health.  We worked specifically on my lungs with acupuncture and cupping.  All three of these women indulge all of my curiosity, they all answer my questions and explore deeper with me and I love the idea of moving into a more holistic path for my health and wellness!



I can’t say enough about these wonderful women.  This is a deeper connection than just looking at my chart and working on me.


When I do need a physical or a good ol’ doctors visit, I see my beloved client Heidi Doyle at North Hills Internal Medicine.  She is lovely.  She also indulges all of my questions and I feel like she really works with me and makes things personal.  I love you Heidi!


(919) 855 8911

When my feelings hurt worse than my body, I see my therapist!  You guys, this woman is so positive.  I think it is so important to click with any provider.  I’m looking for high end client experience everywhere I go and I just love Christine!  She is so positive.  The perspective that she gives me is so mind blowing because of its simplicity.  I feel more balanced and accepting of life and myself when I leave her.  I wish that I could sit in her lap while she listened to me, but I understand that other people have space issues! Hahahah.  Also, she has an adult coloring book in her waiting room…make your appointment like yesterday. I believe every single person should have someone that is impartial in their lives to listen to them.  Very rarely do we get to talk about ourselves in a safe environment and have someone truly listen to us.  It is cathartic as hell.



You know our friend and trainer, Sandra well!  She has helped us feel so great and helped us learn how to move our bodies and feel so powerful.  I know so much more about healthy exercising now than i ever did, plus she is so fun and funny and really motivating!  Being with her is a gift and anyone who helps you build a strong body is def an allay!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know I’m obsessed with Pure Barre.  I needed a lower impact alternative to high intensity interval training and Pure Barre is the living funnest.  Also, as you know, I love a team.  And this team of women is wonderful and encouraging and fun and funny and just the best!  The bumping’ music is a total bonus!  Love my new family!


(919) 846 7090

Feeling well is so important and this is my bad ass group of women who make me feel unstoppable!  But sometimes a girl just wants to look amazing, which in turn makes you feel amazing!  So when I want to feel more beautiful than I could ever imagine, I go see Krystal Lehman at MAC in Crabtree Valley Mall!  She is an artist and a genius and I trust her implicitly.  And she has a higher level of service, not only can she make me look beautiful when I come in, she took the time to teach me how to make myself feel as good everyday!  She has taught me so much about makeup and application.  I literally cannot say enough things about this woman.  I love her and consider her a lovely friend of 10 plus years!


(919) 789 8757

Let me just say again, I work with the most talented group of people!  I am happy when I leave anyones chair and just excited to feel like a client for a minute. Lately I have been on a hair color adventure.  No time like the present and lately I have wanted nothing more than to be a mermaid!  So  my first thought was my teammate and love, Cara Harrison.  She first took me platinum and now pinky purple.


I trust her.  Her talent speaks for itself. And we’ve known each other since high school, so i love the history we have together!  I literally couldn’t love my hair more, and who has ever looked so natural as a pink head!? #dreamsdocometrue #dear7yearoldsarayou’relifeisnowcomplete She is an incredibly well rounded stylist. I do hair for a living and have for the past 13 years and she still teaches me knew things all the time, especially when it comes to different products for my angry but fine hair.  She excels at everything; cut, color, style, editorial, education, leadership…you name it, she’s got it!


(919) 845 0098

I love getting my nails done and I love spending time with my baby boo, sweet Lee!  She works right next door at Bella Nail Spa and I know every 2 weeks I will get a chance to sit calmly and be a client.  It’s  creative, I love picking out my color and what I love the most is that Lee will tell me if she thinks its ugly and then suggest one that I inevitably love 1 million times more.  She is fast, efficient and so friendly.  I love her, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy seeing her so often.  I love supporting our little group of businesses as well! #shoplocalwinkyface



I used to have a picture of Lee but I can’t for the life of me find it!  Call her, go see her!

(919) 846 8286

And finally, I just started going to Good Looks two doors down from us.  I needed an eye exam and I love convenience. I was pleasantly surprised that I love this place since it is so convenient!  I ended up getting glasses that were perfect for me thanks to the amazing Larry Pyle!  I don’t even wear glasses, I am a contact lover!  But this gentleman went above and beyond and his honesty was lovely.  He helped me see that the glasses that I loved were the right shape but that the color totally washed me out.  He showed me how another pair brought down my face.  So finally we ended on the living most perfect pair of glasses that my face has ever seen!


I’m such a child I had to come back over to the salon and show my bestie, and she is so fun she had to try them on. #matchmadeinheaven


The entire team was amazing and I highly recommend that you visit our neighbor!


(919) 977 0303

Hope this was helpful and obvi I think you should see everyone on this list immediately!  All of these people make me feel great! We love you all! Xoxox




Two Meatballs: Cramming in Time with Your Meatball Before She Leaves for Vacay!

Jenny is leaving Wednesday to go to Sam and Taylor’s wedding in San Diego with her sweet little family!  Sam and Taylor make up 1/3 of Team Dunkel (Brandon and Jenny, myself and Joseph round out the team) and are two of my favorite peeps on earth!  I will be there in spirit!  So what is a meatball to do when her better half is traveling halfway across the world for a week!?  I go on vacation all the time and it’s different when I go out of town bc I’m off doing fun things! haha but now Jenny will be living it up and I will be missing her oh so much! Time to spend all the time we can together before the Smiths take California!  Wednesday night we cooked together as you’ll remember!


Then Thursday night we raided h&m together for weigh in outfits!  We had so much fun we forgot to take pictures!

Then we started off the weekend right by running into each other at Whole Foods!


And we obvi rode together to the shoot!



Then right after the weigh in shoot we treated ourselves to our monthly free meal!  We had our favorite…brunch, at our favorite…Coquette!



These were my Facebook memories this morning.  Two years ago to the day in nyc…man we have changed.



Any who, back to the present…We were hippie’d out so we must have looked like the two most hungover, socialite wanna-bees that Raleigh ever saw!  #hilarious We didn’t want to completely blow all of the hard work we put in last month so we ordered somewhat sensibly!  We both chugged a gallon of water after sweating our asses off during the shoot!


I had the steak sandwich and Jenny had the eggs Benedict.


We sent the bread away!  We chatted it up and got super motivated to take over the world.  Ugh I love being together.


Then we gave ourselves our once monthly cupcake and y’all it was heaven.  Look how beautiful!


She tried the honey lavender and I had my strawberry lemonade!





Isn’t North Carolina the prettiest!?  I love this time of year!


Then we switched our workout with Sandra to Monday since Jenny will be gone Thursday!  And it was a motherfucking woozy doozy. #heyblackoutitssaraillberightthere

We did it all…treadmills. intervals. trx. planks. squat jumps. arms. legs. core. pushups. superman. lunges. hip dips. death.



Oh, sorry…I had to have an out of body experience to make it through this amazingly challenging workout! #sandyispumpedonmondays Back to reality!



We survived and we did it together!  We can be soooooo good for each other!


And who doesn’t love this face!


Book with her today! Bye for now Jenny!!!  Enjoy your much needed vacay!  I miss you already!!!! #teammeatball #meatballnation #meatballin’ #amazeballs


Two Meatballs: Learning To Say No To Ourselves….and Yes to 1,000 Squats!

Jenny and I are both very reward based people.  We respond well to a prize, a treat, a date and as you know, lately…a cupcake. We don’t respond well to punishment. #knowthyself #donttellmewhattodo So when we needed to get back on track it was important to identify what we could strive for…as if our health wasn’t enough #itsnot.  And after lots of deep talks,  what we found is that integrity is our big prize. We reward ourselves allll the time so sometimes the big win is saying no to ourselves when we want what we want when the fuck we want it .  We really got deep on our drive and we even batted around the idea of a Meatball sabbatical…until we realized we had already been on it for two months.  That was a real gut check for me on how rock bottom I had hit.  I neeeed this blog.  I need to tell my secrets so they don’t take over.  I need to share my struggles and my successes.  I’m not sure I could have survived Gig’s passing if I hadn’t been able to share her life.  Writing is a part of me now and I can’t not get these things out and share with the world.  What we have identified and now know for sure is that we need each other, we need you reading this and cheering us on, we need Sandra kicking our ass and we need Joelle to give us perspective and inspiration.  I mentioned my fierce conversation with Joelle earlier this week.  First let me say how truly grateful I am to have a mentor who cares so much in my life.  Once we identified that I was back on track (this was day one of the Humdinger Juice Cleanse), we started talking about how un-motivating  it is to get back on track.  How bad it sucks to lose weight that you’ve already lost.  How do you make that exciting again?!  How do you reengage? And then she suggested something that I think is genius.  This next weigh in marks our 1 year anniversary or Meatball birthday if you will #yesiwillllll so why not start with our highest weight for THIS year.  I feel so far away from 340.  But now my highest weight from this year is 273 and that feels soooo far away from 250 which is my lowest.  I find that gap extremely un-motivating.  These are our rules, we get to make them and change them and why not reframe this picture to be something that feels good!?!  Also, when I gain so much weight in between, I don’t get any credit for digging myself out of the hole.  I want the credit dammit.  It’s going to take me a long time to shed 23 pounds and I need to see some minuses on that chalkboard not just 4 months of pluses.  Some people may think this is a copout and that’s fine.  Minuses will always be more motivating for me than pluses and I don’t feel the need to punish myself any further or really at all.  Moving forward is key…Joelle you sweet genius.  Thank you so much for helping me out of this hole and for the perspective shift.  I’m feeling pumped.  What now!?!  Time to sweat.  Enter Sandra!!! As per usual, Jenny picked me up and we were still sleeping.


I kept accusing Jenny of getting up in the morning and blowing out her hair and putting on makeup before the gym bc she always looks soooooo much better than I do.  Although to be fair, I barely put clothes on much less comb my hair! Hahaha #iwokeuplikethis Today was a fucking doozy and she said it would be which is always terrifying.  This was the first time in a long time where it just seemed non-stop…the breaks that we did get were like 5 seconds (or that’s what it felt like!).  But I will say that it flew by…..thank gah!  Welcome to the montage.


Are you exhausted yet?!  To be sure I’m thin now!  Did you catch my over it face and then me cracking up…I can never hold a serious face!  Jenny looks amazing and powerful! I don’t even remember anything I just know everything came with a squat.  Jenny and I never spoke once and only had one pathetic little dance break bc we were so pooped.  Sandra….WE LOVE YOU!  You guys really need to come and see her.  She is the most inspiring human and she will push you so much further than you would ever push yourself.   We even got a shout out on her Innovative Fitness Training page! #arewefamousyet!?


Now get those gym rat outfits off and lets see something nice ladies!


So basically what I’m saying is call her, (919) 601-3140 and start seeing results like ours today, the those bikini beach days are right around the corner.  OK, What else keeps you on track!?!  Finding a new healthy food place.!?!?!  This segment is called welcome to my new obsession….Our Meatball Sub, Nikki introduced us to a great new place in North Hills called B. Good and dammit it is ooooh sooooooo good. #didyouseewhatididthere!?  I ate there three days in a row.


Sunday was my first day of solids after the amazingly epic Juice Cleanse of ’15!  And I didn’t want to fuck it up by eating something I shouldn’t.  But I was also too weak to cook (best excuse of my life) So Jenny and I had a lovely little solo date Sunday night and we managed not to eat cupcakes.  Victory number 1! This place has so many healthy and delicious options!  I had a Southwestern chicken Salad and she had a Toasted Almond Ginger Kale Bowl and we split Sweet Potato fries!!!!!!


We did not dress up for each other #oldcouple and they sent us out a mistake!


And then our real dinners!


Great!!!!!!  Then I met my childhood pal Elizabeth for dinner Monday night!  I got a yummy spicy burger in a lettuce wrap and real fries with a Kale Krush smoothie!


Elizabeth is on her own healthy journey and it was so nice to catch up!!!!  Love you!  Then me and Kelly went back Tuesday night and I Kale Krushed it up!


If you haven’t tried this place you should.  Get ready…weigh in is happening next week!!!!!!  See you Tuesday night at 7!!!!!!  We love y’all so much.  Thanks for your patience and support during a rough little journey!!!!  We love y’all so much!




Two Meatballs: Can You Say Soooore!?!?

Today we were reunited with our beloved trainer! #thankgoodness  We have literally only seen Sandra once this year before today between the weather, illness and charity walks! I’m not going to lie…I was really nervous about today!!!  Pneumonia really knocked the wind out of me…get it?!?! And it has been a tough go building my stamina back up.  Sweet Jenny came to pick me up this morning! #lovethisgirl


I shared my fears with Jenny…I told her I was scared I was going to pass out on the treadmill.  So I had to act it out, but I couldn’t stop laughing!


Time to loosen up!  Get back in the game!


We had a great hug fest when we walked in.  Sandra is such a part of our Meatball journey and we realllllly missed her.  Then we hopped on the treadmill for a warmup! We both survived #notdeadyet Time for a circuit in the little gym! We alternated between 2 exercises on each circuit, then switched for four rounds!  First circuit was chest press with two 20 pound weights, 15 reps and the other person did squat wall balls with a 15 pound ball.


Yuck…i look awful! Haha, Jenny, your butt looks great! #powersquat This was harrrrd! Circuit number two was in the big gym and we alternated between ropes for 45 seconds and a back row, 15 reps. Again we did this circuit for 4 rounds.



Round Three was back in the small gym and consisted of boos ball sit ups for a minute and kettle bell swings for 45 seconds.  Spoiler alert, 4 ROUNDS!


I had to swap out the kettle bells for another arm exercise bc I ran out of air!  We stayed in here for our next duo.  We switched between slam balls with a 15 pound ball and squats to military presses with 2-15 pound weights!


Now, back to the big gym for our final circuit!  We did exercise ball wall sits and alternated with a weird run in place/punching bag slaps.  You’re never going to guess…we did it for 4 rounds! 😉



It was really hard, but it was so great to be back.  Sandra is so motivational!  She kept reminding us to do one rep at a time, to make each movement count, to breath through it and to dig deep.  We love Sandra so much and our journey was so off track while we were apart.  Sandra, we can never thank you enough!  You have been such a huge contributor to our success and we cannot wait to get back in the swing of things.  Thank you thank you thank you , Love you love you love you.


We are both  still up from our lowest, I guess we love a challenge.  But my client Sarah was so right. We do better together.  We feel better when we eat healthy and when we work out!  We need each other and our support group.  I’m sick of hearing myself say it, but we are finally back on track and dammit it feels great.  Now, if we could just remember this! Xoxo




Two Meatballs: A Sea of Thank You’s!!!

With Thanksgiving coming up these Meatballs have so much to be thankful for. First off let me say thank you so much for the birthday wishes, flowers, cards, paleo desserts, mixed cd’s #thankskelly, gifts and facebook love!!!  It really was the living best day of life! Being thankful has really become a theme for us over the past couple of weeks and I love it.  Life is so much easier and perspective is so different if you live in a constant attempted state of grateful.  With this theme in mind we wanted to continue thanking our weigh in photo shooters!  So tonight was Cara Dempsey night at our most favorite place on earth Coquette. Cara said fries were her weakness so what better place to go! Right away we ran into some of my favorite clients… the Wicklines!!!  Shout out to Jen, Ryan and the fam!!!


We had the best conversations and sooo many laughs!!! We talked families, fierce conversations, exercise, holidays, what to do for the next shoot and even budgets.  It has been so nice getting to know Cara better!!!  We ordered three  entrees and shared them…our favorite!!!  Jenny got Beef Bourguignon…#imablogger


Dempsey got the Scallops…


And shocker I got the Steak Frites…


WE all avoided the yummy bread at all cost!!!



Everything was amazing and we mapped out a plan for the weigh in shoot!!!  So exciting.  You guys, it was so f-ing cold outside that we decided to go get a Starbucks treat!!!  But the walk there was brutal! Why is it winter already?! #babycold


This will warm us upppp!!!


Cara thanks so much for helping us out!!!  We can’t wait to work with you again! Xoxo


Our next segment is a little get to know you sesh with our dear buddy Sandra!!!  She has been so incredibly instrumental in our journey to fitness and wellness.  She has taught us how to take care of ourselves physically and believed we were capable of more than we ever thought possible.  It feels so nice to feel strong!  Talk about empowering!  So we want for you to get to know our amazing trainer a little bit better!!!  I mean look at her…why are you not already seeing this woman!

Profile MedBall Front AngleProfile Med Ball Full Shot

1. How and when did you find fitness?

I was a dedicated athlete in high school and active during college, but I struggled to find a place for fitness after college when I entered the workforce. Plagued by unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, my weight spiraled out of control. I hit my breaking point when the scale reached 160 lbs and my 5’2” frame was wearing a size 14. Fortunately, I found my way back to a healthy weight through healthy eating and exercise. I exercise because I love what it does to my body both physically and mentally. Proper nutrition affects the way you feel throughout the day and gives you the energy you need to get through that workout. I can truly say that I FEEL better today than when I was in my early 20’s.

2. What was your biggest weight struggle in the past?

My weight spiraled out of control when I was in my late 20s due to unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits. For years, I always found it a struggle to find a “diet” that would work for me and become a lifestyle. Today, I follow a very clean diet eating lots of proteins, vegetables, fruit and nuts. I stay away from processed foods, grains, and I try my hardest to avoid gluten. This past year, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, and I’ve been struggling with the fact that I’ve actually gained weight despite the clean eating. It is certainly a mental struggle but I’m going to keep pushing hard and continue eating clean because I truly feel better eating this way.
Then & Now
3. How do you set yourself up for success?

Three things: 1) Surround yourself with positive influences and those that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel. 2) Plan Ahead. Portion out your proteins and healthy snacks and prep your veggies, salads, and fruit ahead of time so you don’t get tempted when you are hungry. 3) Make your workouts an appointment on your calendar. If you don’t make it a priority, it will get pushed further into the day and sometimes never get done.

4) How have your recent health issues affected your journey?

We are all on our own journey to good health. I eat clean and exercise so that I can feel strong, have energy and feel well. Unfortunately, in the past year, I became excessively tired, irritable, moody, anxious and even depressed on occasion. To make matters worse, I was gaining weight despite eating a clean diet and training consistently. It was determined that my thyroid gland was underactive (Hashimotos disease) and that I have high levels of metals, particularly mercury and lead, in my system. These metals are blocking my thyroid gland from making hormones and getting my metabolism going.

To address this issue, I now follow a strict Paleo-type diet. It has actually made me more disciplined because I hit a breaking point where I was just so tired of feeling bad. To be honest, I actually enjoy eating this healthy and cannot see me ever going back to how I used to eat before. While my weight is still an issue, I have to keep reminding myself that I am human too. Just because I am a trainer, sometimes there are outside factors interfere with your fitness journey. You can’t let them get in the way of your overall goal. I know I will overcome this. I am too strong to give up now. is her website and (919) 601-3140 is the best way to contact her.  If you are struggling to find the motivation to work out or you simply just don’t know how, call Sandra.  She will literally change/save your life and do it all with a smile!  We love you more than you’ll ever know Sandy!  Now, onto the ass kicker and the most exciting news the meatballs have had to date!  You guys…thanks to our blogging buddy Melinda…WE ARE GOING TO BE ON WRAL FOR A SEGMENT WITH BILL LESLIE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…I mean could this week get any better!?  He is coming to the salon to interview us on Monday morning but today they sent a super awesome camera man, Tom Normanly to shoot us working out with Sandra!  And boy did she give it to us today!


Tom was so fun and you could see him shimmying to the music that was blasting over the speakers.  He told us after he got his shots that he was on his own journey and had just lost 100 pounds!!!  Incredible Tom!!!!  We are always amazed at how universal this struggle is and it’s so inspiring to meet other people in the same journey!  Xoxo Tom!  We don’t know when the segment is going to air but as soon as we do we will post it!!! Now like I said Sandra really upped the anty today!  So here is a montage sans words bc I think I blacked out for most of this!


I’m sweating just looking over it again…and we did all of this for two rounds!!!!  Then we died!  Jk…then we jackassed around!


Best day ever…we’ll keep you posted on our first tv appearance!!!  Love y’all and thank y’all so much!




Two Meatballs: The Burden of Having a Fabulous Life!


So Sara and I have the greatest jobs in the world!!!!!  We meet amazing people everyday, we get to be wildly creative, our bosses are fantastic, we love working hard and learning new things, and we have each other!!!  What more could a girl ask for?!?!?  Ahhhhh Mark Debolt!!!!!!!  Mark is a Wella educator who shared his knowledge with the team this week.  AAAAAAAAAmazing!  He is just so damn likable!!!!  He was here back in Febuary this year and we liked him so much our bosses got him back in!!!!


OMG!!!!!  Look how much I have changed!!!! It is amazing to see how far I have come since February!!  love this guys!!  He is so fun to listen to!!  He showed us what we can expect in color trends for 2015!   and guess what ladies?!?!  Ombre is here to stay……..we are just going to constantly see different variations of it.   So Mark just got us super excited about advanced hair painting!!!   So before he started tansforming the models….we took some selfies!!!!!!!


Sara and Laruren looking CRAY!!!!


This reminds me of the famous Oscar selfie!!!


Our awesome team!!


His first Model……… Cutie Chelsea!!!

So Chelsea had a variation of ombre going on.  Her roots were very dark against her blond ends.  Sooo Mark wanted to take ” the layer of Charcoale” of her hair, add highlights and brighten her ends.


Here she is getting Shampooed!!!  And here is our Final Product!!!


Our Second Model………..Carolyn!!!!!

She has beautiful dark hair and was just ready for some natural  dimension and warmth for fall.


I love hair painting!!!  and Anything that is wrapped in plastic wrap!!!  It was a fantastic class,  I feel so inspired to come into work everyday!!!  so fun!  Thank you Mark Debolt! These meatballs love you!

Ok now it is Time TO Work OUT! Here we are being dumb in the parking lot!!!!


Ok Sara…lets do this!!!!


Low Rows on the Trx…already feeling the burn!


Lets do some weights!!  clean press


Bosa Ball push ups!!!!


And Bosa Ball Crunches!!


Back to the TRX for Squats!!!


Bosa Ball…. Hips up and Clean presses!! sexyyyy


Bosa ball burpees, always want to say herpes!!!!


Jump together squats on the TRX!


Weighted lunges


Wall squats with bicep curls!!! woooooof


Lateral lunges on the TRX

wpid-20141113_083146.jpg wpid-20141113_083152.jpg

Bosa Ball planks for a minute!!




kettle Bell swings


weighted abdominal twist


crunches and leg lifts!


What better way to end, then with suicides!!!


We did it!!! Love you Sara!  It is amazing to become emotionally and physically stronger together!!!  So thankful for this experience that we will always share together. Then we both went to our fabulous job!!!  oh hey there friend!!



Hey y’all!!!  It’s Sara!!!  I just wanted to close this piece out with some a workout montage!!!  It’s been 20 weeks with Sandra and we can’t even begin to express our gratitude.  She literally changes our lives every week and here is the proof!!!


Wooooooooooooooow you guys!!!!  These get me soooo fucking pumped!!!  But here is the real kicker!



Ok have a great weekend guys and call Sandra today and start your own before and after!



Two Meatballs: Crunch Time (literally)!!!!

It’s almost weigh in time!!! Here is our morning inspiration to keep us on track!!!! #whatabigdifference #sofierce


We are going to post the weigh in results Monday night at 8pm!!!! We have been feeling soooo good…so why not work out with Sandra and feel even worse…sorry I meant better! #loveyasandy Today was so fucking hard y’all.  All we want to do is sing and dance allll the time but when we work out we  just barely keep our heads above water! Here is some of our new clothes from yesterday in action!


Time to play!!!


Buuuuut I don’t want to work out today!


So what’s a gal to do…get measured to see another angle of progress!? Don’t mind if we do!!! #notamorningperson


I lost nothing from body fat and I was down 1.5 pounds with my BMI!  Jenny lost 1.3 from body fat and 1 from BMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So exciting!!!!

Then we got into the body parts!!! Haha


Chest- Sara:-.25″ Jenny-.25″


Waist Jenny-1″ (holy shit!) Sara:-.75″


Hips-Sara:+.25″ (dammmmmmmit #icecream #straighttomyhips) Jenny:-1.75″


Arms-Sara:-.5″ Jenny:(I missed this shot obvi!) No Change


Thigh-Jenny: +.5″ Sara:-.5″


Calves-Sara:-.5″ Jenny: No change

Total lost for Jenny…2.5″ Yayayayayayayayayayay Total lost for Sara…2.25″ Wahoooooooooooooooooo

Okkkkkk so it’s really time to get to it….last work out before the weigh in.  Time to make it count! Workout!!!!

We started 5 minutes on the treadmill for a warm up. Then we did full sit ups for time.


Then planks to downward dog on repeat for time.


Then we did push ups for time.


Then chest presses on the mat for time.


Then we changed the angle so they would work the triceps…


Then close up squat to  wall balls at eye level…


Then TRX low rows…


Then high rows with a crazy squat where you rocked back on your heels and toes up…


This was sooooo hard! Then we did bend at the waist 20 lb weight tight body mid row.


Then back to wall balls.  The first sequence we had to step in and overhead throw the ball at the wall…halfway through we changed lead legs..


Then overhead oblique slam balls!


Then we repeated this entire sequence from the sit ups! Thennnnn, we did a mini session twice starting with 20 lbs  we did squats to side raises…


Then we dropped the squats and swapped out 5 lb weights and just did the side raises…


Then we did burpees with 20 lb weights!


And closed with elbow to knee crunches!!!


Then we ET’ed for strength to get off the floor!


Another successful workout with our favorite trainer!!!  Love you Sandy!


Then we got Starbucks and each went home to wash the sweat off for work!  #murderingfall


In an effort not to get stale…we would love to hear what you guys would like to see from us!!!  We love y’all so much and can’t wait to see you guys at the weigh in Monday night! xoxoxo