Two Meatballs: Learning To Say No To Ourselves….and Yes to 1,000 Squats!

Jenny and I are both very reward based people.  We respond well to a prize, a treat, a date and as you know, lately…a cupcake. We don’t respond well to punishment. #knowthyself #donttellmewhattodo So when we needed to get back on track it was important to identify what we could strive for…as if our health wasn’t enough #itsnot.  And after lots of deep talks,  what we found is that integrity is our big prize. We reward ourselves allll the time so sometimes the big win is saying no to ourselves when we want what we want when the fuck we want it .  We really got deep on our drive and we even batted around the idea of a Meatball sabbatical…until we realized we had already been on it for two months.  That was a real gut check for me on how rock bottom I had hit.  I neeeed this blog.  I need to tell my secrets so they don’t take over.  I need to share my struggles and my successes.  I’m not sure I could have survived Gig’s passing if I hadn’t been able to share her life.  Writing is a part of me now and I can’t not get these things out and share with the world.  What we have identified and now know for sure is that we need each other, we need you reading this and cheering us on, we need Sandra kicking our ass and we need Joelle to give us perspective and inspiration.  I mentioned my fierce conversation with Joelle earlier this week.  First let me say how truly grateful I am to have a mentor who cares so much in my life.  Once we identified that I was back on track (this was day one of the Humdinger Juice Cleanse), we started talking about how un-motivating  it is to get back on track.  How bad it sucks to lose weight that you’ve already lost.  How do you make that exciting again?!  How do you reengage? And then she suggested something that I think is genius.  This next weigh in marks our 1 year anniversary or Meatball birthday if you will #yesiwillllll so why not start with our highest weight for THIS year.  I feel so far away from 340.  But now my highest weight from this year is 273 and that feels soooo far away from 250 which is my lowest.  I find that gap extremely un-motivating.  These are our rules, we get to make them and change them and why not reframe this picture to be something that feels good!?!  Also, when I gain so much weight in between, I don’t get any credit for digging myself out of the hole.  I want the credit dammit.  It’s going to take me a long time to shed 23 pounds and I need to see some minuses on that chalkboard not just 4 months of pluses.  Some people may think this is a copout and that’s fine.  Minuses will always be more motivating for me than pluses and I don’t feel the need to punish myself any further or really at all.  Moving forward is key…Joelle you sweet genius.  Thank you so much for helping me out of this hole and for the perspective shift.  I’m feeling pumped.  What now!?!  Time to sweat.  Enter Sandra!!! As per usual, Jenny picked me up and we were still sleeping.


I kept accusing Jenny of getting up in the morning and blowing out her hair and putting on makeup before the gym bc she always looks soooooo much better than I do.  Although to be fair, I barely put clothes on much less comb my hair! Hahaha #iwokeuplikethis Today was a fucking doozy and she said it would be which is always terrifying.  This was the first time in a long time where it just seemed non-stop…the breaks that we did get were like 5 seconds (or that’s what it felt like!).  But I will say that it flew by…..thank gah!  Welcome to the montage.


Are you exhausted yet?!  To be sure I’m thin now!  Did you catch my over it face and then me cracking up…I can never hold a serious face!  Jenny looks amazing and powerful! I don’t even remember anything I just know everything came with a squat.  Jenny and I never spoke once and only had one pathetic little dance break bc we were so pooped.  Sandra….WE LOVE YOU!  You guys really need to come and see her.  She is the most inspiring human and she will push you so much further than you would ever push yourself.   We even got a shout out on her Innovative Fitness Training page! #arewefamousyet!?


Now get those gym rat outfits off and lets see something nice ladies!


So basically what I’m saying is call her, (919) 601-3140 and start seeing results like ours today, the those bikini beach days are right around the corner.  OK, What else keeps you on track!?!  Finding a new healthy food place.!?!?!  This segment is called welcome to my new obsession….Our Meatball Sub, Nikki introduced us to a great new place in North Hills called B. Good and dammit it is ooooh sooooooo good. #didyouseewhatididthere!?  I ate there three days in a row.


Sunday was my first day of solids after the amazingly epic Juice Cleanse of ’15!  And I didn’t want to fuck it up by eating something I shouldn’t.  But I was also too weak to cook (best excuse of my life) So Jenny and I had a lovely little solo date Sunday night and we managed not to eat cupcakes.  Victory number 1! This place has so many healthy and delicious options!  I had a Southwestern chicken Salad and she had a Toasted Almond Ginger Kale Bowl and we split Sweet Potato fries!!!!!!


We did not dress up for each other #oldcouple and they sent us out a mistake!


And then our real dinners!


Great!!!!!!  Then I met my childhood pal Elizabeth for dinner Monday night!  I got a yummy spicy burger in a lettuce wrap and real fries with a Kale Krush smoothie!


Elizabeth is on her own healthy journey and it was so nice to catch up!!!!  Love you!  Then me and Kelly went back Tuesday night and I Kale Krushed it up!


If you haven’t tried this place you should.  Get ready…weigh in is happening next week!!!!!!  See you Tuesday night at 7!!!!!!  We love y’all so much.  Thanks for your patience and support during a rough little journey!!!!  We love y’all so much!




Two Meatballs: Crunch Time (literally)!!!!

It’s almost weigh in time!!! Here is our morning inspiration to keep us on track!!!! #whatabigdifference #sofierce


We are going to post the weigh in results Monday night at 8pm!!!! We have been feeling soooo good…so why not work out with Sandra and feel even worse…sorry I meant better! #loveyasandy Today was so fucking hard y’all.  All we want to do is sing and dance allll the time but when we work out we  just barely keep our heads above water! Here is some of our new clothes from yesterday in action!


Time to play!!!


Buuuuut I don’t want to work out today!


So what’s a gal to do…get measured to see another angle of progress!? Don’t mind if we do!!! #notamorningperson


I lost nothing from body fat and I was down 1.5 pounds with my BMI!  Jenny lost 1.3 from body fat and 1 from BMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So exciting!!!!

Then we got into the body parts!!! Haha


Chest- Sara:-.25″ Jenny-.25″


Waist Jenny-1″ (holy shit!) Sara:-.75″


Hips-Sara:+.25″ (dammmmmmmit #icecream #straighttomyhips) Jenny:-1.75″


Arms-Sara:-.5″ Jenny:(I missed this shot obvi!) No Change


Thigh-Jenny: +.5″ Sara:-.5″


Calves-Sara:-.5″ Jenny: No change

Total lost for Jenny…2.5″ Yayayayayayayayayayay Total lost for Sara…2.25″ Wahoooooooooooooooooo

Okkkkkk so it’s really time to get to it….last work out before the weigh in.  Time to make it count! Workout!!!!

We started 5 minutes on the treadmill for a warm up. Then we did full sit ups for time.


Then planks to downward dog on repeat for time.


Then we did push ups for time.


Then chest presses on the mat for time.


Then we changed the angle so they would work the triceps…


Then close up squat to  wall balls at eye level…


Then TRX low rows…


Then high rows with a crazy squat where you rocked back on your heels and toes up…


This was sooooo hard! Then we did bend at the waist 20 lb weight tight body mid row.


Then back to wall balls.  The first sequence we had to step in and overhead throw the ball at the wall…halfway through we changed lead legs..


Then overhead oblique slam balls!


Then we repeated this entire sequence from the sit ups! Thennnnn, we did a mini session twice starting with 20 lbs  we did squats to side raises…


Then we dropped the squats and swapped out 5 lb weights and just did the side raises…


Then we did burpees with 20 lb weights!


And closed with elbow to knee crunches!!!


Then we ET’ed for strength to get off the floor!


Another successful workout with our favorite trainer!!!  Love you Sandy!


Then we got Starbucks and each went home to wash the sweat off for work!  #murderingfall


In an effort not to get stale…we would love to hear what you guys would like to see from us!!!  We love y’all so much and can’t wait to see you guys at the weigh in Monday night! xoxoxo