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Two Meatballs: Can You Say Soooore!?!?

Today we were reunited with our beloved trainer! #thankgoodness  We have literally only seen Sandra once this year before today between the weather, illness and charity walks! I’m not going to lie…I was really nervous about today!!!  Pneumonia really knocked the wind out of me…get it?!?! And it has been a tough go building my stamina back up.  Sweet Jenny came to pick me up this morning! #lovethisgirl


I shared my fears with Jenny…I told her I was scared I was going to pass out on the treadmill.  So I had to act it out, but I couldn’t stop laughing!


Time to loosen up!  Get back in the game!


We had a great hug fest when we walked in.  Sandra is such a part of our Meatball journey and we realllllly missed her.  Then we hopped on the treadmill for a warmup! We both survived #notdeadyet Time for a circuit in the little gym! We alternated between 2 exercises on each circuit, then switched for four rounds!  First circuit was chest press with two 20 pound weights, 15 reps and the other person did squat wall balls with a 15 pound ball.


Yuck…i look awful! Haha, Jenny, your butt looks great! #powersquat This was harrrrd! Circuit number two was in the big gym and we alternated between ropes for 45 seconds and a back row, 15 reps. Again we did this circuit for 4 rounds.



Round Three was back in the small gym and consisted of boos ball sit ups for a minute and kettle bell swings for 45 seconds.  Spoiler alert, 4 ROUNDS!


I had to swap out the kettle bells for another arm exercise bc I ran out of air!  We stayed in here for our next duo.  We switched between slam balls with a 15 pound ball and squats to military presses with 2-15 pound weights!


Now, back to the big gym for our final circuit!  We did exercise ball wall sits and alternated with a weird run in place/punching bag slaps.  You’re never going to guess…we did it for 4 rounds! 😉



It was really hard, but it was so great to be back.  Sandra is so motivational!  She kept reminding us to do one rep at a time, to make each movement count, to breath through it and to dig deep.  We love Sandra so much and our journey was so off track while we were apart.  Sandra, we can never thank you enough!  You have been such a huge contributor to our success and we cannot wait to get back in the swing of things.  Thank you thank you thank you , Love you love you love you.


We are both  still up from our lowest, I guess we love a challenge.  But my client Sarah was so right. We do better together.  We feel better when we eat healthy and when we work out!  We need each other and our support group.  I’m sick of hearing myself say it, but we are finally back on track and dammit it feels great.  Now, if we could just remember this! Xoxo




Two Meatballs: The Absolute Worst Way To Honor Your Grandma!

I feel an amazing and odd sense of comfort  since Grandma Apple’s passing.  I feel her with me all the time.   I heard her laugh behind me the other day.  I feel warm when I think of her, which is constantly.  But I find that even though I’m not uncontrollably sobbing as I had anticipated, I am still desperately wanting to comfort myself with food.  I’m not sure if it’s an attempt to continue to bond with her, bc food was an integral part of our relationship or if it is in an attempt to comfort myself.  Grandma Apple was a total partner in crime when it came to bad eating.  She was a snacker with a sweet tooth.  We went on hundreds of trips to Dairy Queen for Heath Blizzards as kids.  She fed you with lard and love anytime of the day.  She was famous for her cube steak with taters and unguns as she called them and every meal came with a pan of biscuits. A healthy meal never came from the Apple’s residence.  She had cabinets full of Bugles, chips, popcorn, Pop Tarts, peanut butter crackers, Pringles, and Oodles of Noodles. She had a cookie jar full of Little Debbies, mini candy bars, gum. And a freezer stocked with ice cream and ice cream sandwiches and frozen school pizza. We shared many a meal together at The Bojangle as she called it. Me, her and Grandpa had a standing beer and pizza night while I lived there.  Now, having said all of this, she was always super concerned with my weight and with my health.  I know she worried about me a lot.  She always had a plan for us to get skinny together. She always said that she would get me “one of them yella polka dot bikinis” when I got thin.  She always wanted status updates and no one was more proud than Gigi of our success.  So why am I honoring her life by gaining weight back!?! Between being exhausted after the gym and my comfort snacking, I’m up almost 20! UGH! This is literally the last thing on earth this woman would want!!!  I was rereading Two Meatballs: An Afternoon with Grandma Apple (because I can’t get enough of the memories) and I read a passage about her asking me how much weight I had lost, me responding 40 pounds and her saying…I wish it were a 100!  I am sooooooo close to losing 100 pounds, or I was until I gave myself February off of paleo and the gym.  Now it’s 9 days into March and I have to get real with myself.  Eating like shit isn’t going to bring her back and it is the last thing she would want.  So how do I keep the connection while getting back on track!?  My Aunt Deb is the executor of the Apple will. She invited her siblings to come down to Wilson this past Saturday to gather any of the things inside the house that they wanted to keep.  The next day, Kelly, Kristina and myself got to do the same.  This was such an amazing, lovely, healing gathering.  Deb, my mom Anna, Chase, Wyatt and baby Trace joined us.  Again, I thought this would be sob fest 2015 and it was a little teary but very healing.  I am for sure a symbols person.  Being able to have some things that so totally remind me of her and Grandpa and our amazing childhood and surround myself with them in my own home feels so warm and lovely.  She saved everything.  She cherished every card, letter, newspaper clipping, inspirational quote, pictures, diaries, trinkets…this woman kept it all.  It was incredibly healing and cathartic to go back through all the things you poured over all of these years and to do it again all together.  I know they were both with us the entire time. It was also nice to get to say goodbye to the house.  So many memories…and you know the great thing about memories is that you get to keep them FOREVER!


This day was full of laughter and memories and some tears, but mostly great stories and time travel! I don’t know about you but, everytime I see something I travel back to the moment that it happened…and who better to do that with, than the people you were with when it happened the first time around. #teamapple Kids are a great distraction…and they loved finding their own trinkets to remind them of Gigi.


As the day came to a close we all said our little goodbyes.  Mom asked me to go back and shut the door as everyone was packing up their treasures…


And it was a last moment alone…I got a little choked up as I said my farewell.  This felt very final.  But it also felt like a nice way to leave it be.  Now it was time to go home and find all of my Apple things a new resting place.  Our grandma always had a cedar chest for all the really important things, so I got two suitcases to fill with my little treasures.


This one has the letters and stories that I wrote my grandparents, her Harlequin Novels, her favorite Disney sweatshirt, an apple oven mitt that was well loved, an old pair of leather gloves, a stainglass apple, a string of her beads, a diary, a book on Aries, and an old bowl.  In suitcase number two…


Lots of old pictures, an old license from each of them, a granny and grandpa figurine, and a You are the Apple of My Eye picture and finally a can of snuff…her guilty pleasure.  I will take these out for the rest of my life and find so much joy in these little treasures!  I am so lucky to have walked away with some of my very favorite things.


But the one thing that I wanted the most was her Princess ring…we held hands a lot and I loved touching and playing with this ring.  I thought it was so beautiful and so different…and I am so thankful that my family trusted me to take good care of it.  I think it was also important to me that me, my cousin and my sister got a ring so that we could all have her with us always.  I don’t ever want to take this gem off.


She was such an important person in my life.  I am so happy for her that she got to go the way that she would want and I’m so happy that she is with her husband and her sister and countless other loved ones.  I will always want more time with her, but I am so happy to be able to honor her by staying super close with my entire family and thinking fondly of both Apples every single day.  Grandpa called me Cotton Top


and Granma (that’s how we spelled it) would call me Sara Jane, Sara Ruth, Sara Lee, Roomie.  We are so lucky to have had them as long as we did.  So how else do you get back on track and honor Janet Apple!? By eating healthy, getting back in the kitchen!


This was maple dijon chicken…super easy to make. 4 chicken breasts, 1/2 cup dijon mustard, 1/4 cup maple syrup, 1 Tbsp red wine vinegar and rosemary, salt and pepper.  Preheat oven to 425, place chicken breasts on a greased  9 x 13 pan, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Mix together wet ingredients and coat the chicken with the mixture..sprinkle with rosemary and bake for 35 minutes.  I made this with roasted cauliflower and broccoli and they were delicious!  Why is it so hard to remember how good it is to cook!?  What else…go to the gym with Jenny and my dad!  Stay on the path to continue getting healthy…nothing would make Gigi happier!


How else can we honor the Apples?!  Continuing traditions…making time for children and playing time honored Old Maid.



The boys even drew pictures of Gigi as an angel…crying my eyes out!


And a quick home makeover.  Seeing her bookcases really made me want to makeover my own.  I want to honor all members of my family and our family history all the time! These were my cluttered catch all before shelves! Sidebar, Jenny’s husband and our third meatball, Brandon built me these shelves years ago and I love them soooo much!



And this was the end result!


And the side by side…you know I love picstich!


Ahhhhhh, I love my family and Grandma, I promise I’m going to reach my goal.  She always said that she couldn’t go until she thought everyone was settled.  She must have thought we were all going to be alright and that really gives me hope! Team Apple for life.  Ps…I know that I don’t talk about them nearly as much as I should bc we don’t see each other that much, but I love my Beard family soooooo much! Post to follow soon! Xoxo time to honor her the right way.


Pps…My client/love of my life Sarah just came in and gave me so much insight….and some beautiful flowers! Xo  I’m stuck in a disappointment cycle and Jenny and I are too disconnected.  We are blogging completely separately and have been for some time…this is supposed to be our journey TOGETHER! We need each other and we need Sandra and we need to stop disappointing ourselves.  Feeling pumped times a million!!!!  Thanks Sarah!  Love you like woah!

Two Meatballs: 1000 Practical Ways to Avoid Cleaning Out Your Closet!!!

You guyyyyys!  Being back in the game feeeeels famazing!!!!  I don’t know how to handle not feeling sunny so I couldn’t be happier that the clouds have lifted.  Jenny mentioned a few posts ago that her room was messy and full of shopping bags and was there a correlation between the state of her room and how she was eating!?  Well I think that there is and I can totally relate!  Every single time that I am focused and on point with my eating and exercising, my home is pristine (or as pristine as a four can handle) and my car is spotless, my budget is air tight, my sleep habits are predictable and it is pretty easy to stay in this place.  I have also noticed that I am very malleable and I adapt very quickly to change.  Soooooo, if that change comes in the form of eating Dairy Queen Blizzards everyday then the following is to be expected…skipping the gym, staying up later and sleeping in like crazy, super messy home, closed curtains, filthy trash heap of a car, no care in the world when it comes to my budget, and sooooo mannnny newwwww clothes! My home and car are literally a reflection of my body.  So, what’s a girl to do when she wants change!?  It’s time to clean out my closet and my car….figuratively and literally! So I called my sis who is the living best person to tackle a project with.  Now all these words sound great right!?!  Making myself tackle a project is like trying to put your cat in a warm, bubbly bath.  I will do ANYTHING to avoid the project!!! This girl just wants to have fun!  So I suggested that Kelly pick me up and we get right to cleaning…right after  we go work out and have breakfast with the fam!


Ok now lets get serious…time to clean….right after we go bring coffee to our favorite cousin Kristina…and get some play time in with her sweet little boy!!!

wpid-20141025_110525.jpg wpid-20141024_120755.jpgwpid-20141024_115518.jpgwpid-20141024_120437.jpgwpid-20141024_120934.jpg


Isn’t he the living cutest!  Catching up with Kristina and Tim is always my fav and who doesn’t love babies, coffee and cousin time!?  Ok onto the next distraction…lunch with the fam!! Yummmmmmm.


But what next!?  Shopping!? (Guess I wasn’t totally over the hedonistic phase haha…can you say avoidance!).  This is a little segment I like to call This is How You Get Lice!  Welcome to Anthropologie!


This one is called…Make Yourself at Home Ladies…#dontmindifwedo




Next is Fun Finds…


#ijudgebooksbycovers #bestsmellingcandleoflife

This last gem reeled it in for me!  I loved this healthy lady finding her way above water…time to clean! Oh yeah but first…I need to order a new #meatballnation tank from KC Batik on Etsy because MINE IS TOOO BIG! Wahooooo! #squirell


Now onto the task at hand…Right after we  go grocery shopping…dammit all these well placed distractions!


#didanyoneknowthatthisishowbrusselsproutsgrow!? #icantNOThugapumpkin

Time to clean for realzzzz like right after this hang out time on the porch, come on y’all this day was gorgeous!


Enough pokey dorkin around…time to confront the problem and clean out the mess! Grow up Sara!!!  Car time!


Jane Honda is SPOTLESS!!! #dontforgethownicethisfeels

Onto the main event…lets get rid of all my clothes that don’t fit anymore and are taking up valuable real estate.  This will also give me one more excuse not to EVER GAIN THIS WEIGHT BACK!


After countless hour, 4 rounds of Black Widow on the radio and several fashion shows later…


I thought is was going to be so hard to get rid of all these clothes with so many fond memories attached to them but you guys…it wasn’t at all!  They don’t fit and they served me well!  Look at this…8 totally full bags!!!  This also inspired me to clean out alllll of my drawers so I ended up getting rid of 4 bags of jewelry as well!  One of my favorite clients came over to give them all a good home! #xojulie



So when I got up this morning, I made a super healthy smoothie to start my day with the yummy groceries that we bought #notallthedistractionswereawastehaha…


And getting dressed was the living easiest thing on the planet.  I felt like Cher in Clueless….except nothing was spinning around I was merely ABLE to walk through my closet to see my options!



To my sweet sister Kelly…first of all thank you for everything that you do.  Your support is so amazing and I just couldn’t love you more!!!  Who has fun cleaning out cars and closets…we doooooooo!!!!  You are the best thing that ever happened to me.  I don’t know what people without sisters do.  Love love love you.  And to everyone else…I love y’all too!  Even if if takes you awhile to tackle whatever road block is in your path, that’s ok as long as you get there.  A wise woman named Joelle once told me….you don’t have to WANT to do it…sometimes you just have to do it. And take it from me…it feels sooo good when you do. Xoxo




Two Meatballs: Weeeeeee’re Backkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

Ok so enough bitching from these two meatballs!!!  We are back in the best way!!! Our great pal and honorary meatball Nikki showed me a pic of us  from two years ago on her time hop and it was exactly the motivation I needed to get back 100 %….I am almost unrecognizable!


This is us today…we look like different people.  Gahhhh it feels good to be back!


We have both started cooking and eating at home more and out less.  We are both making great…actual paleo choices annnnnd for the first time in almost two weeks….I WENT TO THE GYM!  #welcomeback #wemissedya It was soooo nice to see Sandra and she was so full of encouraging words.  You guyyyys….don’t ever take a break from the gym.  It is literally like starting COMPLETELY over!!!  I legit almost barfed my life away #mighthavebeentheonlywayiwouldloseweightthismonthhahahhaah  We are going to tag team this post…here comes Jenny!  Love y’all! Thanks for everything. Love, Sara ps…the cloud has finally lifted.  Thank you for putting up with me!



Hey!!!!!!  We are back! Feeling powerful not pitiful!!! So let’s go hang out with Sandra!!  And get our asses handed to us in the best possible way!!!  Let me just say I love the confidence this woman has in us.  So anyway we warmed up on the treadmill for 5 mins and then our workout began !!!!


TRX !!!!!!! My fav!  A push up type of thing 😉


Then lunges and pulled this rubber handle thing and I think it works the back part of  our arms




Bosa ball push ups!!!!



And then wall balls!  Then repeated this sequence again



Next……TRX one legged squats!! Sandra said this would give us amazing bubble butts ahhhhh Done!!!




These step ups  with weights hurt the most!!


Then we did 20 jumping step outs with 20 quick squats




Then we got on these tall things and bounced a 15 lbs ball from side to side, I sucked at this, Sara killed it!!





Then back on the TRX to make the letter Y, a shoulder thing.






And a a doggie fir hydrant thing! Attractive!!




More shoulders!!!!!!!!!!! 10 lbs clean press!





And then these damn side lifts




Then 45secs of kettle swings




We we ended the day with 4mins of bicep curls, for as long as you can go!!  This feels crazy by the last minute.




It felt so good!!!! And I was so happy to be there with my best friend!!!!  So glad we have been there for each other this month. Right now we are feeling strong!!  We will see how this weigh in goes.  See you guys there soon!!!!