reunited and it feels so good

Two Meatballs: Can You Say Soooore!?!?

Today we were reunited with our beloved trainer! #thankgoodness  We have literally only seen Sandra once this year before today between the weather, illness and charity walks! I’m not going to lie…I was really nervous about today!!!  Pneumonia really knocked the wind out of me…get it?!?! And it has been a tough go building my stamina back up.  Sweet Jenny came to pick me up this morning! #lovethisgirl


I shared my fears with Jenny…I told her I was scared I was going to pass out on the treadmill.  So I had to act it out, but I couldn’t stop laughing!


Time to loosen up!  Get back in the game!


We had a great hug fest when we walked in.  Sandra is such a part of our Meatball journey and we realllllly missed her.  Then we hopped on the treadmill for a warmup! We both survived #notdeadyet Time for a circuit in the little gym! We alternated between 2 exercises on each circuit, then switched for four rounds!  First circuit was chest press with two 20 pound weights, 15 reps and the other person did squat wall balls with a 15 pound ball.


Yuck…i look awful! Haha, Jenny, your butt looks great! #powersquat This was harrrrd! Circuit number two was in the big gym and we alternated between ropes for 45 seconds and a back row, 15 reps. Again we did this circuit for 4 rounds.



Round Three was back in the small gym and consisted of boos ball sit ups for a minute and kettle bell swings for 45 seconds.  Spoiler alert, 4 ROUNDS!


I had to swap out the kettle bells for another arm exercise bc I ran out of air!  We stayed in here for our next duo.  We switched between slam balls with a 15 pound ball and squats to military presses with 2-15 pound weights!


Now, back to the big gym for our final circuit!  We did exercise ball wall sits and alternated with a weird run in place/punching bag slaps.  You’re never going to guess…we did it for 4 rounds! 😉



It was really hard, but it was so great to be back.  Sandra is so motivational!  She kept reminding us to do one rep at a time, to make each movement count, to breath through it and to dig deep.  We love Sandra so much and our journey was so off track while we were apart.  Sandra, we can never thank you enough!  You have been such a huge contributor to our success and we cannot wait to get back in the swing of things.  Thank you thank you thank you , Love you love you love you.


We are both  still up from our lowest, I guess we love a challenge.  But my client Sarah was so right. We do better together.  We feel better when we eat healthy and when we work out!  We need each other and our support group.  I’m sick of hearing myself say it, but we are finally back on track and dammit it feels great.  Now, if we could just remember this! Xoxo




Two Meatballs: The Clubs Blowin’ Up…On a Tuesday!

Who plans a girls weekend/birthday trip to NYC in late January/Early February!? These idiots!


But 12 degree weather and snow/sleet and walking pneumonia and colds can’t stop these girls from having a good time!  We all left early in the morning!  Kelly and me from Raleigh and Katie from DC!


Our flight was delayed because of Snowmagedon…so what are two besters to do!?  Try on all of your warm clothing!?!  Airport fashion show…don’t mind if we do!




Take our meds to feel better before the big trip!?


Ok time to get on that plane!


Smooth flight…cab time!


And on to our favorite hotel in the city…The Dream Downtown!  And look who we bumped into in the lobby! #perfecttiming


Look at this room… who wouldn’t love this place?!


Time to get spiffed up and head to Chelsea Market, but not before some photo ops and a peek and chat with the sexy doorman Jose!


This last one is my favorite pic of the trip!  It’s so nice to be together!  Ok off to our happy place…first stop in Chelsea Market…9th Street Espresso!!!


I mean look at this place #heaven


Second stop, Posman Books…what a gem this is!


Then it was off to a local art and clothing pop up shop!



Then a little more drive by shopping…




#fascinatorsarefascinating Gosh, all this shopping and we’ve worked up an appetite.  Guess what you can find in Chelsea Market…homemade cake pops…I did not need to know about these!


I def went into this trip with a “When in New York Mentality” which means I ate whatever I wanted…why is food so comforting when you are sick!?  On the way home…we judged the dirty snow!


Then, we regrouped and took stock of our finds!


#thosewhitesockskatie #woof #bestpurchasesoflife

This day was going by so quickly!  We waited too long to make dinner reservations so we had an early bird dinner at Buddakan to get ready for!


This place is beautiful!!!  And super yummy…and conveniently located across the street from our hotel since it was 20 degrees and windy at this point!


Cheers…Happy birthday Kelly!

wpid-20150130_181822.jpgwpid-20150130_180449.jpg wpid-20150130_182134.jpg

Ok onto the good stuff…we love sharing, because sharing is caring.  So we ordered lobster egg rolls, carrot dumplings, spicy cauliflower stir fry, dungeonous crab stick rice and a  moo shoo type pork dish!


Everything was soo good! And how cute are the carrot dumplings!?  There was no room for dessert and I had already eaten 50 cake pops!!!  What a fun dinner!


Then I was pooped…pneumonia is no fucking joke!  So Kelly and Katie went downstairs to the bumping little clubby bar at the Dream and I had my nightly dose of narcotic cough syrup and got into bed!  These were the messaged that corresponded…please notice the time…baby tired!


I was still up when they got home and we did some serious snuggling and then put in our ear plugs and went to bed!


Katie and I snuggled in one bed and the birthday girl got her own bed!  The next morning we decided to hit up our favorite Mexican haunt…Dos Caminos…it was 12 degrees today!



We got some plantain empenadas, the girls got guacamole and chips and I got a hell of a spicy burger and fries!


So much yum! And even more fun!


Then it was off to shopping!!!


No photos of this exist bc it was too damn cold to think!!!  WE went into this specialty bra store where they calculate your armpit fat into your cup size…hello!  Then we popped into every local bag and clothing store we could find…I love SoHo!!!  We all walked away with new bags, bras and outfits! If you are ever in the area…do yourself a favor and go to NU…they have the best leather bags and coolest weirdest more awesome clothes and jewelry!   Time for a little break before getting ready for tonight!


Then it was time to shower…warm up from the frigid day and get ready for the best meal of life at Scarpetta! My new style inspiration is Princess Elsa…Katie nailed a fishtail!


I forgot how fun it is to get ready as a group of girls…having people tell you what looks good or what looks like shit is the living best!


This restaurant is also in our neighborhood…so we bundled up and trekked the two blocks in the coldest wind tunnel of life!


And had the living best dinner!  Again we shared, bc when in Rome!  We had the yellowtail, scallops, creamy polenta with truffles and the Spaghetti dish! Also instead of bread, they bring you out stromboli bites!!!  Yummy…bye bye paleo!



And then we had an epic Espresso dessert that was in a word…heaven!


And the birthday girl had an espresso with her espresso dessert!


Then we went home and packed up a bit bc tomorrow morning will be check out!!!  Man time flies!  We all slept like champs and after packing up and stowing our bags, we went back to the homeland for the remainder of our NYC time…Chelsea Market here we come!


We sat outside of SaraBeth’s Bakery and enjoyed our coffee and our last little moments together!  You guys…this was the living funnest trip and I’m so glad we got to celebrate your birthday this way Kelly!


Then my Boss Joelle, and co managers Kait and Mary arrived!  We all said hello and then a quick and hard goodbye with Kelly and Katie!


Goodbye Katie and Kelly!!!  Our story will end here today, but more about my work trip tomorrow! Xoxo



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