Two Meatballs: Weeeeeee’re Backkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

Ok so enough bitching from these two meatballs!!!  We are back in the best way!!! Our great pal and honorary meatball Nikki showed me a pic of us  from two years ago on her time hop and it was exactly the motivation I needed to get back 100 %….I am almost unrecognizable!


This is us today…we look like different people.  Gahhhh it feels good to be back!


We have both started cooking and eating at home more and out less.  We are both making great…actual paleo choices annnnnd for the first time in almost two weeks….I WENT TO THE GYM!  #welcomeback #wemissedya It was soooo nice to see Sandra and she was so full of encouraging words.  You guyyyys….don’t ever take a break from the gym.  It is literally like starting COMPLETELY over!!!  I legit almost barfed my life away #mighthavebeentheonlywayiwouldloseweightthismonthhahahhaah  We are going to tag team this post…here comes Jenny!  Love y’all! Thanks for everything. Love, Sara ps…the cloud has finally lifted.  Thank you for putting up with me!



Hey!!!!!!  We are back! Feeling powerful not pitiful!!! So let’s go hang out with Sandra!!  And get our asses handed to us in the best possible way!!!  Let me just say I love the confidence this woman has in us.  So anyway we warmed up on the treadmill for 5 mins and then our workout began !!!!


TRX !!!!!!! My fav!  A push up type of thing 😉


Then lunges and pulled this rubber handle thing and I think it works the back part of  our arms




Bosa ball push ups!!!!



And then wall balls!  Then repeated this sequence again



Next……TRX one legged squats!! Sandra said this would give us amazing bubble butts ahhhhh Done!!!




These step ups  with weights hurt the most!!


Then we did 20 jumping step outs with 20 quick squats




Then we got on these tall things and bounced a 15 lbs ball from side to side, I sucked at this, Sara killed it!!





Then back on the TRX to make the letter Y, a shoulder thing.






And a a doggie fir hydrant thing! Attractive!!




More shoulders!!!!!!!!!!! 10 lbs clean press!





And then these damn side lifts




Then 45secs of kettle swings




We we ended the day with 4mins of bicep curls, for as long as you can go!!  This feels crazy by the last minute.




It felt so good!!!! And I was so happy to be there with my best friend!!!!  So glad we have been there for each other this month. Right now we are feeling strong!!  We will see how this weigh in goes.  See you guys there soon!!!!


















  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!! So happy you’re both back and feeling good and motivated!!!! Powerful not pitiful is my favorite! You guys are amazing!!! I love you both so much!

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