Two Meatballs: Get High in North Carolina

OMG.   My honey and I just spent the whole weekend in Ashville!  Not only are we in a high altitude location but on the amazing food scene Ashville offers.    So many of the restaurants are a farm to table experiences.  Which is great for this paleo gal!!  So you can choose to be senseable or down right decadent!   We stayed for two nights and had a total blast just hanging out together again.  This wAs my birthday present !!   Thank you honey!!!;) so let the journey begin!



Excited morning selfíes!!  One of my co workers and friend Natalie, recommend a couple of yummy places to hit up.  So we stared the day at Over Easy.  We both had a hearty breakfast.




Brandon had the apple stuffed French toast, And I had pastrami, goat cheese, fig, and rosemary eggs Benedict .   Amazing.   I know this was a bit of a splurge,  but we had a full day of walking ahead of us.   Next…. Biltmore!

wpid-20141025_135445.jpg  wpid-20141025_113217.jpgwpid-20141025_141357.jpgwpid-20141025_140428.jpgwpid-20141025_140052.jpgwpid-20141025_140704.jpgwpid-20141025_140541.jpgwpid-20141025_113326.jpg


TwAs gorgeousssss!!! You can spend the whole day here!   We climbed so many Ffffing steps…. Even Sandra would be proud!!!!   We were exhausted…. So what did we do, walked around downtown!!!   I love this city!! It was so easy to walk around and I love All the amazing and awful street performers!!!    So we shopped and just took in the culture.





We had to stop at this honey place…….the bee charmer



We were so busy and hadn’t eaten since breakfast.  So around 5 o’clock hunger was setting in pretty strongly!!  We turned the corner and fell into another recommendation Salsas.   The line went around the building, waiting for their dinner hours to begin so we jumped in at the right time for the first seating.  It is Mexican cearibieane fusion!  Delicious!!!!!





Then we stopped in the French board chocolate lounge!

Just a little bit of dark chocolate !!!!


Next, on to the Orange Peel, where we went and saw Jimmy eat World play.







We spent our last bit of time walking around several art galleries they have there.  We saw some amazing art.



And went to the highly recommended , one hour and forty five minute wait brunch spot, Tupelo Honey!  Yeah it was pretty fucking good.  They are famous for their sweet potato , honey pancakes!!





Yeah we were sad to leave…..sighhhhh



But we came home, and it was project  pink puppy for Halloween !!   And I missed this face so much!!!!!! Thanks kitty for all your artistic help today!!!!!!


This kid loves makeup!  Where does she get that from……..wink wink!!!!!!   I had the best weekend.   So grateful for everything in my life!  Most of all my incredible family!!!!  Love you all!!     See you guys at the weigh in!!  (Screaming Ahhhhhhhhhh)






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