Two Meatballs: This Barre is Purrrrrrrre and Our Third Meatball!

You guys (this is Sara)…I have found my exercise spirit animal, and it is Pure Barre North Raleigh.


I have been having the hardest time getting myself motivated to work out again! My stylist and buddy Natalie was doing my hair the other day and telling me the key to life is getting up at 5am and going to workout at a class and getting it done…having the rest of the day ahead of you.  At the time it sounded like crazy talk! This is Sara from the future…Natalie!!! You were so right! #lifechanger

The girls at Samuel Cole Salon have been going to classes and Pure Barre specifially forever and I finally got begrudgingly persuaded into going.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but classes were my worst nightmare.  I found the thought of them soooo incredibly intimidating!  I talked myself into a tizzy over this last year of fitness and wellness that classes weren’t for me.  They were for experienced, fit girls.


I convinced myself the instructors would yell at you and I would fall or cry or break my leg and knock myself out and lose all my front teeth or fly off an exercise ball and take out a row of old ladies!?!  What a silly girl I am.  So when Sandra had to unexpectedly leave town just as I was getting my healthy groove back AND Jenny was out of town for the Bee Wedding I had several realizations.  #1 I am completely dependent on Sandra!  It is such an amazing and challenging workout and I was in such a bad place for so long that I convinced myself that the once a week with her was enough.  So when I got my shit back together I decided to start seeing Sandra twice a week #accountabilityiskey We made it through one week before she had a family emergency. #loveyouandyourfamilysandy I was feeling so connected again, I had to find a way to keep going! #2 I need a buddy, I am codependent as hell! #3 I hate wearing shoes…especially sneakers. #4 The world has a wonderful way of presenting you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

So reality came crashing down that I would be solo in the exercise game last week and I thought, Sara you better steel yourself up for this!  Lauren, my next door neighbor at work and the love of my life,


said you should try Pure Barre.  I’ll help you sign up!  She walked me to the computer, we found a time together and it was a 6am class last Wednesday.  Everything felt very fate.  I worried about waking up, being on time, would I die…all the normal stuff!  But we got there and Grogan was there too!!!  I was feeling the love and support and it helped me feel comfortable and excited!  Claire was our teacher and it was go go go from word go!


After lots of air humping, pulsing, bending and lets of tiny, controlled movements and music blasting, an hour flew by!   Claire was so nice and encouraging and helped me understand how to do things!


An hour flew by and I survived!  Grogan really pushed me to sign up for an unlimited month!  So I did and she helped me download the app and I started signing up for so many classes.  They have a 40 classes in 60 days and I want to see if I can do it!  So, Grogan and I went back on Friday…at 6am!  Today we had Kim!  She was so challenging and supportive!


Haaaa!!!  Look at that couch love!  Her class was an ass kicker for sure!  Then I did something I NEVER thought I would do…I went by myself on Sunday and met the sweetest, most lovely little Paige!


She gave me tips on how to do some things that I can’t physically do yet differently so I still get a good workout…I love modifications!  I set myself up and everything and survived solo workouts!


Then I made it to number 4…reunited with Grogan on Monday!


So early, so ugly! Today was with Christina!  She had a great energy and again was super encouraging!


You guyyyys!!!!  I’m in love with this place and this lifestyle! Getting up early and going to bed early feels great.  I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m doing something, it’s booked, it’s in my calendar, and I don’t have to wear shoes!!!!!!!!!!  I already feel better in my adorable new bathing suits from MonifC! I love this one piece and fringe fatkini!


I was oh so wrong about classes.  The instructors have been amazing, this class style is so challenging and different.  They are small classes and everyone is friendly.  It’s so hard you don’t have the energy to see what everyone else is doing.  And the warm up is the same.  So the first day I felt like I couldn’t do anything and now I already feel like I am more capable…how motivating is that!?  To the girls at work…I love you guys so much I could cry.  Thank you for the support and encouragement and the glowing positivity!  I really needed you and y’all were at the right place in the right time in my life!Love times a milly.  Second, thank you Pure Barre North Raleigh…this has been life changing and such a happy edition to my life!!!  Thank you to every single instructor and I can’t wait to meet everyone and for us to all fall in love.  My goals is to hit 40 classes and to be able to eventual plank on my toes!  Love isn’t a strong enough word!  Sign up today, conquer your fears…its feels incredible! Here is some closing PB inspiration!


In other news I went on a thousand dates while my meatball was gone! My bff’er K Tizzle came to town and we Zested it up!



Then I reconnected with my old partner in crime Lauren!  We hadn’t seen each other in ages and I was giddy and nervous for our date…hahah!!!  Lauren is the living embodiment of adorable


and down for anything!  WE met at Coquette and I had the duck…it was gross.


We laughed and caught up on everything…i love reminiscing!


I literally didn’t want the night to end…Love you Lauren, can’t wait to do it again!


On the work front… my adorable sister and her kids came in to the salon!


We got the hot new summer products in from Oribe…could not be more obsessed!


This showed up in my Facebook time hop thing!


This was from Oribe’s La Fama in Miami 2 years ago…this was very motivating!  Love these people!

Then a super inspiring stylist, Katie Manselle started at the salon!  This woman is incredibly talented and such a gem!  I love our growing family!


And finally…my meatball came home and we have been bonding our asses off!  We are finally both in the same place in so many ways in the longest time!



Then, the cherry on the paleo PIE (get it Reuben?! winky face)…Reuben Carranza, President at Luxury Brand Partners and  Group President of R+Co and v76 came back to the salon on Monday to give us all an inspiring class on branding!  Reuben is the self proclaimed third meatball and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  You may remember him from such posts last year as Two Meatballs: Is There a Cloud 10?!?!?  We fell  in love with this mogul from moment one…I mean look at us!?





I came in early to help set up for class


and when we saw each other it felt like a slow mo run in the airport!  Reuben has a glow to him, a calm energy and a power!  He is enigmatic and so engaging.


He looked great and said that he had started his own journey to health and lost 25 pounds since we last saw one another. Wahoooooo!  This powerful, pop culture loving and busy man has been so supportive of this meatball adventure and we are so grateful and humbled! #lbpfamily He reached out to us today!


Haaaaa!!!  But class and I’m guessing that you are sensing a theme with this post…was so inspiring and thought provoking and relevant and buzzy with good vibes and hilarious imagery!


Look at this man go!



I learned so much about how to remove myself from negativity and exploring what my reputation is!  Reuben, I literally can’t wait to see you again in Miami.  You are a treasure and we are so lucky to know you.



I feel like the universe has come together to put all the right people and support in place to help Jenny and I find the way again.  And you guys, we are so thankful for each and every one of you who help us along the way.  We will pay it forward.  We love you all.  I’ll be at the beach next week and then we will see y’all at weigh in!  XOXO,  I miss you guys already!




Two Meatballs: The Burden of Having a Fabulous Life!


So Sara and I have the greatest jobs in the world!!!!!  We meet amazing people everyday, we get to be wildly creative, our bosses are fantastic, we love working hard and learning new things, and we have each other!!!  What more could a girl ask for?!?!?  Ahhhhh Mark Debolt!!!!!!!  Mark is a Wella educator who shared his knowledge with the team this week.  AAAAAAAAAmazing!  He is just so damn likable!!!!  He was here back in Febuary this year and we liked him so much our bosses got him back in!!!!


OMG!!!!!  Look how much I have changed!!!! It is amazing to see how far I have come since February!!  love this guys!!  He is so fun to listen to!!  He showed us what we can expect in color trends for 2015!   and guess what ladies?!?!  Ombre is here to stay……..we are just going to constantly see different variations of it.   So Mark just got us super excited about advanced hair painting!!!   So before he started tansforming the models….we took some selfies!!!!!!!


Sara and Laruren looking CRAY!!!!


This reminds me of the famous Oscar selfie!!!


Our awesome team!!


His first Model……… Cutie Chelsea!!!

So Chelsea had a variation of ombre going on.  Her roots were very dark against her blond ends.  Sooo Mark wanted to take ” the layer of Charcoale” of her hair, add highlights and brighten her ends.


Here she is getting Shampooed!!!  And here is our Final Product!!!


Our Second Model………..Carolyn!!!!!

She has beautiful dark hair and was just ready for some natural  dimension and warmth for fall.


I love hair painting!!!  and Anything that is wrapped in plastic wrap!!!  It was a fantastic class,  I feel so inspired to come into work everyday!!!  so fun!  Thank you Mark Debolt! These meatballs love you!

Ok now it is Time TO Work OUT! Here we are being dumb in the parking lot!!!!


Ok Sara…lets do this!!!!


Low Rows on the Trx…already feeling the burn!


Lets do some weights!!  clean press


Bosa Ball push ups!!!!


And Bosa Ball Crunches!!


Back to the TRX for Squats!!!


Bosa Ball…. Hips up and Clean presses!! sexyyyy


Bosa ball burpees, always want to say herpes!!!!


Jump together squats on the TRX!


Weighted lunges


Wall squats with bicep curls!!! woooooof


Lateral lunges on the TRX

wpid-20141113_083146.jpg wpid-20141113_083152.jpg

Bosa Ball planks for a minute!!




kettle Bell swings


weighted abdominal twist


crunches and leg lifts!


What better way to end, then with suicides!!!


We did it!!! Love you Sara!  It is amazing to become emotionally and physically stronger together!!!  So thankful for this experience that we will always share together. Then we both went to our fabulous job!!!  oh hey there friend!!



Hey y’all!!!  It’s Sara!!!  I just wanted to close this piece out with some a workout montage!!!  It’s been 20 weeks with Sandra and we can’t even begin to express our gratitude.  She literally changes our lives every week and here is the proof!!!


Wooooooooooooooow you guys!!!!  These get me soooo fucking pumped!!!  But here is the real kicker!



Ok have a great weekend guys and call Sandra today and start your own before and after!



Two Meatballs: The Many Hats…

Hiiiiiii!  It’s Sara!!! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before #seriously but I have several jobs at Samuel Cole Salon. One could say… I wear lots of hats…did you see what I did there!?! #figuratively #onaccountofmygianthead #noonelooksworseinhats #asevidencedbelow



I’m a master designer, a Bumble and bumble Network Educator, a mentor, Director of Mentoring, Co-Host/Co-Creator of the Bobbies, Editorial Styling Team Member, I’m in management annnnnnnnd I’m on the education team. #someonejustcantsayno #couldntbehappiertobeayesgirl


Busy is a great thing for me…it keeps me out of trouble!!! #idlehands I love a full plate, I love the challenge of juggling lots of things and due to my crushing ADHD I need something new going on all the time or I will get bored and inevitably find myself in trouble.  #destruction Each one of these positions feeds a different part of me.  I find so much joy in mentoring bc being a cheerleader for others and helping them find their own success is incredible.  I love EVERY single person that I work with and I want nothing more than to help them reach the top!


I love managing bc I get to spend even more time learning from my own mentor, Joelle which is my dream everyday!!!  She is so wise and so amazing  and super sexy with her glasses on top of her head and I’m thankful everyday that they didn’t fire the over confident asshole that they hired 11 years ago!!! I have learned soooo much from this woman!!!  I have learned that you can have the career of your dreams by having a giving, teaching heart and a fierce business sense all while having the most fun possible.  I have learned about finances, just being honwst with people, being a true leader, forgiveness, allowing people to grow, loving someone enough to have  the tough conversations. #myinterventionist We’ve learned together that the conversation is the relationship…and I’ve loved every conversation with you Joji. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo. Joelle sat me down in February and said what I think everyone else had been thinking.  She told me that it would be a shame for me to work this hard and save so much for my future, to not be around to enjoy it.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  But she knows me so well that she followed it up with humor.  She said it would be a shame to spend your retirement on…a jazzy scooter.  She was so genuine and her words were so heart felt that I knew I had to make a change in my life and get healthy.  She managed to do what no one else could which was confront me about my weight and partying ways.  I had such a hostile vibe protecting my lifestyle that I don’t think anyone but her could have gotten through to me and I’m grateful everyday. Literally ten minutes after this life altering conversation, Jenny came up to me and said that she was miserable and feeling terrible.  This was the final sign to me that a change was eminent.  Thus…Two Meatballs Get Fit  was born.  #grateful



#twinning #dreamsdocometrue #literallycouldspendtherestofmylifethankingyou

Joelle and my other mentor Jack  whom I learned everything I know about cultivating a lasting relationship with your clients among a thousand other things like what a real gentleman lives his life like, literally everything I know about color came from this man, he has taught me how to grill, appreciate fine wine, scotch and food I never would have tried #sweetbreads, everything I know about golf, how to live everyday bursting with passion and enthusiasm and how to be an incredible educator, he taught me how to fill up a room and captivate an audience;  have let me grow up at Samuel Cole Salon and  have given me the greatest career opportunities and life advice that any girl could ask for.  #gushing #lovemyjoberrrrrrrrrrrryday #thankingmyluckystars #sammiecoleforlife #mybossesarethelivingbest #partofthefam


I love being a hair dresser soooooo much.  Seeing my clients everyday and being so entrenched in their lives and helping people look and feel their best is a dream come true.  I love these people…between my clients, my coworkers and my bosses, they have all become my family and it feels so amazing to be surrounded by people that you truly love. #luckiestgirlintheworld And beyond all of that I loooooooove cutting, styling and most of all COLORING hair.  Which brings me to my last job…being an educator!  This week marked another exciting Color Boot Camp for our current immersion class.


I’ve learned through this process that my strong 2 LOVES making a power point!!!  I mean look at those slides!!!

This 2 day, 18 hour grueling course in all things color is where my passion really shines.  Carolyn and I created this class and it is our child….we are proud parents!



Carolyn is a color genius…she is a chemist and she knows the inner workings of literally everything.  She also teaches one hell of a consultation class and an amazing 5 section foil!


This class has evolved so much since the days of working on Newton or at The Annex!!!  This year we had 5 associates in class. I live for seeing light bulbs go off and watching the AH-ha moment happen.


They learn the art of the consultation, the color wheel, formulation and hands on application!!! This go round we added a new segment of Hair Painting and had a guest educator contribute!!!  Natalie you were AH-mazing!!!


Also, another thing I love about my job is that I work with my living bestie…my other half…my mini meatball Jenny who also happens to be on the education team, a Bumble and bumble Network Educator and part of Color Boot Camp!!!! Jenny is so passionate and talented and her ombre class is always a highlight (get it!?!?!?!)



We made these slides last year and so we got to see an old friend!!!  Love and miss you everyday at the salon cuzzy wuzzy!



My strengths lie in communicating effectively with your clients and  color formulation!



We had the such a great time!!!  The educators were amazing and inspiring and the students blew my mind.  What a super talented group of women. Gahhhhhhhhhhhh I love my career. Hope you feel the same about your daily grind. XOxoxoxoxoxo