Two Meatballs: It’s a Hair Sherbet Kind of Day!!!

Hiiiiiiiii guyyyyyys!!!!  With all of the changes going on in my life, I have learned that I have very little control!  And slowly but surely, I am finding pleasant peace with that.  Right now the only thing I really felt like I have a modicum of say in is my look!  Which is for sure the funnest thing to be in charge of!!!  #thebrandcalledyou I have overhauled my hair, makeup, clothing(if you haven’t shopped at Mod Cloth drop everything and buy everything) and glasses to project more of how I feel and who I am even if I’m not feeling back to my normal self which is…sunny, bright and a mermaid.


I am a My Little Pony and all my dreams have come true! #peach #modcloth



Now that I’ve taken the plunge, it’s even more exciting to figure out what is next!


The possibilities seem endless and I’m super open to voting!!!!  Lately I’ve also been dreaming a lot and most of my dreams have involved me being in various stages of pregnancy!  Eeeeek #scawwwwwy So my good buddy Robyn googled it (the most trusted source for all of  my most pressing matters) and as it  turns out, dreaming of pregnancy means that you are craving creativity!!!  Well aren’t I the luckiest of girls…because every single day of my life is an opportunity to be creative! I’m literally surrounded by the most inspiring people!!!



I’ve had so many great opportunities to take it as far as I wanted and to learn incredible things from the coolest people in my 13 year career at Samuel Cole!


I love it all, the pretty, the ugly, the editorial, the drunk socialite!!!  Sometimes you take for granted how amazing your career and life are. And with my split schedule between hairdressing and mentoring, I sometimes get so into cheerleading that I forget how cool my life on the floor is.  So a stroll down memory amazing opportunity lane is always a blessing.

So,  today was the perfect day to meet a new bestie/hair soul mate and learn more of exactly what I’m obsessed with right now!!!


We had the absolute pleasure of having Nicole Obert in the salon.  Jenny and I love class so much, we are front row girls for sure and what an awesome view we got today!!! #earlybirdgetsthebestviewofgenius


Nicole is a Wella baby, she is Tabitha Coffey’s hairdresser, she has worked alongside Vaughn, Arrojo and so many other heavy hitters in our industry as well as placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Wella Trend Vision.  But you may recognize her from Season 2 of Shear Genius…only the greatest show to come out of Bravo….ever.  Besides all of that, she is the cutest, most beautiful and super talented stylist and educator.  I love her energy and right away she had you hooked.  I mean look how adorable!


I had the pleasure of introducing her and we had a lively bunch today!


Nicole brought to our salon today the things that have been inspiring her!  We learned a beautiful, layerey razor cut that is life changing, a bad ass shave undercut that is everything


and we also learned a lot about Wella’s revamped Magma which is used to create this!!!


You had me at watermelon and sherbet!!!  Her consultations were on point and collaborative which you know i love, her demos were amazing and I walked away with a hundred take aways!!!!


Her hair painting was flawless


and she was adamant that we all participate which is so exciting in a presentation only class!


Every hairdresser just wants to get their hands in hair!!!


And look at these finished products!!!


I am feeling soooooooooo pumped and engaged and ready to create even more beautiful hair!!!  Thank you so much Nicole, you were an absolute pink dream (did you see what I did there?!)  Lets be friends forever!!!  Can’t wait to have you back in the salon.  To my clients, friends and family…get into the salon and lets play!!!  If you aren’t ready to join my mermaid movement, I’m telling you that razor cut with the face framing is everything!  Xoxo, come play with us!!!



Two Meatballs: This Barre is Purrrrrrrre and Our Third Meatball!

You guys (this is Sara)…I have found my exercise spirit animal, and it is Pure Barre North Raleigh.


I have been having the hardest time getting myself motivated to work out again! My stylist and buddy Natalie was doing my hair the other day and telling me the key to life is getting up at 5am and going to workout at a class and getting it done…having the rest of the day ahead of you.  At the time it sounded like crazy talk! This is Sara from the future…Natalie!!! You were so right! #lifechanger

The girls at Samuel Cole Salon have been going to classes and Pure Barre specifially forever and I finally got begrudgingly persuaded into going.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but classes were my worst nightmare.  I found the thought of them soooo incredibly intimidating!  I talked myself into a tizzy over this last year of fitness and wellness that classes weren’t for me.  They were for experienced, fit girls.


I convinced myself the instructors would yell at you and I would fall or cry or break my leg and knock myself out and lose all my front teeth or fly off an exercise ball and take out a row of old ladies!?!  What a silly girl I am.  So when Sandra had to unexpectedly leave town just as I was getting my healthy groove back AND Jenny was out of town for the Bee Wedding I had several realizations.  #1 I am completely dependent on Sandra!  It is such an amazing and challenging workout and I was in such a bad place for so long that I convinced myself that the once a week with her was enough.  So when I got my shit back together I decided to start seeing Sandra twice a week #accountabilityiskey We made it through one week before she had a family emergency. #loveyouandyourfamilysandy I was feeling so connected again, I had to find a way to keep going! #2 I need a buddy, I am codependent as hell! #3 I hate wearing shoes…especially sneakers. #4 The world has a wonderful way of presenting you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

So reality came crashing down that I would be solo in the exercise game last week and I thought, Sara you better steel yourself up for this!  Lauren, my next door neighbor at work and the love of my life,


said you should try Pure Barre.  I’ll help you sign up!  She walked me to the computer, we found a time together and it was a 6am class last Wednesday.  Everything felt very fate.  I worried about waking up, being on time, would I die…all the normal stuff!  But we got there and Grogan was there too!!!  I was feeling the love and support and it helped me feel comfortable and excited!  Claire was our teacher and it was go go go from word go!


After lots of air humping, pulsing, bending and lets of tiny, controlled movements and music blasting, an hour flew by!   Claire was so nice and encouraging and helped me understand how to do things!


An hour flew by and I survived!  Grogan really pushed me to sign up for an unlimited month!  So I did and she helped me download the app and I started signing up for so many classes.  They have a 40 classes in 60 days and I want to see if I can do it!  So, Grogan and I went back on Friday…at 6am!  Today we had Kim!  She was so challenging and supportive!


Haaaa!!!  Look at that couch love!  Her class was an ass kicker for sure!  Then I did something I NEVER thought I would do…I went by myself on Sunday and met the sweetest, most lovely little Paige!


She gave me tips on how to do some things that I can’t physically do yet differently so I still get a good workout…I love modifications!  I set myself up and everything and survived solo workouts!


Then I made it to number 4…reunited with Grogan on Monday!


So early, so ugly! Today was with Christina!  She had a great energy and again was super encouraging!


You guyyyys!!!!  I’m in love with this place and this lifestyle! Getting up early and going to bed early feels great.  I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m doing something, it’s booked, it’s in my calendar, and I don’t have to wear shoes!!!!!!!!!!  I already feel better in my adorable new bathing suits from MonifC! I love this one piece and fringe fatkini!


I was oh so wrong about classes.  The instructors have been amazing, this class style is so challenging and different.  They are small classes and everyone is friendly.  It’s so hard you don’t have the energy to see what everyone else is doing.  And the warm up is the same.  So the first day I felt like I couldn’t do anything and now I already feel like I am more capable…how motivating is that!?  To the girls at work…I love you guys so much I could cry.  Thank you for the support and encouragement and the glowing positivity!  I really needed you and y’all were at the right place in the right time in my life!Love times a milly.  Second, thank you Pure Barre North Raleigh…this has been life changing and such a happy edition to my life!!!  Thank you to every single instructor and I can’t wait to meet everyone and for us to all fall in love.  My goals is to hit 40 classes and to be able to eventual plank on my toes!  Love isn’t a strong enough word!  Sign up today, conquer your fears…its feels incredible! Here is some closing PB inspiration!


In other news I went on a thousand dates while my meatball was gone! My bff’er K Tizzle came to town and we Zested it up!



Then I reconnected with my old partner in crime Lauren!  We hadn’t seen each other in ages and I was giddy and nervous for our date…hahah!!!  Lauren is the living embodiment of adorable


and down for anything!  WE met at Coquette and I had the duck…it was gross.


We laughed and caught up on everything…i love reminiscing!


I literally didn’t want the night to end…Love you Lauren, can’t wait to do it again!


On the work front… my adorable sister and her kids came in to the salon!


We got the hot new summer products in from Oribe…could not be more obsessed!


This showed up in my Facebook time hop thing!


This was from Oribe’s La Fama in Miami 2 years ago…this was very motivating!  Love these people!

Then a super inspiring stylist, Katie Manselle started at the salon!  This woman is incredibly talented and such a gem!  I love our growing family!


And finally…my meatball came home and we have been bonding our asses off!  We are finally both in the same place in so many ways in the longest time!



Then, the cherry on the paleo PIE (get it Reuben?! winky face)…Reuben Carranza, President at Luxury Brand Partners and  Group President of R+Co and v76 came back to the salon on Monday to give us all an inspiring class on branding!  Reuben is the self proclaimed third meatball and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  You may remember him from such posts last year as Two Meatballs: Is There a Cloud 10?!?!?  We fell  in love with this mogul from moment one…I mean look at us!?





I came in early to help set up for class


and when we saw each other it felt like a slow mo run in the airport!  Reuben has a glow to him, a calm energy and a power!  He is enigmatic and so engaging.


He looked great and said that he had started his own journey to health and lost 25 pounds since we last saw one another. Wahoooooo!  This powerful, pop culture loving and busy man has been so supportive of this meatball adventure and we are so grateful and humbled! #lbpfamily He reached out to us today!


Haaaaa!!!  But class and I’m guessing that you are sensing a theme with this post…was so inspiring and thought provoking and relevant and buzzy with good vibes and hilarious imagery!


Look at this man go!



I learned so much about how to remove myself from negativity and exploring what my reputation is!  Reuben, I literally can’t wait to see you again in Miami.  You are a treasure and we are so lucky to know you.



I feel like the universe has come together to put all the right people and support in place to help Jenny and I find the way again.  And you guys, we are so thankful for each and every one of you who help us along the way.  We will pay it forward.  We love you all.  I’ll be at the beach next week and then we will see y’all at weigh in!  XOXO,  I miss you guys already!




Two Meatballs: I Believe I Can Fly!

I had a lot of revelations this weekend. This is Sara!!!  Hiiiiiii! Generally speaking I am a confident person.  I don’t generally feel like I limit myself.  I feel capable of so much. But, recently I have realized that I’ve gone through life thinking…wow, everyone else really has their shit together and that I was doing alright but def on the struggle bus for a lot of things. Normal life things seemed a little tougher to me. To me, it always seemed like things came very easily to others…like organization, eating healthy, exercising, school, becoming a grown up through the “normal” channels of getting married, having babies, having a pet, cooking, domestic issues, keeping a tidy car, not murdering people who won’t move up in the Starbucks line in a timely manner and finances.  But in reality, everyone is fighting their own battles and struggling with their own demons.  Most people aren’t as open about things that aren’t going well, bc it’s scary to put things that aren’t perfect out into the world…it’s easier and for sure more fun to talk about what is going right!  I think that that is what felt so isolating to me.  I always felt upfront about airing my imperfect laundry and when no one else chimed in, I assumed that their silence was further confirmation that these things were not a problem for others and that I was indeed a total mess of a child.  But, that just isn’t the case.  Which to me is the most freeing thing!!!!!  I don’t have to do things in this unrealistic Martha Stewart perfection way I’ve convinced myself is right!  I just have to find something that works for me and stick to it…or switch it up when things are no longer working. #freedommmmmmmmmmm Now that I know that everyone struggles, I can shelf that shackle that has been holding me back.  I have also realized that my words to myself are very powerful.  I have lots of truths that I tell myself….I’m not an outdoors-y girl, I’m not responsible enough for children, I’m a bad driver, I’m not athletic, I’m not very domestic, I’m intimidating, I’m not a runner, I’m not a pet person, Maybe I’m meant to be single…the list of my self evident truths is endless.  I don’t want to have limiting beliefs.  My boss Joelle always says, if I don’t know how to do something, it’s not that I can’t do it, I just need to learn how.  Well….genius.  So this weekend I really got outside of my box and signed up for Fleet Feets No Boundaries 5k program.  You guys, this sentence includes so many things I’ve always told myself weren’t a part of my life, like leaving my house…before 8 am on a Saturday…. when it’s 25 degrees…to go be outside…for an extended period of time…to exercise with strangers…to learn how to run…3.1 miles.  I can’t stress enough how much has changed in a year!!!!!!!  I was beyond nervous and soooo ready to bail…especially bc Jenny works Saturdays and she couldn’t be my codependency partner in health.  But I went to Target the night before with Jenny and got a new warm hat, gloves and hoodie, went to bed early and told myself, you signed up for it…you have to go.  And I did. First I put on every single item of clothing I own. #couldibewearinganymoreclothes!? #iliveforlegwarmers



Then I met my sweet pal Karen…doing something with a friend is genius…you are so much less likely to bail! #meatballsub


And we stood outside learning about all the different training groups for the 5k program! I actually saw a lot of familiar faces from the Ton of Fun event and simultaneously lost all the feeling in my toes!


It was fahhhh-reezing balls…then we met with our mentor, Jennifer.  Karen and I being total novices chose the walking group!


And we were off!


Today was just a mile…kind of a get to know the program and each other day!  Our mentor Jennifer was so great and inspirational.  We walked together and told each other our stories.  She told me how she had gone from never running in her entire life to being a mentor for Fleet Feet.  She got me really pumped and we did a nice, fast paced mile  together and between the conversation and me trying not to become hypothermic , the mile was over in no time! It also gave me the confidence to next Saturday move into the walk to run 2 group!  Jennifer…it was the living best meeting you..thanks for motivating me and to help me believe that I can do this!


Karen and I survived!!!!  And we had all of our limbs when we came back!


Then it was weigh in time for Ton of Fun!!! Da na Da na Da na!!!


Karen lost 4 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahooooooooooo!


I gained 1.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  More on that later in the week!!! Haha I love you Karen!!!  So glad we are getting healthy together!!!  So on my car ride home was actually when I had all of the above revelations.  As I was pulling onto the Wade Ave exit I thought…how many other things have you held yourself back from bc you decided before you even tried it that it “wasn’t for you”?! I am notorious for telling people…not with that attitude!!!  If you come to me and say I can’t meet my numbers this month I will always say not with that attitude!!!!  But you guys, why wasn’t I saying it to myself?! From now on, I’m changing my story and telling myself I can do anything…and if I don’t know how to do it, I simply have to learn.  Bye bye shackles…I no longer want to be the one holding myself back from all that life has to offer.  Thanks to everyone at Fleet Feet who reached out to these Two Meatballs!  Y’all came into our lives at the perfect moment and the opportunities that y’all have given us have motivated and empowered me to feel capable of more that I ever knew possible.  So, if you find yourself with a bunch of truths…re-evaluate them!!!!!  Maybe you are more than you give yourself credit for.  Last lesson of the day…GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! Love y’all.

Two Meatballs: Sports Illustrated Meatball Swimsuit Edition

You guyyyyyyyysssss…it’s Sara from the beach!!!  It took me 11 years to connect to the internet so this really is a labor of love!  Its is soooo overcast today…


So I thought I would take this opportunity to get ahead.


The beach is 1000% my happy place.  I love that briney smell, hearing the waves crash, seeing the pelicans, feeling my skin get tanned…or slightly burned if we are being honest, I love jumping in the waves, passing out on the sand, the aquarium, Beaufort…fucking everything!!!   These are all the thoughts that swim (see what  I did there!?) through my head when I think of the beach!


I have always felt like this…when I was little you couldn’t drag me out of the water.  I am part mermaid. (I’m a scorpio and a water sign…it is my birthright!!!)


So I thought it would be fun to do a little swimsuit edition montage over the years.  You won’t find a happier girl in this world than Sara in or near water.


This is not the beach, but my love for the water is not locational or situational…also my love for nudity began here!!! Haha…look how happy!!!


This is Katie and I soaking up the sun in Bethany Beach, DE…my Beard grandparents had a  summer home here growing up and it was the funnest!!! I loooved this suit…a little bow in the shoulder and side…those jellies!!!  I would rock this now if that were an option!


This is also in Delaware and this is quite possible my favorite bathing suit of all time…from the back it was the back of the girl and I thought it was the bee’s knees! This was in my shy-er phase of life but look how precious!


This was my Aunt Carole and Uncle Kelly’s hot tub in Boulder, Co…it’s not the beach but I never missed an opportunity to be in water!!! This bathing suit was neon orange and green with a giant hole cut out in the stomach and back…it was the closest thing to a two piece that I ever owned…not flattering but I LOVED IT!


This is me and Katie in Cape Cod for her 18th birthday!!!  Sooooo fun!!!!


This is back in DE and another one of my all time favorite bathing suits!!!


This is senior year spring break in the Bahamas with Jack, Lamia and Jennifer!!!  We had the best time and I felt like a million dollars!


This was one of Wyatt’s birthday parties…I got pink eye that day…ewwwwww and this bathing suit was super unflattering and matronly and it looked like I had given up!!!  Not my best life moment! But we had so much fun in that pool playing shark with all the cousins!


This was the living best pool party in Vegas courtesy of Oribe!!!  Me, Nikki, Ellen and Erin had soooo much fun day drinking before the big show that night.  I loved the sweet little roses on this navy blue suit! #sogirly


This was two summers ago for a reunion in DE…it had been a million years…and it will be a million more before we go again!!! The second swimsuit was like if Ke$ha designed swim wear….It was the shit!  It was hypercolored zebra print.  But i always struggle with one pieces…the butt never fits…its always gappy which is noooooooot sexy! This was also one of my heaviest times! But that never stopped me from having a great time!!!


This was my 30th birthday in Aruba…look at that rainbow!!!  And my favorite cover up from Old Navy!


This was my only  bathing suit pic from the beach last year!!!  Love my dad!


Me and Wyatt on his birthday Umstead trip last year!



This was an Oribe Miami event…these beaches were soooooo gorgeous and we had the time of our lives!!!!! And look at my little Caraboo.  This is my preferred way of sitting with people #irequirenopersonalspacewheniloveyou! This ruched black bathing suit had a sweet little cut out right below the boobs…I felt super sexy!


This is me and Jenny trying to figure out our beach wear in April (Jenny purchased her adorable suit…I skipped mine…not my favorite…can you tell by my face?!!)…look how far we’ve come even since then!?!


Memorial Day Weekend this year…I love my sis!!!  Annnnd that purple crochet one piece!  I live for a halter…anything to make these little boobies look bigger!!!



At my sister’s pool #lakemont with my little twin nugget!  Geeeez, that polka dot top has gotten a lot of air time over that past two years huh!?!



This was our family vacation in June!!!! My whole family is super married to the beach!  Also I live for/dominate a handstand contest!!!


This was after getting caught in a downpour on Wyatt’s birthday adventure this year at the Umstead! I’m happy to reprt that the polka dot tankini has been retired…it has gotten too big (yay) and is now the most unflattering tent of all time. RIP little dottie…thanks for the fun memories!


Annnnd this is from this morning!!!

No matter my size…I always feel my best at the beach!!!  I do have raging body and hair dysmorphia though!!! In my mind my hair is fabulous and gorgeous and I’m a healthy, curvaceous little nymph in my bathing suit.  This describes my hair life at the coast to a T!


Here is a little journey…the first pic is what I think my hair looks like…then the next two are my reality!


This is how I see myself when I’m frolicking in the waves…


Buuuuuut this is the funniest to me!  If you could crawl into my head…I’m Jennifer Lawrence…but in reality I’m the excited lady who dives in an awesome bathing cap and skirted suit!!! I’m literally wearing this bathing suit in the pink eye picture!!! #twins


This second lady cracks me up…look at that form! #killingit

Anywhoozie…I could live in a swim wear and its fun to see all the great and poor choices made over the years!!!  I know that having your pic taken in a bathing suit is a real sore subject for many people but to me there is no happier place on earth and I never wanted to be held back from fun! I will say that getting healthier has given me so many new options for swimwear and I soooo look forward to the day where I can get my bathing suit from literally anywhere!!!  Also getting healthier has made me want to be so much more active at the beach…who knew it could get funner!? So no matter your size, find a suit that suits you (did you see what I did there!?) and go have fun…who gives a shit what anyone else thinks!!! And with that thought in mind…I ordered an American Flag bikini…if the sun ever comes out here, that bad boy is making its debut!!! #whocares #liveyalife


So here is a little progress timeline!!!  From two years ago to yesterday…I can’t wait to do this post a year from now!!! xoxox


I gotta go try and lose the 3 pounds I’ve gained this month…see ya at the weigh in!!! Here are some final inspirational thoughts!


Embrace your beach body and if you don’t like it…get your butt in gear and change it!!!


Two Meatballs: I Don’t Think You’re Readayyy for This Jelllllay!?! (aka the 5th Weigh In)

Heyyyyyyyyyy Youuuuuuu Guyyyyyyyyyssss…..Babbbbbby Ruth!?  No Silly, because we are Paleo!  Annnnnnnnd because it’s….  WEIGH IN TIME!!!!!


Some of us feel the same…some of us feel skinnier…did we gain muscle…did we lose fat!?!  Are we just getting cuter by the minute!?!  Did we accidentally eat each other!?


Noooooooo but the pants are off and the boards are up! #meatballs #urbancricket


We put it all out there…#ilikebigbuttsandicannotlie


No more hiding…tank tops have been swapped! #twotanktopstwoverydifferentbodies


The guns are out…


Sooooo…here we go!


The clothes are off…

wpid-dsc2499.jpgwpid-dsc2512-3.jpg wpid-dsc2505.jpgwpid-dsc2509-3.jpgwpid-dsc2528.jpg

Whose up first…It’s me!!!!


I didn’t know that I could be this happy!  Is there like a cloud 75 because I ‘m on it!!!  I have such a long way to go but this is a great start!!!  I can’t believe I’ve lost 62 pounds….that’s like a healthy 3rd grader!  Bye Bobby!  See ya never.  I feel soooooo powerful at the gym and everything feels easier.  Being happy is a choice and so is being healthy.  It feels nice to be making the right decisions you guys!!!  Thanks for all the support and encouragement!  I love you guys so much. And Jenny….you look amazing.  I can see such a difference in you!!! Love you so much!


Noooooooooow…It’s Jenny!!!!

wpid-dsc2693.jpgwpid-dsc2668.jpgwpid-dsc2705.jpgwpid-dsc2701.jpgwpid-dsc2712.jpg wpid-dsc2728.jpgwpid-dsc2733.jpgwpid-dsc2716.jpgwpid-dsc2707.jpg

Ok so here it is…….. I lost 3lbs.  My smallest weight lost to date.  I’m feeling a little bitter over it.  I know I worked hard. I’ve been eating all the right things.  What happened?!?!?!?!  It must be that tight ass I have developed, Nothing but  pure muscle……am I right ladies?!?!   Physically I feel great.  I have to keep on chugging along. My vision is still strong, and I know I must keep on.  So here I go, ready to start this next month, Happy August you guys!  As always thank you for all the support!!!!


But wait…there’s more!!!  Jenny’s husband Brandon is playing our Meatball game…let’s see his progress!?


Congrats Brandon!!!!!!  You are doing amazing!!!!  And as always thank you soooo much for taking these pictures! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Ok so its on to another month and the countdown to the next weigh in begins!  You guys are so amazing…thank you for everything.  And as always our gift to you #outtakes #behindthescenes #ooooph


This last picture is an attempt of us making a 10 for my weight loss…we cant even show you the 3!  It’s too traumatizing!!! hahahahahahhahaha

But this one more than anything I think really embodies who we are!!!


LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Two Meatballs: meatBALLS OUT!!! (aka the 3rd Weigh In)

You guyyyyyyyyysssssss…….


the time has come…

_DSC1604 _DSC1776

To bare it all….



And show you how we’ve done…


No more hiding…


The numbers are in…


And we are flying high…


Soooooooo the big question…


Did we funk it up….


Or did we totally nail it?! You be the judge…Drum roll please!!!





_DSC1644_DSC1645_DSC1650 _DSC1658_DSC1659_DSC1663_DSC1670

OHHHHHHHHHHH EMMMMMMMMMMMMMM GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you guyyyyys! I made it under 300!!!!  I feel so amazing and I’m never going to see that 3 again. That plateau was very humbling and so finally making it onto the other side felt like one fazillion dollars. I really cant explain how torturous it was to lose those last 6 pounds to get under my next big goal…but it’s done!!!! The ups and downs of losing weight have proved to be more emotional than I thought…turns out I feel more  than just happiness and anger haha!  #igetsoemotionalbaby You guys are so amazing to send your love and support the way y’all have.  We adore you and we love going on this journey together. Thanks again for being the photographer Brandon…xoxo!




I am so grateful I am down LBS!!!!!   I am feeling sooooo gooood.   I am definitely  starting to see changes in my body.  My endurance is getting stronger and stronger each day! I am constantly looking forward to workouts!  I have to keep this momentum up.  30 pounds is just about when I start relaxing and rewarding myself.  I have to constantly remind myself this is my personal journey, different from anyone else, I have to do what’s best for my body and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I am pumped for June and feeling completely committed!!!  The support from everyone keeps me on my toes.  Thank you so much!!  And a big thank you to Brandon for always being so supportive and just amazing! He is my biggest cheerleader!! Love you!  Here we go month number 4!!!!



_DSC1788 _DSC1794


We love you!!!! Please share this link on Facebook!

Here is a little comparison of our first three weigh ins…look how far we’ve come and we’ve only just begun!

1st weigh in April 1, 2014



2nd weigh in May 1, 2014


3rd weigh in June 1, 2014


As always thanks so much for your support…you are really helping us get healthy!!!!  Our gift to you are these heinous outtakes!  #yourwelcome #nojudgement?! #youstillloveus #sorryforthetotempoleitlookslikeimhavingmywaywithher #getitrightgetittightbahahahahahahahahahahahaha

_DSC1617 _DSC1618 _DSC1622 _DSC1593_DSC1818_DSC1817_DSC1809_DSC1808_DSC1789_DSC1780 _DSC1597_DSC1599


_DSC1603 _DSC1605


_DSC1611_DSC1752_DSC1746_DSC1735_DSC1717_DSC1691_DSC1688_DSC1686_DSC1665_DSC1653_DSC1646_DSC1643_DSC1639 _DSC1766_DSC1776_DSC1613_DSC1661 _DSC1615