Two Meatballs: Sports Illustrated Meatball Swimsuit Edition

You guyyyyyyyysssss…it’s Sara from the beach!!!  It took me 11 years to connect to the internet so this really is a labor of love!  Its is soooo overcast today…


So I thought I would take this opportunity to get ahead.


The beach is 1000% my happy place.  I love that briney smell, hearing the waves crash, seeing the pelicans, feeling my skin get tanned…or slightly burned if we are being honest, I love jumping in the waves, passing out on the sand, the aquarium, Beaufort…fucking everything!!!   These are all the thoughts that swim (see what  I did there!?) through my head when I think of the beach!


I have always felt like this…when I was little you couldn’t drag me out of the water.  I am part mermaid. (I’m a scorpio and a water sign…it is my birthright!!!)


So I thought it would be fun to do a little swimsuit edition montage over the years.  You won’t find a happier girl in this world than Sara in or near water.


This is not the beach, but my love for the water is not locational or situational…also my love for nudity began here!!! Haha…look how happy!!!


This is Katie and I soaking up the sun in Bethany Beach, DE…my Beard grandparents had a  summer home here growing up and it was the funnest!!! I loooved this suit…a little bow in the shoulder and side…those jellies!!!  I would rock this now if that were an option!


This is also in Delaware and this is quite possible my favorite bathing suit of all time…from the back it was the back of the girl and I thought it was the bee’s knees! This was in my shy-er phase of life but look how precious!


This was my Aunt Carole and Uncle Kelly’s hot tub in Boulder, Co…it’s not the beach but I never missed an opportunity to be in water!!! This bathing suit was neon orange and green with a giant hole cut out in the stomach and back…it was the closest thing to a two piece that I ever owned…not flattering but I LOVED IT!


This is me and Katie in Cape Cod for her 18th birthday!!!  Sooooo fun!!!!


This is back in DE and another one of my all time favorite bathing suits!!!


This is senior year spring break in the Bahamas with Jack, Lamia and Jennifer!!!  We had the best time and I felt like a million dollars!


This was one of Wyatt’s birthday parties…I got pink eye that day…ewwwwww and this bathing suit was super unflattering and matronly and it looked like I had given up!!!  Not my best life moment! But we had so much fun in that pool playing shark with all the cousins!


This was the living best pool party in Vegas courtesy of Oribe!!!  Me, Nikki, Ellen and Erin had soooo much fun day drinking before the big show that night.  I loved the sweet little roses on this navy blue suit! #sogirly


This was two summers ago for a reunion in DE…it had been a million years…and it will be a million more before we go again!!! The second swimsuit was like if Ke$ha designed swim wear….It was the shit!  It was hypercolored zebra print.  But i always struggle with one pieces…the butt never fits…its always gappy which is noooooooot sexy! This was also one of my heaviest times! But that never stopped me from having a great time!!!


This was my 30th birthday in Aruba…look at that rainbow!!!  And my favorite cover up from Old Navy!


This was my only  bathing suit pic from the beach last year!!!  Love my dad!


Me and Wyatt on his birthday Umstead trip last year!



This was an Oribe Miami event…these beaches were soooooo gorgeous and we had the time of our lives!!!!! And look at my little Caraboo.  This is my preferred way of sitting with people #irequirenopersonalspacewheniloveyou! This ruched black bathing suit had a sweet little cut out right below the boobs…I felt super sexy!


This is me and Jenny trying to figure out our beach wear in April (Jenny purchased her adorable suit…I skipped mine…not my favorite…can you tell by my face?!!)…look how far we’ve come even since then!?!


Memorial Day Weekend this year…I love my sis!!!  Annnnd that purple crochet one piece!  I live for a halter…anything to make these little boobies look bigger!!!



At my sister’s pool #lakemont with my little twin nugget!  Geeeez, that polka dot top has gotten a lot of air time over that past two years huh!?!



This was our family vacation in June!!!! My whole family is super married to the beach!  Also I live for/dominate a handstand contest!!!


This was after getting caught in a downpour on Wyatt’s birthday adventure this year at the Umstead! I’m happy to reprt that the polka dot tankini has been retired…it has gotten too big (yay) and is now the most unflattering tent of all time. RIP little dottie…thanks for the fun memories!


Annnnd this is from this morning!!!

No matter my size…I always feel my best at the beach!!!  I do have raging body and hair dysmorphia though!!! In my mind my hair is fabulous and gorgeous and I’m a healthy, curvaceous little nymph in my bathing suit.  This describes my hair life at the coast to a T!


Here is a little journey…the first pic is what I think my hair looks like…then the next two are my reality!


This is how I see myself when I’m frolicking in the waves…


Buuuuuut this is the funniest to me!  If you could crawl into my head…I’m Jennifer Lawrence…but in reality I’m the excited lady who dives in an awesome bathing cap and skirted suit!!! I’m literally wearing this bathing suit in the pink eye picture!!! #twins


This second lady cracks me up…look at that form! #killingit

Anywhoozie…I could live in a swim wear and its fun to see all the great and poor choices made over the years!!!  I know that having your pic taken in a bathing suit is a real sore subject for many people but to me there is no happier place on earth and I never wanted to be held back from fun! I will say that getting healthier has given me so many new options for swimwear and I soooo look forward to the day where I can get my bathing suit from literally anywhere!!!  Also getting healthier has made me want to be so much more active at the beach…who knew it could get funner!? So no matter your size, find a suit that suits you (did you see what I did there!?) and go have fun…who gives a shit what anyone else thinks!!! And with that thought in mind…I ordered an American Flag bikini…if the sun ever comes out here, that bad boy is making its debut!!! #whocares #liveyalife


So here is a little progress timeline!!!  From two years ago to yesterday…I can’t wait to do this post a year from now!!! xoxox


I gotta go try and lose the 3 pounds I’ve gained this month…see ya at the weigh in!!! Here are some final inspirational thoughts!


Embrace your beach body and if you don’t like it…get your butt in gear and change it!!!



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