Two Meatballs: Must be a Polish thing?!?!?!

Sooooo Unfortunately I did not work out with Sandra today!  Ahhhhhhh we are way too close to weigh in to miss workouts!!! So what is a girl to do?!?!  Workout all by myself I suppose.  I tried to channel my inner Sandra and just be a beast!!

wpid-20140925_091733.jpgWell now that Im done with that I can move on to the rest of my day!!  I have an idea….I think I need some new clothes!!!  For the most part the fall and winter have been my favorite times to buy clothes.  I love black tights and being covered up.  I guess I felt like I could disguise my fat more easily with more clothing.  Guess what you can’t…. you just look bulkier!! It beat exposing my hungarian arms in the summer.  Well the fall has always reminded me of my Hardy stature!!! (Thanks for that Mary!) These adorable Polish legs were not made for all of these aamazing boots!!!!  Look at these killers!!!!

wpid-20140925_114402.jpg  wpid-20140925_114345.jpg


wpid-20140923_100708.jpg  This picture literally and figuratively spoke to me!!!!


My family and I always laugh about our strong Polish calfs.  It’s a strong gene!!!!  These were built for heavy hauling!!  I definitely have a love hate relationship with my legs.  I love fashion so much and my legs make it really hard to by high boots.  And every year I set out to find boots that go up my calf!!!


wpid-screenshot_2014-09-25-21-01-26.png wpid-screenshot_2014-09-25-21-02-36.png This is what I always imagine as I go shopping but I never look like this!  I look even shorter and the leather looks so tights on my calf which just makes them look cheaper.  Not to mention Im  a sweaty mess trying to get boots up my leg and equally struggle to get them off!!!  woooof   SO fuck that, I am just going to buy what works for me.  So I got these little booties! And a couple of other things!

wpid-20140925_120417.jpg  wpid-20140925_120233.jpg wpid-20140925_115829.jpg

wpid-20140925_121055.jpg So then I got dresses for work.  It is so fall like out right now, and I love it!!!  Makes me want a dark lip!!!!!! MAC’S REBEL!!!!  a fav!

wpid-20140925_121947.jpg   wpid-20140925_122026.jpg

I stopped at WHole Foods for some lunch and found this little nugget!!

wpid-20140925_123404.jpg   Yay something easy!!!  and yummy!!! And then I got to work and noticed everyones boots.  And how different they all were.  Everyone picked boots that worked for them and showed off their personal style.

wpid-20140925_124119.jpg  wpid-20140925_124317.jpg wpid-20140925_130858.jpg wpid-20140925_124159.jpg  wpid-20140925_124714.jpg wpid-20140925_124342.jpg

wpid-20140925_132302.jpg  Everyone is just so stinking cute and different!  Everyone has their own struggle and the struggle is real!  My Polish legs aren’t going to be my struggle anymore.






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