Two Meatballs: There is a new Beard in town!!!

I am Officially the better Beard!!! J/K  but I think I could definitely hang Beard style!!! I had the best time with the Beard gang in Atlantic beach for our Weigh in!!!  So i got in Late Friday night and said hello, drank two beers and passed out!!!!!  Now let the weekend begin!!!

wpid-2014-09-28-07.37.02.jpg.jpeg Time for the best Coffee ad breakfast!!!!

wpid-20140927_093015.jpg  Me and Wyatt!!! And Chasey!!!!! wpid-20140927_093022.jpg

Let me just start by saying these kids are the most fun!!!!  I loved playing with them!!  Thanks for accepting me you guys!!!!  And they are going through a Beatles music stage which is amazing!! Who doesn’t love the Beatles! It was a total sing along every time we got in the car.  duuuhhhhhh my DREAM!!!!!

wpid-20140927_095248.jpg  Kelly is the living Best!   Love you!!! wpid-20140927_095245.jpg

This Breakfast was so worth waiting for,  probably the best breakfast potatoes ever, right Kelly?!?!?! I think that is all I saw her eat!! yummmm

Lets go to the beach!!!!!  I am only here for a short time!!!

wpid-20140927_114136.jpg wpid-20140927_112738.jpgwpid-20140927_114058.jpg


wpid-20140927_114517.jpg  Here we go!

You guys the Beards don’t play,  They like their water!!!   I thought it was freezing!!!  But i loved watching them play!! They are the most fun!

wpid-20140927_115432.jpg wpid-20140927_115347.jpg wpid-20140927_115351.jpg

wpid-20140927_115438.jpg  So I had fun in the sand!!!!

wpid-20140927_120100.jpgwpid-20140927_123158.jpg wpid-20140927_123203.jpgwpid-20140927_115504.jpgwpid-20140927_130022.jpg wpid-20140927_125829.jpg wpid-20140927_123214.jpg


We had so much Fun that day!!!  I can’t wait to Vacation with The Beards again!!!!  They welcomed me with open arms and I was so sad to leave!  So glad I got to see Sara in her Happy place, Best Weigh in Ever!!!!! I love you Beard’s!!!!!!  Watch out I’ll be back!!!




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