Two Meatballs: I Touched the Butt!

SOoooooooo   I just want to let you guys know how much I love my mom!!  She is the most giving individual in the world.  She is beyond smart and and lives a life full of beautiful relationships and things. I want to be her when I grow up!!!  I am so priviledged to call her mom and lucky enough to see her everyday if I need to. Well it’s Elaine’s Birthday!!  And this family just wants to be together!  OUr love language is Quality Time.  We just want to spend time together! Soooooo We started the Morning off With a visit to Southern Seasons.

wpid-20140921_115101.jpg   wpid-20140921_114908.jpg wpid-20140921_115003.jpg  wpid-20140921_114932.jpg

While we were there my sister (Kitty) was  able to sneak away and register our family up for Mediterranean  Cooking classes!  I love learning new things.  If I can be a better cook that would be fantastic!!! Anything to switch up what I am doing!

Later that afternoon we got back together to have a picnic at the Art museum!

wpid-20140921_173013.jpg wpid-20140921_175259.jpgwpid-20140921_175254.jpg wpid-20140921_182636.jpgwpid-20140921_182729.jpg wpid-20140921_182740.jpg


Look at this adorable couple!!!!  Aaron has been in our lives for 15years!  And he has been the greatest addition! And nothing tickles me more then seeing London and PaPa  crack up together!


And then we got to touch the BUTT!


So fucking cool!


We were walking, looking for a good place for a picnic and then we saw this huge ass!


It was a perfect spot to eat and play.  We played “the 1954” game.  Just a little bit trivia and gifts to entertain us.


wpid-20140921_185230.jpg  wpid-20140921_190233.jpg  wpid-20140921_182912.jpg

After we gave her our gifts it was time for our Wish Lanterns!!  And of course the wind picked up just as we started to light them.

wpid-20140921_191808.jpg  wpid-20140921_191815.jpgwpid-20140921_192735.jpg


And then after sweating my balls off,  We got them into the air!!!!

wpid-20140921_192508.jpg  these things are kinda challenging in wind on private state property!!!  They were flying straight toward trees in front of the art museum!  Terifying.  But we got them up one at a time and they were beautiful and then it was totally time to go home.  My nervs were shot at this point!!  It was such a fun day.  I love my mom sooo much and hope she has a great birthday!  Thank you for all of your love and support as I constantly try to change and improve my self!  Love you the most!  Next weigh in is almost here ahhhhhhhh!


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